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Wow you're amazing you seriously brought me to tears. I think that ANYONE that has loved as hard as we have can relate to this and in my case even though I'm far over my ex I can't help to think about the good times and how much I used to love him and out of nowhere it was over. These days I've been kinda sad because of that but I won't let myself cry because I know he's no worth it.

Thank you so much, my soul is set free now.
im glad your soul is an ease now......and thank u for reading my story....you understood what i felt when i wrote this.....i hope people will continue to read this...and fall in love again....dont be scared like i was.......i dont want to see another me
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That was a beautiful story, although sad in the end. I hope that you find a way to be in her life again, because you two seemed to be happy in each others company. i cant say that i have felt your pain, but i wish you well.
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Very touching, reminds me of my freshmen year in highschool and I secretly liked a friend of mine in first sight.
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It was an amazing story, Frost. >-< I understand how that feels, I went through something exactly like that myself, so you're not alone. (:
~ shyly rubs my arm~ t-this is the first time i h-have ever posted b-before , b-but i just had to o-on such a h-heart felt s-story where the e-ending isnt so h-happy, i-it was truly s-saddening, and really got to your hear, no way this could be made up, only a true event like this could happen to make him write this, i was sad and truly felt for Frost in this story, thought it was short, e-everything t-that need to be said, was said and it really sucks, and now all i can do is to wish Frost a better time ahead in life gaia or irl and hope that he finds happiness, all i can wish for a f-friend and f-for someone that has f-felt many s-similar s-situations....
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NICE biggrin
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This is really good Frost, I do hope she realizes how you feel soon.
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-applauds slowly- Very nice indeed my friend ^_^
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So beautiful biggrin I couldn't tear my eyes away for even a second. I had myself wiping my tears away at the end. I even want to make a manga out of it heart
Beautiful, and heartfelt, I was moved and nearly cried. Thank you for sharing Frost.
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holy chiz man... u made me cry. heart tht was pretty fcking deep. ......i cnt relate cuz im just a kid.... -___________-
I believe that it would be better for both you and this other person to know the way you feel. It was a beautiful story, I teared up and all... but I understand. A couple of years ago I met this wonderful guy and I never told him I loved him and I regretted it so very much. I cried about it almost every night. Two and a half months ago I ran into him again at a friends party and told him how I felt. A week later we were at the state park and he asked me out. smile So I feel like things will definitely work out for you too. And if you ever need to talk, though you don't know me, I'm a good listener smile
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amazing...i went through the same thing...i know how you feel...and i still am feeling the pain of it....you have me in tears ...you are an amazing writer....i hope to be able to find love..till then my...i wait..in pain and in my thoughts alone....
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dude this has to bee the most deep story i have ever read....it cane from the heart u can tell

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