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Nemesis : ...The End of the Line...

By F.B Lodhi

(( This story is FICTIONAL! Anything found offensive should be taken lightly. This story is not a synopsis of whats to come. A mere story thought of by ME. Any NEAR magical sequence shall be used in past reference only. Thanks. Please do not comment to badly. If you pointlessly comment, then rest assured that I will ignore it. Okay? Thanks people.



The world can change in so many years. The year is 2028. The name of the United States is no longer what it seems, it is now known as Nemesis, due to these abrupt changes. The world has been split apart. Invasions and threats have been made. There are now two sides. The UF, meaning United Forces. The UF is a massive army, full of jealousy and anger against the opposing side called the Rebels. The UF started this war by sending a massive invasion in the United States, in many cities, mostly all cities. Resulting in many deaths and hostilities. The UF is commanded by a female, codenamed, Fire. Fire has won many battles. She is a Russian, thick Russian accent. Very tough build. Though, she was not always like this, she had a family, until war and anger came upon her and she destroyed them, for attempting to join the Rebels. This made her an even more hardened individual....The UF is mostly the East part of Nemesis, Russians, Germans, Sweden, and most parts of Asia. This war was built on their jealousy of the US, how rich, how fertile, how much people were leaving their own countries to go to that place. So the UF destroyed most of the US, leaving a few survivors. The UF`s official color is Black
The Rebels are a very weak organization. They barely spend any time with family or friends. They spend time trying to make new weapons to hold off any UF invasion, with whatever scraps they have left. The skies of the United States isn`t the usual blue color. It is mostly dark and red skies. Few Rebels are in the US, about 2000 live in the states. It is almost remarkable how they survive. Tough Military tactics. The Rebels are lead by Scorpion, a Cunning military leader with all the right tactics. He is willing to do anything to keep the remaining people of US alive. The people trust him with everything. But will it be enough? After the many invasions, he still held firm. He lives in Washington D.C with his son. He is also a calm man that knows no boundries. In the face of battle, his enemy is Fire. These two have never been able to negotiate. The official color is red.
Chapter 1 : Permission Gained


" Dammit, ah uhm...COMING MA....s**t...s**t...s**t," A boy at the age of 16 was struggling to pry stolen handcuffs from his hands.

The Young man of what seemed to be age 16 had spiky black and red hair, his eyes were emerald green with a small tint of red in them. He had a very somewhat normal face, a sharp nose, lips were maroon red. His body was muscular, but thin, not Body builder, just right for his age. He was fairly tall, reaching 6 feet anyway. The clothes he wore were a little shabby. Raggedy red shirt, with a black plaid jacket going over it. The pants were black with a red line on each side. Supposedly, this was a matching combination to him. He wore a neclace with a black cross on it, diamonds and rubies on each side. This young man was Daniel Connor.

Daniel finally came down stairs, angry red welts on his wrists.

" Danny...They can intercept your calls, and listen in, who knows? You should be outside, helping out the men," remarked Daniel`s mom

Daniel must have inherited her eyes and mouth. They were strikingly alike. Only his mom had gray hair tied in a ponytail. She was a plump, kind-faced woman. Few were to have one like her. She wore a plaid, red and white dress with a apron over it.

" Mom, the UF hasn`t attacked for a while, last time they did, it was three weeks ago. They wont anytime soon, you know them. I think they are weakening already," replied Daniel coolly

" Stop eating with your mouth ful," She smirked, stuffing a toast in his mouth.

Daniel retreated out of the door. Nothing changed. Red skies. Polluted air. Normal day. Another teenager came up to him, this was Sean , his best friend.

Sean had red hair, with spikes in it. He wore mostly black. A Black t-shirt, with A BAND on it. Loose baggy pants with red lines going down each side. His eyes were red, with a strange straight line going through each pupil. A cold face, snake like it seemed. His body wasnt a perfect build either. But he was much more taller than Danny, and looked down at him like his little brother.

" Everyday, you wear that same s**t, what the hell is wrong with you? " remarked Sean

" Well you know those ******** pricks destroyed the last house I was in, Hey you know. I think we are going to win this war, " retorted Danny

Sean changed his teasing expression.

" Are you kidding? Danny, they aren`t not stopping to let us celebrate, their growing a ******** army to kill the rest of us, this is longest break they`ve had," Sean Exclaimed.

