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<center>Prologue: The Lord of the Shadows

The moon shone silver against the dark blue thick starless sky. There was flimsy draping of a gray cloud across it, making the night sky seem shadowed and gloomy. A few glossy black ravens cawed to each other from within the layer of leaves of the forest.

A floating black shape lurked behind the shadow of the tree, peering around the trunk to find a victim. A man was walking along the path, the shape grinned, opening a small red gape of a mouth. The shape slithered silently in front of man.

The man dropped the bags he was carrying, his eyes wide open with terror and surprise as the shadow floated in front of him, its pale eyes glinting in the darkness. The wispy shadow cackled and shot into the man’s open mouth.

The man sank to the ground on his knees, shaking, and his hands around his head. Then he stood up slowly, laughing maliciously, his fangs gleaming and his two red eyes glaring into the darkness.

"I am the Lord of the Shadows," he cried in his hissing, snake like voice, laughing, "Fear me if you dare."

<center>Any comments?
interesting start, though the ending kinda threw it for me, at the moment I'm almost expecting something comcial to happen...which would be fine in any case if that's the direction your going in but if now, I"d say the ending is the only part that drags, otherwise you descriptions were really good.

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