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Thats totally amazing, im proud of you for writing this whole thing its absolutly cute.
Great job Frost. >.~
DAVE: nice story bro cool
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What a beautiful story . I Hope she reads it and it reaches out to her...
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.____. cool story bro ........-secretly sobbing- it was nice ._.
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ty everyone.....ive made some valuable friend through this journey of making this story......one day......maybe one day.....my story will reach her

gaia_angelleft ... gaia_angelright
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Shin that was an amazing story and I hope that she reads it some day. The music that you chose for the story went with it so well. I did tear up at that end. I do really hope things go well between you and her.
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i wish you the best shinn *korean style* fighting! emotion_yatta 3nodding
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Frost I think you are a great writer. A good writer isn't someone who can show a degree, or someone who has unbelievable grammar. A good writer is one who bleeds their heart out into a story. I love it, I felt as If I truly got to know you better than most people on here that I have talked to for a while. You opened up your heart in this story, most people wouldn't post something like this. I hope she reads frost, she should, or else shes missing out.....
And in reply to your wise words, I share a song. I was never a fan of this genre (rap), but this song.....its lyrics are simply amazing and yes it is old.....

the second song is beautiful too
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That story was pretty amazing. The music went well with it too.
Truly masterful. I cried a little inside. Send this link to her. It could have amazing benifits. But only when you think the two of you are ready or itll all go wrong. frost, you deserve some happiness so heres a llama..... kinda random sorry dramallama
omg cloud,shinn i love it so much heart 3nodding i hope she well read this whee
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That was a beautiful, but sad story, and I'm sorry that happened. The song made the story have more "feel" to it. Good job *nods*
; u ;
~tears up
~sniff sniff
awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww heart heart heart heart heart heart

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