" I still dont believe that. We`re growing one too," said Danny, in a prideful tone

" I think we should join them...I wonder the outcome of it." replied Sean

Danny didnt bother replying, Sean must have said s**t like this all the time. He just shrugged and looked at the skies, then he walked into a clearing. It was a park, or the remains of it. Rundown swingset, merryground rolling on the pavement. You could picture children playing on these...

Back at the UF HQ.

The UF Headquarters was in Canada, most Canadians joined the Rebels and their cause. Almost all of Canada was lost. Any Canadian in the UF was at a very low starting rank, which would prove unfair to others, who started at a minimal rank. Most UF`s were Russian and German. Like stated in the Prologue, The leader is Fire.

She wore a long black trenchcoat, short black hair. Her eyes were wide and cold. She had plain black eyes with a dark shimmer of red in them. She had a sharp nose. Her mouth was normal, SHE DID HAVE an upper lip. She wore black underneath her trenchcoat, after all UF`s color was black. Her hair wasnt really untidy, she just didn`t pay much attention to it. Strangely, she had a severed hand, in replacement, was a machined or mechanized hand which was gloved. Her left leg was also machined. It was obvious she was a War junkie. She had a thick Russian accent, pronouncing many vowels wrong, but it was a natural habit. This was Fire, leader of the UF.

" Gimme the status of all squads, Squad 1, come in," came the chilling voice of Fire, as she walked through the halls holding a communicater

" Roger that, commander, we are good to go here," replied the specialist, Ice-9 from Squad 1.

" This is Squad 2...We`re at the Rebel base, I am about to take out the scout troops here " retorted the gunmen, Raiden, from Squad 2.

" Do not fire, you fool, wait for my command, " replied the fierce voice of Fire.

" This is Seth and Sarah of Squad 3...I`ve got two scouts in my sights...They are alone...Lemme take care of them. " Said Seth Sniper of Squad 3

" Be positive they are alone. If they see you, they will contact their leader...We do not want that, " retorted Fire

" Roger that...," Replied Sarah

" Dont take to ******** long Sarah, I`m not waiting for you, Just take them out NOW" came the voice of Seth, the other sniper

" Dont worry, they wont last long anyway..." Sarah smiled, aiming at them.

Chapter 1 will continue
Chapter 1 Continued : Permission Gained

Both Seth and Sarah, had covered faces. Like veils they were. Black, they were wearing camo. You could see clear that Seth had black hair that was tiny and spiky at the top. He had two blue eyes, but they werent very noticeable, since he had a "lazy" eye. One eye lid drooped. He had a sharp nose and regular colored lips. His skin color was white, but he seemed to have been going pale, from lack of food or exhaustion. He wore black camoflague pants and shirt, with a black vest over it. He held a Sniper rifle, and a green grenade launcher was planted next to him.

Sarah had sapphire blue hair, and two HUGE gray eyes. The outlining of her eyes was pitch black. The scelra was completely red, they formed a strange swirl around the pupil. Most likely, a strange custom made type. Her lips were a deep crimson color, lined with black. Her nose wasnt as sharp as her partners, but just a regular shaped nose. She didnt wear the full camo outfit laid out for her. She wore a black tank top, that cut off (sports bra like XD)and seemed to be ripped in several locations of the back. She had the regular camo pants on with the black lining on them. She also had two writbands on each wrist and one sweat band on her forehead. She had such a sinister look. She seemed to look about 18 years old. She seemed to be Second- In- Command to her leader, Fire. Her black boots shun, and they showed the Russian flag on them, the Russia flag was also next to the UF flag, which was alot of European Flags combined. Her eyes riveted to the other Rebel Soldiers behind the rock, barely a mile away from them. She took her Sniper and aimed it at the female soldier`s head.

" I have a shot, " said Sarah in an undertone.

Fire smirked, " Wait for the precise moment...."

The Two Rebel Soldiers, seemed to be completely aware of what was going on. In fact, they were ready. It was two males this time. A Sniper and a demolition specialist.

The Demolitions Specialist wore the USA helmet with the American flag on it. He had emerald green eyes, pale white skin, and a not-so-sharp nose. His lips were ordinary, to ordinary. But they seemed a little chapped from a lack of eating. He bared a tattoo with the US Eagle on his upper left arm. He wore Red Camoflague with a white tank top, blood stains covered his back. He had many scars, but a very muscular body to make up for this. His hair was- What hair? He was completely bald. He also wore dogtags. The Dogtags bared his name " First Class : Cpt. Robert Edwards". But this wasn`t what he went by. He was usually called " Boomer" Why? Because of his love for explosives. Some say he went mad over explosives and laughs manically when shooting them. He seemed to be top in his league, for his name did say it all right? He seemed to be around the ages of 22-25. He seemed to be readying a Grenade Launcher for battle.

