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I found this story when I was going through my sent E-mails, and I don't really know how to continue it. I wrote it sometime back in 2008 so I'm not sure if its immature or not. But what do you guys think of it? Any tips or suggestion?
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Last Love
“ Samarra ,” I screamed as I ran into the room. “ Samarra !” I scrambled from room to room looking for my wife.
“Torres,” Serenity yelled at me from the staircase. “Torres you’re too late.” Serenity is Samarra ’s twin sister. She stood atop the double wide staircase in front of the giant stain glass window.
“What!?” My vision became watery, and at first glance I would be confused Serenity as Samarra , but her voice was not as soft as her. Every inch of her was the same as my wife. Their smooth milky skin, their flowing long blonde hair, their soft baby blue eyes. Everything, but their spirits were the same.
I ran past her pushing her to the side. ‘Damn this house,’ I thought to myself. The house the both of us worked so hard for, is keeping us so far apart in our final moments. The double wide oak doors loomed ahead of me. As I got closer, I slammed my palms into them and swung them open.
“Father…” My daughter Genesis stared at me crying. She looked so much like her mother. But she had my piercing stare. Her black eyes watered and poured tears as she ran towards me. “Father… She said… Mother said…”
I stared as her and put my hand on her soft blonde hair and pulled her towards me. There I just let her sob. “Shh…”
Again she stared at me as I pushed her away as well. For as fast I ran to come see her, all I could do was walk. I moved slower than a crawl. It didn’t seem to be real, everything around me. The world warped into one singular spot around.
‘How,’ I screamed in my head. How was the life we built together, meant for us, be taken away from one of us so soon. ‘How!” I couldn’t comprehend the life around me. Harder and harder I screamed in my head. I wiped my face and felt the tears. It’s been so long since my eyes.
Slowly my legs give out. I begin to collapse; quickly I grab my knee to support myself. Quickly, reality him in one fell swoop as I knelt right next to my wife.
There she lay so beautiful; I couldn’t hold back my tears any longer. Tears dripped on her flawless face as I couldn’t bear what I saw. Over and over I screamed. The servants in the house began to cower. My screams became more blood curdling to them. Some of them walked out, but I didn’t care. “ Samarra !”
I couldn’t stand it, lying there, peacefully if she was asleep. He head tilted as if she was looking right at me. Her smile… Her angelic smile was more beautiful than ever. Never in my life was I so close to something yet so far.
Slowly, everyone in the room backed towards the door.
“Get out…”
Just as Serenity walked in I turned around and screamed, “Get out!” The yell echoed through the house. From the side I saw the birds were disturbed as they flew away. Serenity stood there, looking at me. As if God was mocking me with a cruel smile. There she was but wasn’t.
Everyone in the room started walking out, rushing through the doorway. My blood dripped on the floor. I clenched my fist so hard the skin over my knuckles town open. The last one I saw leave the room was her… Serenity looking at me with the same eye Samarra has… She turned and left.
Again, I knelt down, I dare not touch her. For how perfect she was right in front of me. Then for one last time, “I love you Samarra …”

Chapter II
“Torres,” a voice called out to me.
My eyes open and I was standing in front of the mirror in my study.
“Its time…”
I’m wearing my military uniform. The most decorated officer of my generation. At least… What’s left of them.
“Torres,” it was Serenity. Suddenly my heart hardened. I could see her opening the door in the mirror.
“Don’t,” I yelled, “Don’t come in here Serenity…”
“Please, I know your in pain,” I saw her arm starting to come through the doorway, “Let me help you…”
I know it’s not her fault, she’s as kind and loving as her sister, but Gods cruel joke made me this way. “If you want to help me,” I walked away from the mirror and towards the book case. There hung a whole array of masks.
I heard Serenity’s footsteps come closer, I could tell she was eager to know how she could help. “Put on one of these masks and never show me your face again…”
Suddenly her footsteps stopped. “Pardon?”
“ Samarra is my only love, and was always unique, down to her every smile. I can’t look at you. It would just hurt too much.” I walked towards the window, “Pick a mask.”
“As you wish,” I heard her sobbing. Again I heard her footsteps, but slower this time. Finally they stopped.
As I stared out the window, and ominous cloud began to move towards the sun. Just as the sun was completely covered by the cloud, Serenity tapped my shoulder. “Does this make you any happier?”
The mask she picked out was one of the masks I picked up in my military campaign to the North. The culture there were reserved people showing no emotions except in their masks. Our ruler decided to expand our culture, but his mistake was sending in an army instead of diplomats.
Large encompassing buildings blocked the sky. Wondrous marvels adorned every shop, every building, but the people. The people were emotionless and held no barriers around their cities, but around themselves, they were impenetrable.
