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I made a story with a few of my friends and well i wanted to share it somewhere.
Just a few things that should be mentioned at first. The King and Queen are both women, that was my friends idea.
Also, theres no reality where this will be real. Everything, and i mean everything, is as if every timeline and dimension were crushed together. So its not exactly alternate reality, its more just...a different one? I dunno, heres the first chapter.

Part one: And so they meet.
The kingdom rejoiced in its newly founded king and queen finally joining together. While the citadel festival took place, the King and Queen dealt with separate matters. They stood around the table with their royal architects and looked at a map of the area. A short man in a very eccentric outfit pointed at a large area of the map which was greyed over in color. “Here is what he calls the silent kingdom. We don’t know much about this kingdom. Although it is very large in size, it is also very very empty. We don’t even know who the King is in fact.”

The Hayalet King stroked her chin and leaned over the table. “Well, If it’s a dying kingdom, perhaps we can go talk to the ruler! In fact, I'm sure that we can buy it from them or even take over their kingdom. It would make a very good addition to our now newly founded empire.” She grabs the Queen’s hand. “Perhaps we should go together my queen. I know that together we can easily persuade the ruler, whoever they may be, if you’re there to charm them with your beauty.” The Moe Queen blushed and smiled while hiding her face. She said nothing, but starred at the king and nodded. The king smiled back and ordered an escort. “I’ll need six of my royal guard to escort me and the queen to this…’Silent’ Kingdom.” The suits of armor against the wall began to rattle and come to life. The King’s royal army, an army of ghosts, just like the citizens of Hayalets; Ghostly people, not dead, but lingering. Her royal guard were the spiritual remains of some of the greatest warriors of their time.

Once in front of the castle, a chariot awaited the King and Queen. The escort was a large metal. Carriage with armored horse escorts. They walked at a steady path, with the sun high in the sky, they reached the kingdom in no time. The front gates opened as they came. It was a very wide road. The gate stood at no less than forty feet. As they moved through the streets, they seemed empty. The occupants of the city would never directly appear, or cheer. However the horses were startled. In the corner of his eye the driver of the carriage could feel people watching him. He continued to look around, however every time he turned his head he saw nothing but empty windows and shops. Then they reached the castle. It stood triumphant, however it was unmatched by the cold aura it gave off. The front gates were not guarded, they were open. The king and queen exited the carriage and looked around. The Queen shivered and held tightly onto the arm of the king. She spoke quietly, “This place is giving me chills… are you sure we should be here?”

The King’s determination led her eyes to the door. They fixated on the door to the throne room. As they walked down the door, the faded purple carpet felt sticky, almost as if it was clawing onto their feet as they walked down the corridor. As they did, the large curved wooden door opened for them. Small rabbits followed the Queen in the same fashion as the knights. Gifts from the Hayalet King, The rabbits would follow the Queen wherever she went. They seemed so innocent and harmless, and helped calm down the queen, even in this eerie environment. As they entered and were all settled, the doors closed behind them. The king and queen stood half way into the throne room and looked at the throne. It seemed that no one was even there. All that they saw on this demonic throne was a man in a drab outfit. He wore a top hat and had on a suit. The cloak he wore wrinkled under him and his grey suit seemed to be laying on a corpse. He leaned on his hand, already bored of their existence as it would seem. The darkness of the room hid his face, but at that point it was hard to tell if he even had one. One thing that felt certain about him, were his eyes. His yellow eyes pierced right through the Moe Queen, sending a shiver up her spine. The King stepped forward, The sword at her waist rattled and she held onto the Queen’s hand. He started his proposal, “Hello, King of the silent Kingdom! We are the rulers of the land that surrounds you. We see that not only are you a dying kingdom, but you are also surrounded by a nation. We offer you a chance to join our kingdom! Together may we live in peace.”

The Man at the throne sat up. His eyes still glared t them and in an instant, his face was sliced open with a yellow grin. A voice was heard. In fact, many were heard. Many voices, but still one voice. It was the king at the throne, yet his mouth didn’t move. The voices came from the room itself. Screaming, tortured souls, as well as courageous voices, stern voices, angry voices, happy voices, and at the end of it all. A voice that sounded like a man who wanted to make you afraid, and succeeded. He spoke, At last, I meet my bars. I can finally rid myself of this awful cage. Thank you wardens, for giving me the keys to my cell.

