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Konbawá, iwanna tell a story-line 11, this is verry heart beathing treu story from a girl in japan, lets start!

in 1914 goes everyone to middle school, a little girl she was always late for it!
But she whas a great student, she helps everyone with problems, thus everyone was verry nice to her. te others students trying hard for the exams,
to have a great future later.

The little girls name was bao shaó, but everyone calls her ''Hatsumó''.
she have a store with her mom, and she loveher mom too=3.

But the other side of the world was war 2 busy?
that still done to 1914 to 1918, when the germany strikes to war,
but in 1920 happens a great killing, with the foult of america, why i tell?

everyone dont know that america kernbombs haves.

(back to japan)

the people was busy with work and schools, Hatsumo came home
and puth her pyjamas on and give the ca what food and watch tv in her room,
in the mean while spread the news alarm to everyone, but she dont know that!

the america wants puth the bombs away, they look for the places to trow.
Then the 2 bombs place in japan, and they know not there lives peacefull people that mea harm, 1 bomb place in hiroshimá and the other nagashakí and a little bit on yokohamá.

everyone was poisons with the gass, and many died.
on the half off yokohamá there was only one survivor,
the little girl in pyajamas with her teddy bear.

but the healted girl wants not throw her teddy away, he makes the girl ill!
the docters cant not save her, but one save her live,

they end, snif snif this a sad treu story, basaní!
Uhhhhh... sweatdrop World War 2 took place between 1939 to 1945, with the bombing of Hiroshima happening on Aug. 6th, 1945. Atomic bombs do not release any poisonous gas, but radiation. Also, Yokohama wasn't hit with a nuclear bomb, but a string of firebombings. That's only the tip in a rather long string of errors in this story.
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1. Bao Shao is not a Japanese name.
2. TVs were not prevalent in Japanese homes until after WWII.
3. I guess you meant 'Banzai' or 万才 which literally means 10,000 years.

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