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A lot of people say to picture everyone in their underwear or to just turn the shakiness and the nausea into a good energy, but that never works for me. How do you guys do it?
This may sound kinda stupid, but if you know what your supposed to be doing then it just goes away and your totally focused on performing. My first performance, i was shaking so bad, then the scene started progressing and I got caught in the moment and forgot about the audience. Then when i went off stage i kept thinking, "holy crap, that just happened in front of all those people" and started shaking again haha. Just stay focused, once you get in the moment, you just forget about it naturally. I hope that helped.
******** up as much as you can but know they can't do a thing but laugh. When they laugh, become a comedian and tell a bunch of jokes and then jump off the stage and have them mosh you all over the place!
I'll tell you right now that I still haven't gotten over the pre-show jitters, but what it really comes down to is when you stand up there to perform, whatever it is you're doing, take a nice deep breath, and just remember why you're performing in the first place. I'm still nervous whenever I stand up in front of an audience, but I shake it once I get into the swing of the performance.
i haven't really gotten over them... every time i go on stage, i just look at one person. Make sure that someone you know is there, and just look at them while preforming. lol
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For me, nothing works better than practicing as much as possible. If I don't practice before I get up there I turn into a nervous wreck, but if I've rehearsed it multiple times it saves a lot of my sanity.
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Well I believe I've never had stage fright but, I guess you just have to imagine the end product.
Now since I always think about the end product and how amazed everyone will be, I can actually
say I have sang in front of a total of nine hundred people. Good Luck with solving the stage fright♥
idk im always scared but u should just focus on only one person smile it sorta helps me
I've been on stage since I was a toddler, so being on stage doesn't really scare me. The only time it scares me is when I know I'm not prepared for what I'm about to perform. Sooo we can conclude that if you are confident in what you're performing you won't get it?
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I'm a horribly socially awkward person, I'm somehow better talking to a room full of people than I am to a new person one on one. I still get horribly nervous before I go out on stage and I don't really know why I mean if I bomb I bomb and I tweak my material and try something new. Once I'm up on stage though the nervousness begins to dissipate and then vanishes and it is replaced with this weird confidence. I do stand up though and I've never acted in a play so it's probably very different.
Honestly, I just dont think about. I try to involve myself into the production, think about the conversation thats going on between the characters, and what in your script is logical to come next (if you have trouble with memorizing lines like I do. smile ) I have problems with stage fright, too, but if you just calm down, and not worry about peoples opinions, itll all work out. (Especially if you screw up and make it into a joke, the audience will laugh and no one will know the difference smile ) Hope this helps smile
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A lot of people say to picture everyone in their underwear or to just turn the shakiness and the nausea into a good energy, but that never works for me. How do you guys do it?

The easiest way : transform your 'oh I m so afraid to perform badly and what they will say ' in a sort of rage of ' I ll show them ,those losers that I m not as bad as I look ,I ll show them how well I worked,I ll show them'.I always do that when someone I really HATE (like my old piano teacher who betrayed me) comes to one of my concerts.Rage can be healthy ,you know...If you feel like proving yourself ,or showing your true value ,you ll forget your fright and perform well.Anyway ,good luck!
Honestly, I just practice, practice, and practice more. If I'm familiar with the stage and my scene, I can just pretend I'm rehearsing the scene. Since I have drama class in the auditorium at my school, when I'm blocking scenes, people are more times than not in the audience. So even when I perform and see people in the audience, I can act like they're not staring holes in the performance~

Pretty effective for me xD

When I had to do dueling monologues (anxious attitude and a pushy, forward for the other) I pick the one where it's okay to show your nerves until I get used to stares I can't avoid. It takes me a minute or two to relax and really get in the swing of things.
I use to have such bad stage fright that I would forget my dance completely and stare at everyone, on stage. But eventually I overcame it by listening to some motivating music before I went on. Just think about how this is what you love and being on that stage is what you've been training for. This is your moment to prove you can do it. If that doesn't help, then when you get on stage, when the music plays, don't focus on the audience. Focus on the beat of the music, or better yet, picture yourself being the music. Might sound a bit weird but it really does help. Good luck ~
Weirdest thing, when I play piano on stage I get so nervous my hands shake too bad to hit the keys and my leg shakes on the pedal so bad the audience must think something’s wrong with me. But when I act on stage it’s entirely different. When I act, I’m nervous, but I turn the feeling on the inside into a reaction I need on the outside: screaming with fear, yelling with anger, etc. When I’m acting, I don’t notice the audience at all. I wouldn’t notice if the house was completely empty or crammed full. I don’t know what the difference is. I’m a thousand times more experience with piano than with acting, so I figure it should be reversed.

My point is, I’m not sure what it is you’ve been trying to do on stage whether it’s singing or dancing or playing the violin or acting or just giving a short speech. Maybe you should try doing something different and see if you’re less nervous.

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