The Moe Queen was scared and moved out of instinct, letting go of the king’s hand and stepping forward. She was ready to be heard, “Who are you and…um…What is it that you want? What do you mean cages? And where are all yo-.” Before she could finish, she felt it. The force of a truck impacting with her at full speed. It sent her careening into the wall on her left. The king stood, awestruck. The ghostly suits of armor were ready, sending their focus onto the being that did this. It stood around six feet at the time, but it was growing. It climbed out of the ground and was slowly being surrounded by others. They looked like people, slithering up from the carpet and attaching itself. The being molded together, darkness and flesh, a black knight. Mouths and eyes were all over the being. Yellow orbs all seeming to be looking in different directions. The mouths which formed on the creatures shoulders were all screaming. They sounded like people, women, children, men, and boys. They all screamed in unison, creating a note which howled in the ears of the king and queen. The Knights all charged the beast. Bodies climbed up into the hands of the being and formed a maul and shield. One fair swipe from it and the ghosts were eradicated from the suits of armor. They dissipated into the carpet. One in particular was absorbed into a mouth of the being. The being grew and an eye appeared, looking around frantically. The King snapped at the hares on the ground. They immediately grew to about five feet tall and rushed at the beast. All together, gnawing at the arms, head, and legs of the beast. Their efforts startled it and it staggered, flailing and swinging, striking the rabbits but not inflicting much damage. Then it grew again. This time growing more arms, it ripped one of the hares apart. Its entrails spilled across the floor. The flail turned into an axe. It swung, decapitating another rabbit. Only four remained and they each backed and circled around the beast. Their teeth were showing and their eyes were red. They all attacked at the same time and the beast grew a spire and impaled a rabbit while the other two were sliced in half with the axes and the last rabbit was pinned to the ground, only to have its head stepped on and crushed.

The King stood up with her sword in hand. She glared at the throne, and yelled out, “ What do you want with all this?!” The King on the throne let out a chuckle which resonated throughout the room and into their bones. He didn’t speak this time, It echoed from the depths. Want? I cant remember wanting. All I know now is expanding and collecting. It does not bring joy, it brings….completion. Look. He points to the ground, Immediately spawning the dark shadow monster embodiment of one of the rabbits that were just murdered. Eyes grew all over its body, and its mouths all screamed in one. They started to speak even, muffling one word at a time; Help, death, love, save us, please, free us. This is my Kingdom. This is my world. I will show the world, what these powers of mine can do. The eyes of the king filled with rage and she charged the throne. She held her sword up high and moved hard, leaving nothing back. The beast dissolved into the carpet and slithered back to the throne. The throne erupted with dark souls. A large serpent like mass of mouths, eyes, body parts, and complete darkness erupted upward. The giant mass coiled like a snake and rammed into the king, knocking her back across the room. She tried to stand but it led to a staggering fall. The Beast backed up, and a mouth opened at the front of it. Down the throat of the beast she saw an eye. It stared at her, not like the rest. This one had a pupil. It was also yellow, but it stared right at her. The teeth rared up and the beast charged right at her. The Queen of Moe stood right in of the oncoming attack and raised a majestic wing. The wing frayed a bit, knocking her back down. The King wrapped her arms around the Queen, wrapping her hands around hers and bracing for impact. Then came a large boom.

The door to the Throne room slammed to the ground and a gunshot was heard. The giant beast took the bullet to the head and it exploded. It left a large hole and the rest of the beast evaporated into the carpet. The King on the throne stood, revealing the bare outline of its true form. He stood taller than the throne itself. The cloak he wore enveloped the throne itself and underneath it were screaming faces. The teeth were in a smile and for once the beast spoke. “Ha! At last, my chains arrive. Keep my words! We shall continue some other time.” Five people charged in; Two men, two women, and one titan. They each had a different number of eyes, from one through five. The one with three walked up to them. He held a large rifle and stretched his hand forward.

He helped up the king while the one with four eyes aided the queens broken arms. The King looked surprised to see the half man/ half robots acting so casually. Then he spoke in a voice that was calm, but underneath, you could hear the robotic pitches. “Hello, I am Royal V-3 cyborg unit 20941912. We are the Royal Squadron. Also known as, Chains.”

whadya think? sweatdrop
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Okayokayokay. No.

Please double space between paragraphs, reading a wall of text is hard on the eyes, and I generally immediately skip of a story if it's just a giant wall of letters.

I would be glad to read your story if/when you space them out. biggrin Thanks.
Fixed it
[x] Bob-IT [x]
Okayokayokay. No.

Please double space between paragraphs, reading a wall of text is hard on the eyes, and I generally immediately skip of a story if it's just a giant wall of letters.

I would be glad to read your story if/when you space them out. biggrin Thanks.

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