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“Destiny! Please?!” I watched as she gave me a sad puppy face.
“June, no. I don’t go on blind dates.”
“Please! He’s a good guy Destiny. He hangs out with Brad all the time!”
“Yes.” Her eyes got bigger.
“Have you seen this guy before?”
“No. He and Brad are always gone. He’s never came over to the house before.”
“Then how do you know he’s even real?”
“Are you saying Brad’s crazy?” She put her hands on her hips.
“Well…maybe. Sometimes he acts like he’s a little off his rocker.” I shrugged my shoulders. June got up and looked down at me.
“Destiny May Nightingale! You are going to get your butt up off this couch, march up those stairs, and get dress!” She pointed towards the stairs. “No If’s, And’s, or But’s about it!”
“Well excuse me mom,” I sat up and started to put my slippers on. “What are you gonna do? Ground me.” I looked at her and she pointed to the stairs again. I laughed and got up and started for the stairs. As I passed her, a smile was painted onto her face. “Yes mommy.” I dragged my feet, taking one step at a time.
“Yay!” She clapped her hands. “You have to hurry because they’re picking us up at 8:30!”
“You’re kidding! You already had this setup?” I turned around and looked at her.
“I love you.” She smiled and followed me up the stairs.
“You are unbelievable!” I threw my hands up and walked to my room. She came in and sat on my bed.
“I think you should wear that red sparkly dress. It will go perfectly with the new black pumps I bought you.”
“You bought me shoes?!”
“Yeah, just for the special occasion.” She smiled.
“But you didn’t even know I was gonna go!” I walked over to my closet.
“I just had this feeling.” I could hear the happiness in her voice. As I opened up my closet I heard her clap her hands. The black shoes were glistening. Very shiny and very new. I picked them up and turned towards her. She was still smiling. “I know, I know. I’m the best friend ever!”
“Omg! These are amazing!” I flung my slippers off and slid the black pumps on to my feet. They made me feel really tall, because I was only 5’3 and I always felt short. I walked over to June and gave her a big hug. I was as tall as her! She was 5’5.
“Okay,” She laughed. “Now get dress hurry! It’s 7:30!”
“Thank you.” I smiled and walked back over to my closet and pulled out the red, sparkly dress I had bought last Christmas. It was short sleeved, came just below your knees and had a little black blow at the waist. I went to the bathroom and took off all my cloths and slipped the dress on. It went perfect with my new shoes. I jumped when June let out a high pitched scream.
“You. Look. Gorgeous!” she clapped her hands. We both laughed together. I turned back to the mirror and continued getting ready. As I looked into the mirror, I thought about how different I looked since I turned 20. My face was smoother and skinner, I lost all my baby fat. My deep black hair looked sliky and shiny as I put big ringlets in it. Then I added a little red clip. I painted some strawberry lip gloss onto my big lips and walked out. June was just done putting on her dress. She was wearing a sleek, long, chocolate brown dress that came all the way to the floor. It went with her light brown skin perfectly. We both turned our heads toward the bed room door when we heard the doorbell ring. We looked at each other and smiled and then started for the front door.
“We are here to pick-up two lovely ladies.” Brad smiled showing his perfect white teeth. His blue eyes sparkled.
“You said ‘we’ but I only see you.” June pulled Brad in showing the other person behind him. He was tall. I was as tall as him in these shoes. He had dirty blond hair that came to his shoulder. He wasn’t very muscular but that was okay. He had on a gray sweater and a pair of skinny jeans with some black dress shoes. He was very cute standing there looking perfect.
“Hello,” He said in a deep country accent. “My name is Danny. You look very beautiful tonight.” He stepped into the house with his hand out towards me.
“Thank you. My name is Destiny. You look very handsome.” I could feel myself blushing as I shook his hand. He laughed.
“A pleasure to meet you Ms. Destiny.” He lifted my hand and kissed it. I could feel his soft warm lips on my skin. It kinda looked like he was wearing lip gloss. So did Brad. Either it was cool for guys to wear lip gloss now or they were kissing two other girls before they got here.
“So, I and Brad are gonna go see a movie. And you and Danny are going?” June looked at Danny.
“We are going to dinner. Then maybe a walk in the park.”
“Wait we’re not going together?” I looked at June.
“No silly.” She laughed. I fake laughed with her.
“Yeah…umm….June may I talk to you?” I grabbed her and pulled her out of the hallway and into the living room. “you didn’t tell me we were going alone!” I whispered harshly to her.
“You didn’t ask.”
“I’m not going alone with this guy!”
“Yes you are. You’ll be just fine.”
“June! Hurry sweetheart we’ll miss the movie!” Brad yelled from inside the hallway.
“Coming!” June yelled back and smiled at me. She grabbed my hand and started pulling me towards the door.
“June no! I’m not done talking to you yet!” I whispered pulling my hand back. As I was steeping back I lost my footing and went crashing to the floor. The boys came running in from the other room. June stood there with her hands covering her mouth, and her eyes big. I sat there still taking what had just happen.
“Destiny! Are you okay?” Danny quickly helped me up off the floor. I stood up and fixed my dress and hair.
“Thank you. I’m fine.” I looked up at everyone. They were all looking at me. “What?! I’m fine…I just thought I’d giver the floor a hug. It gets lonely down there.” Danny’s laughter broke the silence. I took a deep breath.
“Well then, Brad and June. You guys better get going. Don’t want you to miss that movie.” He gestured towards them. June looked back and shook her head.
“Yes. Brad go get my jacket.” Brad left the room.
“I’ll got get yours Destiny.” Danny followed him. June walked over to me.
“It’s gonna be fine Destiny. Trust me.” We both turned around to go back into the hallway, where the boys were. When we got in Brad and Danny were hugging. Brad was rubbing Danny’s back.
June coughed “Umm…guys?” Their heads shot up and they quickly let go of each other. Danny shoved his hands in his pockets.
“Ohh umm. He accidently hit me in the face and…you know we were just hugging it out.” Danny stuttered out.
“Umm, okay then.” I thought that was weird, boys didn’t really hug when they hurt each other. There was a moment of silence. June was the first to break it.
“Well then. Shall we go Brad?”
“Yeah, yeah. Let’s go.” Brad handed June her jacket, and they both walked out the door.
“I guess we should leave to. The day is not getting any younger.” He helped me put on my jacket.
“Hey! That kinda sounds like you!” I smiled and laughed.
“Insulting!” He laughed as he opened the door for me and we walked out the house.

