You aren't Italians, fools! Andrea (un-dray-ah) is a boy's name...FOOLS!

Thankfully Capri's was open late tonight, good for the pizza business as well as others. Faithful, and on a mission; Andrea called to his favorite customer a friendly greeting, wondering if she were going to eat. Yet, she didn't decide yet so all she did was shrug and smile awkwardly. The man across from her at the table sat upright, indifferent, and seemingly waiting patiently for their discussion to begin.

For a moment the woman stared directly into the observing party, hands folded in delicately linked fingers. But then, she knew, they had to begin. A sigh escaped her somewhat hard figure and she was just about ready, but thoughts of how to occupy her hands came eerily.

"In a scene like this, I should be smoking absently. Hm, what do I do?"Her voice went soft and distant. Her eyes searched the table for something to do with her idle hands. With that thought she snickered, all her company did was look to her with the same scrutinizing narrowed eyes and spicy smile.

Spotting the napkin dispenser, she got p from her seat and went to grab a few. A face of disappointment came over hers and then she peeked her head over the counter, not giving in to failure, and called to Andrea, or anybody, for some paper. Andrea came swiftly to her on floured feet, carrying a small stack of origami-thin paper. In handing it to her, he winked and smiled his warmest, friendliest smile of thoughtfulness.

She sat, and began constructing.

"This is what I come up with," eyes widening in honest, and modest, surprise.

"A mental ward wouldn't be entirely a malevolent idea. Time to think, or not-- it would be so easy to stay outside the world. I know now, what I was to learn from all the recent events success has given me. I have seen enough movies, enough plays, heard enough songs, seen enough different kinds-- and can imagine many more."

"I just don't fit in--to any scenario. No one noticed me, or wanted me truly, and every time I try to wedge myself into some possible crack in their defenses I end up being squeezed out, or something pulls my out from behind." Her eyes widened the way they would, and she shrugged.

"Mr. Barter, it is so that I know mankind's tendencies, I see what they want, and can picture infinite possibilities."