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Shin-kun...Oh wow... *Hugs you*
Darling.. this was a beautifuly writen story. I hope she does read this. I wish I could say more but nothing I say can really describe how I feel after reading this. Well done my dear. If you ever need me know that I am always here for you.
auri nii san....ty youve been very kind to me....im glad u felt my feelings through the story...and im sure the story has already reached her
That's deep! I Can relate to it because i feel for someone right now.... i really love the story, i hope to read more, if you write...
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It’s a very lovely story....and I can tell by just reading it that you loved her with all of your heart.... and I personally have been in your shoes many times...it’s hard for my actually to talk about this to people....but for you I can make an exception... sweatdrop

My heart has been hurt, crushed, shattered, and torn to pieces....but somehow I manage to piece them back together on my own....I push people away and even though I have family and friends I don't talk to them about things like this....I’m very distant an shy... I like to be alone for I don’t want to end up hurt again I had enough of it to last me a good while....

But yet...there is always something inside of me that long for someone who understands me...and will love me for who I am and what I do no matter how hard I try to push them away and they always seem to come back because they love me that much.... I hope frost that you will be happy no matter what happens... and please don't end up like me or worse...it would break my heart if that happened...because I care for you....
I can relate very well, but you know what? I NEVER gave up on the one I loved the most. And now he's mine. I'm not saying you gave up, but I'm saying you shouldn't give up. It took us a whole year to get into contact agani after a big fight. But in the end, we both got what we wanted. Each other. If it was meant to be, she'll read this lovely story and come to her senses. Maybe she's out there waiting for you <3
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it's amaazing shin!~ I hope that you'll make it past through this period >u<
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its........soooo beautfiul!!! :'( did you ever see the girl again?? surprised
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3nodding pirate wink surprised its goods and asome rofl lol biggrin coool
I went throgh a similar story... A reason why I quit Maplestory.

Im honestly at a loss of words here, for I cannot reveal what I would like to give you out in the open. It's... Something that's got to do with this. My very own secret that you may find shocking. I'll show it to you though.

[ Really sorry that I cant paste what I want here. It's for PM's, man. But I feel you. ]
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this was the best story i ever heard i hope you find a happy ending
The music was a real nice touch to the story!! whee whee whee whee
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....Very nice story. Sorry to hear this. I hope she might read it and talk to you someday.
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you feel more emotional... when reading this.... when you can relate...
i know how it feels, and so many people tell me, "get over it"....but thats...really hard to do...
for your and her sake, i hope she does read this...
the music also adds to the effect too btw...
yes life is veary hard somtimes. its amazing how a person one single person can make you feel a barrage of different emotions and make you do things.....youd never normaly do or feel crying

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