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My theatre group and I (I'm not the director I'm a cast member in the play), are having a play in December, and I am playing a very very old lady, who she's sweet, but kinda tells you wants on her mind, and she has a hard time hearing and seeing things, but my main problem is, I have a pretty low voice. It's not high pitched but definitely not old lady like, so I was wondering if you could give me any tips on how to act like a better old lady? Or link to any websites that say anything? my main problem is, is how to act with the whole voice and all as well!

I already have the whole walking slow, cane, hunch back, and glasses thing, because that's what my character is like, a very generic older lady xD But if I had to guess I would say she's in her 70's or 80's.
well if the voice is all your having problems with then i would suggest trying your lines without using a special kind of voice first. then once your comfortable with the rest of your charater get to the voice. try talking it out with your director and seeing if they have any ideas. but not all old ladys have high pitched voices.
Listen to the Diane Rehm show on NPR, she is an old lady with a lower voice. It may help you make a choice that is more believable from you.
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I totally agree with whoever said the get the feeling of the lines without worrying about a special "voice". Learn to say it with the correct feeling first. The voice will follow after. 3nodding
Actually, more than not, when old age hits usually the voice lowers. Just try to amp up the "creakiness". Think day after a loud concert (remember, this lady's been using her voice for over 70 years) and speak slowly.
I agree with the idea of speaking slowly and memorizing/familiarizing your lines before you really do anything to your voice.
I personally had to play an old man last summer and really all I did was stay hunched over, speak slowly, zone out a bit, and fall asleep from time to time and people were convinced that I really knew how to play an old man (what people are thinking I don't even know, it was a last minute part in a cast I wasn't in of a production where I was actually playing the lead male role).
Just walk through it yourself, maybe ask friends, and definitely consult your director.

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