3 Months Later

“Can you believe it June?! I’m getting married to the man of my dreams!”
“Your welcome.” June helped me zip up my wedding dress.
“If I would’ve never begged you to go on that first date with him, you would have met him.”
I laughed. “You’re totally right. Thank you.” I smiled at her and stepped in front of the mirror. My dress was mermaid style. Tight until you get to the knees and then it flows out.
I had let Danny pick out the colors for the wedding. Surprisingly he picked pink. I was most defiantly okay with pink. I was expecting him to pick blue or green. My dress and a little tint of pink in it, and the bridesmaid dress were full blown pink.
I had my hair in a regular ponytail with it curled at the end. My veil fir perfectly on my head.
“You look beautiful Destiny.” June kissed my cheek as we both looked into the mirror. She looked down at her watch. “Okay, okay. Time for you to go get married.” She spun me around. “Destiny! You’re crying!” She carefully wiped the tears from my eyes.
“I’m sorry! I’m just so happy.”
“You’re ruining your make-up! Cry when your in the car on your way to your honeymoon destination. You won’t need make-up then.”
I wiped some more tears.” What’s that supposed to mean?”
She smiled. “Nothing. No stop crying!” She put the veil over my face. “I never dreamed of giving my best friend away.” She laughed. I stepped down from the stool and took her arm. We smiled at each other and walked out the door.
It was beautiful. All the white and pink flowers. The silver ile I walked down completed it all. As I walked down the ile with my best friend Danny stood at the front. He looked worried. Brad standing behind him looked the same. When I got up to the front June gave Danny my hand and kissed me on the cheek again. I looked at Danny and smiled. Then the preacher started talking. Danny’s breath was heavy, I could hear him standing next to me. I tried to concentrate on what the preacher was saying but I could. I wanted to look back as see everybody that had showed up. I wanted to hear what they were thinking about. I wanted to know what Danny was thinking about and why looked so nervous.
Then when he finally got the ‘I do’ part I got a little neverouse.
“Do you destiny May Nightingale take Danny John Manson to be your lawfully wedded husband to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, of poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” I still couldn’t believe I was getting married.
“I do.” I smiled.
“Do you Danny John Manson take Destiny May Nightingale to be your lawfully wedded wife to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, of poorer, in sickness and in health, till death do you part?” He took a deep breath and looked at me.
“I…I…” He stuttered. “I…” Why was he stuttering? I thought for a minuet.
Then right there it finally hit me. The lip gloss, the hug, June never meeting him, I didn’t know what to think right at that moment. I didn’t want to believe what I was thinking. Danny was perfect, he was perfect for me and I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him!
He reached back and grabbed Brad’s hand. “I’m…gay”
The End

It's a work in progress, but wat do you think so far?
ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja ninja
It's a lot of dialogue which limits your story. It also adds emphasis to the fact that there is no realistic time frame. It was sort of like watching my old VHC struggle through the fast forward function on a very pixilated, tube style television with a glare across the screen.

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