The Sniper, was just by looking at him, you could tell he was a rookie. He had that nervous look. He had gold eyes, with a very clear scelra. He had pinkish lips, that was currently whimpering at the moment. He didnt wear dogtags. He had a huge, awkward looking nose. He was a scrawny little kid, he seemed like he was around the ages of 16-18. He was a little short for his age. He had a clean cut hair, like Seth, spiky blonde hairs that spiked at the top and barely none at the sides. It seemed to have slicked to spike more at the front. He wore the traditional uniform with red instead of green. A Red long-sleeved shirt with matching pants. He like Seth, had a black vest over it, with a solid bulletproof plate infront of it. He was holding a G4X Sniper Rifle in his arms. His constant shaking was proof of the fear that was not unusual in the Rebel Bases. This was Joseph Virianni. But he was usually called Joey, or Joe. No speciality for a Rookie eh?

" Look at em, They think they are so good cuz they lookin at us. ********. Man, why dont we just call out to them." Remarked Boomer

Joey looked up at Boomer, terrified, " They`ll kill us!"

" It was a joke, Joe," Replied Boomer coolly.

Seth looked unnerved.

" What the ******** are you waiting for?! A sign from the GODS?! FIRE!" Seth exclaimed.

" I DONT take orders from someone as low as you, Seth " Said Sarah in an angry tone

" Let...them...Come...C`mon baby..," Boomer said in a low, excited voice

" They know." said Sarah softly

" Dont fire, wait for them, one of them has to be stupid enough." Seith replied.

Boomer laughed manically.

" Here comes the pain you ******** JEWS!!!" Boomer yelled, taking out the grenade launcher, launching 5-6 hits on their position.

" I dont think they are JEWISH! Ah MAN!!! This is a new shirt!" Joey yelled at Boomer angrily

" What the ********?! INCOMING! RUN YOU ******** p***k! " Shrieked Sarah to Seth

The duo jumped out of harms way just in time while all 5 came in different positions, You could easily tell if the bombs didnt hit them. Radiation definetly did.

" We are under Heavy Fire. ******** Rebels. " Seth said in a surprisingly calm tone into the communicater/codec.

" I can hear that, hold fire, make them think your dead, and we will have some fresh POW`s tonight..(Prisoners OF war)" Fire said in an icy tone

Joey was frantic. He began to twitch uncontrollably.

" They arent dead! They can`t be dead!, their faking man! What the hell did you do that for?! " Joey was ecstatic.

" Oh ******** shut yer mouth, damn...you rookies are prissy little girls." Boomer replied, annoyed. " We`re going to kill the ******** have their ******** heads on a silver platter! DO YOU ******** HEAR ME UF?! ON A SILVER ******** PLATTER!!!!!!!!!!!"

Danny and Sean stared into the distance, not knowing what could possible hit them next, atop the hill, watching the sun sink into the red skies. Unchanging.. Inevitable...

End of Chapter 1.
Chapter 2 : Prisoners Of War.

" I have a baad feeling Boomer...," said Joey in shaky tone.

Boomer cackled, " Hey UF! YOu still out there?! You got headaches?!"

Seth and Sarah, fumed with anger. They looked back, their desires to respond were raging. They got their weapons ready to fire.

Meanwhile, Danny and Sean, seemed to finally hear the loud echo of the bombs exploding miles away from them. They were watching the sky begin to light, as the noon came. Danny looked at Sean, with a serious look.

" So what is the point of all this war s**t? Why did it happen?" Danny remarked in a clueless tone.

" s**t, Danny. I thought everyone knew that," Sean replied in a mock sympathetic tone.

" Well You know me...Like you say...SLOW s**t," Danny said hopelessly.

" Heh, This war is full of a stupid jealous crap that the UF started. Well I should say Europeans, started. We were getting stronger, better Armies, better mechs. Better food supply. Our population was becoming uncountable. The Europeans lost many of their own population. Mostly women, so it wasnt a big thing for them to train men. It took them three years to get all of their army ready. So big, it took over most of the 50 states. Any state left, surrendered. So all of us...We fled to the North, Canada. But they built bases in Canada, so we came back to this..The Ruins of our homes....Surprised we lasted this long though. No law...Mostly Soldiers, so not much crime and not much to steal. So there really isn`t a point in crime anymore. It is truly surprising why we lasted this long, we are losing the war Danny, we will lose. This is to damn long of a break. We will die," Sean looked down to the ground after his words came.

