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Wow, that's really deep. I hope she gets a chance to read this. I remember going through this a long time ago.
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Wow....beautiful story, Frost. I hope it all works out in the end.
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Yeah i guess thats true but what happened if things went back to the way they were frost? what happens then?
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I Really Like It. Truly Was Amazing. 3nodding
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its really good ^.^
hopefully shell see this smile
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crying OMG what a truly beautiful,caring,lovely story i wished
i was that girl id come running,i hope one day she will stumble
upon this story and realize it is her that the story is talking about
and she comes to you forever.This was absolutely the best love
story i have ever read gr8t work hun i feel for you.Take care
always icee smile Now im off to get a box of tissues. crying
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Awww Frost )): I hope she notices how awesome you are )): and hopefully it will work out...

This story made me cry so TT ^ TT I can totally relate....
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That was deep I loved it. made me happy at first too see you guys happy, emotional at last too see it end like that. A story with feeling does a lot.

With all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love.
-Ephesians 4:2-

God bless you, I hope she reads this.
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Amazing story touched my heart.
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*gives frost a hug and a cookie*

dont give up Frost (:!!
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What happened to her? isn't she still on gaia? ;o
Frost,it's never too late for her to see it.Maybe it'll take a long time but it's worth it...love is a thing you can't give up.NEVER give it up.never ever.If you do,try making it yourself c; it's never too late.For love it isn't.It's never too late.We'll help you as much as we can searching for this girl.I promise to try searching for her forever and ever.Until we find her...I promise,i'll want you guys to be married,and have one happy life.If she refuses,she won't...your future is with her.I just know it!!! I promise she'll be with you.She will.Don't ever give up.If you give up future you give up pretty much your life.Don't give up this chance and never feel afraid to tell your love your feelings.Never do that.Never feel afraid because this is love.It made me cry a bunch.I love it.This should be longer so it will be published.Based on a true life,wrote by the guy in the story.it's possible she'll find you.I'll keep searching because if there's a way into love lives,i'd take it to help.It's true that I would help.I promise she'll find you.And I know I say that a lot but i'm serious...she WILL find you always never give up that chance.That chance is that you live together.All these months she'll find you.She'll always find you.You're a great guy.A perfect guy for her.Never ever ever ever give that chance up...I will continue to search for her for you.I will always have a chance and it's never too late like one of the other comments said...I promise to help. heart heart heart it's all about heart
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~ What an amazing story, Frost ^.^ Really beautiful ^o^ ~
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Wow, I really liked it!
Its so sweet and sad.
But you learn from it to.
And the music is a wonderful touch!
I hope to read more of yours smile
Wonderful Job Frost ^_^
The story you told was inspirational and emotional but i hope she comes back too you one day. crying

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