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Not colorguard, but indoor percussion smile Oh, WGI is the best part of my lifeeeee

It's nice to see another WGI performer. :] My guard used the song "Come Home" by OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles this year. We ended up finishing 17th in WGI's Ind. A Class and we had an undefeated season in our local circuit and won the local championship.
hello fello guards(: i've been doing guard since 7th grade and now im a sophomore and captain(:
anybody who lives in cali have you heard of WGASC?(winterguard association of southern california)
Good to see other guard people out there. Been doing winterguard for 5 years and it's amazing
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I did color guard in my junior and senior years of high school and I will be doing color guard for my sophomore year of college (we're starting a college marching band because we'll start having the football players compete. We never had a football team until this past year).

My color guard instructor gave himself a nose job, twisted his ankle in a ditch, and dislocated all of his fingers during his time doing color guard.

My high school was only allowed to have flags as part of color guard (county policy, although one school had sabers as well). I hope to do rifle for color guard. The band instructor said that guard will have flags, rifles, and sabers, although for the color guard evaluations, we only used flags.
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My senior year of high school will be my 7th season of spinning.

Hillsboro High School 08-11
O2, (WGI Independent Open Gold Medalist) 2010
Spirit of Atlanta drum & Bugle Corps 2010
Onyx, (WGI Independent World Silver Medalist) 2011
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ive always wanted to try colorguard but im gonna try out for the high school cheer squad sweatdrop i hope i make it when i do. but i can't do both cause at the football games there are the cheerleaders and the colorguard. also i play drums in the band but really that has nothing to do with it since im not doing marching band smile so yeah.......................lol
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I'm definitely a guard girl. Anybody up for becoming friends? biggrin
this is my first year in colorguard and i love it smile
im soo excited for winter season but im also very nervous because i was the only freshman to make the varsity team
i only know flag right now but i hope to learn rifle soon
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I'm considered a retired guard member now. I finished my last day of color guard less than a month ago. I'm not doing it again at my college. Mix bad experiences with the fact that I need to concentrate on my computer classes next year (I'm behind in my major since I changed majors over the summer. I'm a sophomore BTW).
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I'm a freshman, and I started during outdoor season. I love it so much. Indoor is a bunch of fun as well. c:
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I'm in the guard! :3
YUSSS. finally. some fellow colorguard girls!
I love winterguard, but ugh I suck so much.
This is my 3rd season, and I'm the worst rifle.
I need to get my 5 and 1/2 turnaround and I'm one whole rotation under.
Its embaressing redface
and everyone else is sooo amazing.

But I love dance and flag. I want to be a sabre, because the work is much more smooth too.

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