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Can some one give me some tips? In my theater class my teacher knows I can do comedy but wants to see me do drama! I don't know how to be dramatic enough! My mom was an actress in comedy stuff. I dont know how to do anything but comedy. Does some one have tips? I really need some tips.
No tips...but your sig. is cute..

....bute your tongue when you're about to spill a joke and crack up? xd
No tips...but your sig. is cute..

....bute your tongue when you're about to spill a joke and crack up? xd

Lol thank you! 4laugh
I have the same problem. I havnt had any other roles besides comedic, but i think I can pull off a dramatic role. My tips are: practice saying lines with different diction and matching your facial emotion to those dictions. It also helps me to sing musical numbers of corresponding emotions, Les Miserables have a lot of sad emotional songs that give you a sense of what they are feeling. and, think about events in your past and portray how it made you feel. I hope this helps.
I Feel Your Pain.

I’ve been working on tragedy in my acting class. I think the guy working with me hates me now. Jokingly of course. Just when we get the sad my-brother-just-died-and-you-won’t-let-me-bury-him mood going, I crack a joke or say my next line with a childish lisp and he bursts out laughing and has to catch his breath a moment.

My advice is to pick a piece that you can relate to. Pick something that relates to something you CAN get upset about. I don’t have a dead brother. Pretending I have one is comical to me. But I did a piece about corrupt leaders and oppression… well to make a long story short, I could relate. I didn’t mean to, but I almost cried while performing it... and I didn’t crack any jokes. You just need to find the right piece, just to get started.
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Well, to me the mark of a great actor is a great imagination. I agree with Zultana, that you should begin with a piece that speaks to you. As you get used to portraying anger or sadness on cue you'll be able to imagine the feelings that your character will have in any given situation.

I'm actually quite good at dramatic pieces and struggle a little with comedy. When I would get upset as a child I used to cry to my reflection, which is probably why facial expressions are easier for me to portray in dramatic roles. Try being sad in front of the mirror for a while. This does not work for everyone because they think they look ridiculous and end up laughing, but it works for me or I would not suggest it. I don't know if your drama instructor has taught you this, but there are five basic facial expressions that can be combined to portray any emotion; happiness, sadness, anger, fright, and surprise. Practice each of these in the mirror as well.

My final suggestion is, do not be afraid to get loud. Dramatic scenes are best when at the height of emotion the soul of the character cries out in utter frustration, anguish or despair as per the situation.

Hope this helps. Break a leg!

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