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The Day McDonald’s Blew Up


It was the middle of the day at the nice peaceful restaurant McDonald’s. Many people were just wasting their money on very greasy food. No one had expected that restaurant, to explode.


“It all happened so fast!? said Jake, the owner of the local McDonald’s. “Ronald was singing happy birthday to some kid and we all heard a loud zooming noise! Everyone looked out the windows that had started to shatter and saw nothing. Then the ceiling collapsed and everyone fell unconscious! And now, I’m sitting here in a hospital bed reciting what I saw!?
“Thank you! That will help us a lot!? replied a reporter.
A five-foot tall teenager came rushing into the Hospital room. “Dad!? said the teen.
“Son!? replied Jake. “So Jak, did you find out any useful information about the bombing of McDonald’s??
“Well I have one very important piece of evidence!?
“ We were bombed…no, just kidding! I found this.? Jak held out a jetpack. Its main color was blue and it had some red and white stripes.
“What does it mean?? asked Jake.
“It means we were bombed from over head, and by someone with a very good source of technology. I say that for the reason that I’ve never ever seen anyone, even scientists, with a jetpack.?
“So what will we do with it? Are we going to test it for DNA samples, destroy it, or use it? Or all of those things??
“Something else. Well actually, we are going to do all of those things. So what should we-“ Something suddenly grabbed Jak’s leg, pulled him down to the ground, took the jetpack, and flew straight through the closed hospital window.
“I think we need more evidence,? said Jake.


“Okay, I need to find more evidence!? Jak searched through the glass and rubble of McDonald’s. “Ahah!? He picked up a digital camera. “Hmmmm.? He searched through the camera for pictures, but found nothing. Then, he realized why there were no pictures in the camera. That was because there was no disk in it. So he then concentrated very hard to find a disk and the task turned out to be very hard. After about thirty minutes, he sat down to take a break. “How will I ever find any evidence?? he wondered to himself. Then, he smelled something very very strong. Then he started to choke on it. He hid his mouth and nose inside his shirt to try prevent the smell from traveling any further down his lungs. He started to feel dizzy. Then he saw a beeping mine, grabbed it, and passed out.


He woke up with the mine in his hands and the police chief cornering him. He was wearing a gas mask. “Put the mine into this container and you won’t get hurt!? said the chief. “Huh?? Jak wondered.
“Okay, but first can you tell me what it is??
“Don’t play silly with me!? replied the chief. “You know darned well what it is!?
“Seriously, I don’t! I was just wondering down here and I started to smell something and then I got all nauseous-
“Don’t back-talk! If you say one more thing, you’re going to have a life-long sentence! Now put the mine in the bag.?
He started to, but then an idea sparked in his head. <There was only one of him, and two of me; the mine and I.> Then, as fast as a squirrel on steroids, I threw the mine into his mouth and he fell over choking. “See ya!?


“Did you find anything son?? asked Jake.
“Yes. We weren’t bombed.?
“How could that be??
“I found this mine. It seeps out sleeping gas and when you inhale it into your, lungs… well you get the point.?
“Yes. I do. But how do you explain the roof cracking and the windows shattering, if we weren’t bombed??
“This.? He pulled out some very heavy armor with the same design the jetpack had on it and that out too. “Do you know how much these items weigh??
“Well no, but-“
“The jetpack is very light. About fifteen pounds.?
“But, the armor weighs over ten thousand pounds.?
“Oh yeah, then how are you holding it??
“With these gloves. If you wear them, you could lift up a whale! And, they don’t just make your hands stronger, but your whole body, too. You could run at the speed of… well, something very fast!?
“Uh-huh. Sure. Then let me try them on why don’t ya??
“Okay sure, but don’t put pressure on anything!?
“Okay.? He tried them on and flexed his fingers. He tried to lift his mattress and succeeded with ease. “Holy kahmoly!?
“Dad! Don’t use such words! And may I have them back??
“Sure!? He carefully placed them in Jak’s hands.
“Thank you. No let’s get back to the subject. If the bomber flew up on the roof with this jetpack, and then stood on the roof wearing the armor, it would have collapsed. Then, the person wearing the armor could have easily got the mine into McDonald’s.?
“Ah! I think we’ve got it figured out!?
“Wait!? Jak saw some blue boots walk into the hospital room. They had red and white stripes crossing them.


“Okay, that man was our prime and only suspect! We’ve got to catch him!?
“Jak-“ but he was already off before his dad could finish his sentence. He followed the blue-booted figure all the way to the ruins of McDonald’s.
“Okay! Who are you? What are you doing? Why did you collapse McDonalds??
The figure seemed to have spare boots, a jetpack, power gauntlets, and armor because he was wearing all of those things. He rushed over to me with his arm raised and Jak ducked. Well if he wanted a fight, he’d get one. Jak equipped his gauntlets and body armor. The figure rushed back to him, but Jak just held his arm out to block him. The figure swept Jak and held a blaster up to Jak’s face. He grunted. The Jak remembered something: he was wearing a jetpack! Jak zoomed out of the figure’s line of fire and sped behind him. He threw a punch, but the figure ducked and tried to sweep Jak again. This time, Jak jumped up and the figure missed. Then, Jak noticed something. It was a weakness. Though their armor was almost unbreakable, their jetpacks could be smashed with the touch of a finger. So then, Jak waited for the figure to dash up to him again. When he did, Jak was ready! He ducked and punched the figure in the back. KABOOM! The jetpack exploded and left a great scar across the back of Jak’s enemy, who had fallen to the ground. But there was something that terrified Jak after that last blow and that was the fact that the figure had not even seemed to be hurt. The figure rose and fled the scene with a few last words.

Wudda you think?

oh, and is this legal in this forum-(subforum, wutever)??? biggrin
OMG! sorry that is all screwed up, when i paste a lot of text, it does that! whee xp sorry! scream AND PLEEZ SHARE SOME STORIES OR ILL DIE!!!!!!!!!

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