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          Of Ordinary, Of Feelings, Of War

              M a i n G e n r e s : :
                Adventure, Romance, Fantasy, Shounen Ai (malexmale), Shoujo Ai(femalexfemale)

              A u t h o r : :

              A u t h o r ' s N o t e : :
                This is based from a RP that me and a friend did together. The idea and characters are rightfully ours. I accept criticism but don't flame this work just because.

              W a r n i n g s : :
                This will have female/female and male/male so if you don't like, I advise you to turn away now.

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              "I had a dream." A soft but serious sounding voice said. The female looked no older than 16 yet her eyes looked beyond her age. She had a smile on her pale face. "in the dream, this country finally met happiness. It may be the far future but I believe that someday, that dream will come true. Because of that small hope, I am happy if this country can avoid war by my life as the queen." The young girl said as she looked to the night sky. It was like a sea of darkness with only the silver moon floating. She was smiling warmly despite the things that she had just said.

              The young man behind the queen was still in shock. His eyes were wide and his mouth was hanging open. He was not sure he had just heard right.

              "What are you saying?" He exclaimed, not even trying to hide his emotions. He cared too much about the girl to let her sacrifice her life just like that. "You know that none of us will be any happier if you sacrifice your life for your country!" He exclaimed, trying to get some kind of sense to enter the young woman's head.

              The young woman laughed softly but did not take her eyes off the sky. "It is your country too. Everyone's country." She whispered to the wind. "I love this country the exact same amount as everyone does so I know that if another person was in my place, they would do the exact same thing." She answered gently.

              "… How can you be so sure?" He said more slowly but a little bit of darkness was noticeable in his tone. "We both know how much this country wants to kill us just for what we are." He gripped his knuckles in anger. "We can be their king and queen but their way to see us will not change." He said angrily.

              The young queen knew where that bitterness had come from, or to whom it was directed to. "Yeah… you are right…" She said softly as he small frown covered her features for mere seconds. She then turned around to look at the young king. "But you know that nothing will change if we do not do anything to stop this senseless war." She smiled sadly. "One of us has to die so the war can finally come to an end. The only reason we are at war is because we exist. They are just afraid of us because we together are way too powerful. If one of us were to disappear, they would leave this country alone and the children could finally grow with a smile on their faces."

              The young king looked at his partner's sad gaze and he just frowned. "… Why do you have to sacrifice yourself though?"

              "Because, if one of us has to die, it's better if it's me." The king stared at the queen. "We both know I cannot possibly rule the country alone." She laughed softly, trying to lift the tense air around them a little bit. It did not do much though. The frown returned to her face. "And... you know that if you die, your death would be in vain…" She whispered.

              The young man approached the queen and placed both his hands on top of her slim shoulders. The young woman looked up to his eyes. "What if you stopped for one single moment and tried to think for yourself? You've been trying to explain to me about all types of reasons you have to sacrifice your life but have you thought, for one second, about the people who care about you?" He said sternly. The queen opened her mouth to speak but no words came. "Have you thought about me? Have you thought about her?"

              The queen's eyes widened considerably as shock covered her whole face. No… she had not. But it was for the greater good… it was for the greater good… Was it really?

              A few tears escaped her eyes and then king smiled warmly at the queen. "See? You have not." He said and she threw herself into his arms. The young man, already waiting for her, quickly wrapped his arms around her thinner frame and returned the hug.

              The queen was not thinking about herself at all. She was thinking about the country's well being and that alone made him realize how much harder it was for the young lady to be smiling when saying all this to him. She did not want to leave her family behind. She did not want to be separated from her love. She simply did not want to die. Yet, that was exactly what was on her mind.

              "You do not have to do it. I do not want you to sacrifice your life for something that he wants." He frowned. "Especially since this is mostly my own fault. It's not fair for you to sacrifice your life for my mistakes."

              The young woman looked at king. "It's not only your mistakes. If anything, we are all together in this." She then broke apart from him and wiped her slightly wet face with the back of her hands. "I know you do not want me doing this but this is for the best." She looked at the night sky. "Hey, do you mind if I ask one last thing from you?" She turned to face the young man again, her eyes burning with gentleness. The king nodded his head and she proceeded. "Can you please keep this a secret from everyone?" She then grinned. "She would probably try to stop me." She said and then laughed.

              He frowned. "As you wish." The young man answered in a serious voice.

              The king approached the queen and gave her a hug that conveyed all his feelings. The queen returned the hug as she buried her head on his chest.

              He looked at the night sky. 'Just do not forget that I am the king of this country.' He thought as he stared at the starless sky. 'I will not let you sacrifice your life for him. Especially when it's my fault.'

        Author's Note

              Well, this is the prologue so it's shorter than the actual chapters. I don't really expect anyone to understand this prologue so early in the story because this will only be mentioned (in a way) later in the story. I wanted to know what do you think though. : )
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      I've noticed the lack of activity in this category and I know that lots of people are expecting some feedback but they don't have it for some reason or another. I'm open to simply anything so, if you want some feedback, tell me something and I'll be sure to read your story and review it accordingly. : ) I know the feeling that lack of feedback gives other people.

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