Danny looked down, he had finally figured out the true meaning to this foolishness. True meaning to this pathetic battles. But he for some reason, understood the reasons. Jealousy. A human emotion. A word. No point thinking about it now, he looked at Sean.

" What about the leader? Fire, her name is? Why did she start it?" Danny said in an undertone

" She used to have a family, a husband and daughter. Her father was a Soviet General, he still is alive. He expected so much out of her, she went mad and killed them. Never regretting it she thinks. Now she just wants this new secret Weapon, she thinks we may have. Shes mad, insane," Sean replied darkly.

" We`re going to win this war! We`ll take her insanity to our advantage! That`ll be our tactics! We will win!" Danny said in a mock excited tone.

Sean glared, he was about to reply, but was stunned suddenly.

She emerged from one of the ruined houses, long Red hair loosely blowing with the wind. Her eyes were sapphire blue, with no strange design in them. She had beautiful red rose lips with a dark outlining around them, shining with the red sky. Her smile was the most dazzling feature. Beautiful white as snow teeth. But this was just a little illusion, she looked like this in reality. But there was no wind to blow her hair, she looked down, holding a few trays of food, that was for the civilans. She was a Military Helper. She didnt wear the special uniform, traditionally worn. She wore a Black T-Shirt with matching black shorts, she didnt have a slutty look, the shorts didnt really look to small (unlike Tifa or Yuna of the FF`s). She wore a beautiful neclace of a spider with glowing red eyes, the fur almost looked real.. She wore a black watch on her left arm. Which was followed by a scar that was on her upper arm area. Regardless of her somewhat distorted appearance, she looked up at the duo of boys and smiled a little. Not everyday you saw an unusual pair like that. She looked about 16years old.

" Whoa...," Danny stared, not caring if it was wrong to stare.

Sean looked for a moment, then looked back at Danny with a teasing grin, and pushed him off of the cliff an onto the grass at the bottom. He then walked away.

" SON OF A-," Danny stopped dead, she was infront of him, helping him, by offering her hand, to let him up.

He took her hand and got up.

" Thank you! " Danny smiled at her.

She smiled back and nodded, then tried to continue with her work.

" Hey WAIT!" Danny called after her.

She stopped and looked back at him.

" What is your name? Hey don`t walk away. I`m not a some horny bum off the street stalking you.." He walked after her.

She smiled at him and laughed a little at his appearance.

" I`m Naomi," She smiled and shook his hand.

" OH what a beautiful name- I`m- OH ********!" Danny looked around, two kids threw a rock at him, He made a mildy rude gesture and said in a mock relieved tone, " Danny."

She simply laughed a little, then pointed to her work duties and picked up the trays again.

" No NO. Let me help you," Danny picked up the trays for her automatically and let her hold nothing.

" Its rare to find someone like that," Naomi smiled at him.

" Yeah I would know, Hey you wouldn`t mind coming out to see the view up there with me? " Danny blushed a little, looking down.

" WHOO HOO DANNY SCORE!" said the voice of another teenager in the back.


Naomi looked at them, smiled, then made her own rude gesture, they immeadiatly went silenced for a moment.


Naomi smiled again, " I`d love to, I`ll meet you. Just...wait for me. "

Danny nodded and waved goodbye, after putting down the trays in the correct area.

Danny left and came back to Sean, who waited by his house.

" Get inside dude, they are talking about the war!" Sean yelled when Danny came to a close.

" What?" Danny inquired.

" Its Fire, shes on the Russian news channel, shes talking about the war! About the next attack!" Sean yelled and pushed him inside.

Danny stared at the television, unnerved.

Chapter 2 will continue
Sorry for not posting. I cant do it anymore on computer. So I`ve decided to write it all down.

This forum will remain here as long as it can, in case I return...but other than that...

fat chance

Bye but hopefully not forever
Now I`m sure. All of you guys have read all of that above me. But alot of things have changed. Nemesis is done for. I don`t mean its over. I mean it is COMPLETED. On paper, read by my mother, my friends and even a former writer had approved of it. So I`m done with Nemesis Part 1. I`m starting part 2 and 3. Still on paper of course. So sorry everyone. Perhaps you can read my PUBLISHED BOOK SOON TO COME!!!! ITs been great. I started here, and I wanta thank all of the people who`ve read it.

See ya and thanks alot!

- Hawk ( F.B Lodhi!)

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