Cities full of sullen looking people. Silent moving people. Almost dead, but at first sight us; they would throw a mask over their face, many different arrays of masks to show their curiosity, wonder, anger.
The young soldiers are the worst, from a neighboring company, I heard gunshots. No screams were heard from the people. But suddenly, the charged at my company with horrific daunting masks that made the imaginations scream in terror. Again, the young soldiers are the easiest to scare. A couple of more gunshots, and we had ourselves a full out war.
The particular mask Serenity picked out was the mask of a widower I met in the campaign. In exchange for their masks, I let them live. I have a collection of over 500 masks decorating my wall. But there were million more people with never one mask the same as another. Truly a very unique culture. Sadly I can say for certain, the only survivors were the ones whose faces adorn my study.
The soft bronze mask had a slight gold tint in its shine. The mouth was a red upside down crescent moon shape frown. The eyes slanted downward from the sides as two tear drops fell from each eye.
“Tell me,” I just noticed her voice was muffed to a darker tone behind the mask. “Does this make you happier?”
I turned towards the door, “Its time…” Before I made it two steps, Serenity wrapped her arms around me.
“This is hard for me too Torres, please tell me, what can I do?”
I gently broke free from her grasps, “Let me move on without pain…” Looking out the window, the sunny sky turned into a bleak cloudy day.

Chapter III
“Father,” My daughter whispered to me as she saw me walk. The sadness in my eyes showed everything. As I walked out the house towards my wife’s grave, I quickly looked around. Hundreds, all I could see were hundred of faces. Everyone knew my wife and me.
Me, the military hero, and her, the angel of the village. Her amazing ability to help anyone and everyone in the hospital not only eased their bodies, but after every visit, their souls were lifted from just the company of my wife.
I walked slowly towards the giant tree in our back yard. Back then, I clearly remember that day…
We were having a picnic on a sunny day. The sun was shining, the clouds rolled over the surrounding mountains as if a wave had hit a rock. The large meadow had a few small animals chasing each other as we watched and talked to each other. A slight breeze cooled our bodies as we sat close together under the shade of the tree. Back then it wasn’t at big.
“Torres,” She leaned over and laid her head on my shoulder, “ Wouldn’t it be nice to see this view every morning?”
I looked at the blue sky and then deeply in her eyes, “When I wake up next to you, I see the beautiful blue skies in your eyes. You’re everything I need to see to start my day and complete it.”
She let out a small laugh, “You were never good at poetry you know.”
I leaned towards her and gave her a light kiss on her lips, “I know, so in order to fix that, I promise by the time we have our first child, there will be a house right over there.” I pointed towards the south part of the meadow.
“Are you going to build it yourself?”
I laid back and she slowly fell on my chest. There I held my arms around her holding her close, “Yeah, I’ll put my sweat into every board and nail. It’ll be the best house in the village.”
“You don’t have to make it that big,” she said with a yawn.
“You deserve the best, you’re my world…” And again, we kissed…
Before I knew it, I was standing over her coffin. Genesis and Serenity were at my sides, suddenly I noticed there was a flower in my hand. We all have flowers.
Everyone was here, from the mayor of the village, to my general and the rest my company. From the richest man in the village, to the poorest woman who live in the ally’s.
The preacher and Serenity stood up in front of everyone, telling a story or two, but I didn’t listen. All I could do was concentrate on her coffin. She was there, right in front of me. I began to make a tight fist, so tight my gloves started to squeak.
Genesis put her arms around my arm and looked at me, “I love you father…”
With tears building up in my eye, “I love you too Genesis…”
Suddenly the service started singing a hymn from long ago. As the hymn was sung, people started passing in front of me laying flowers on Samarra ’s coffin or around her grave. As they passed, some shook my hand, and said sorry, most hugged me crying. I could no longer see her coffin, I only saw a sea of people.
When they finally parted, the only people who hadn’t given their flowers up were Serenity, Genesis, and me. In the time between I saw the coffin and the people, her coffin was placed over her grave, ready to be buried.
Serenity still wore her mask as I have told her to. Quiet as she was now, we saw nothing not even the tears. I wasn’t even sure if she was even crying under that mask. I hadn’t looked at Serenity directly all day until now. She was the only one wearing red. Quickly she laid down her flower and walked towards the house.
Genesis wore a dark dress, she must’ve picked it up today, I’ve never seen her wear something so gloomy. As she laid her flower, more tears began to falls. I placed my arm around her and held my arm with her. Together we laid her flower on her mother’s coffin. She began to walk towards the house too.
Before I laid my flower on her coffin, the sky crackled as it slowly began to rain. One bye one, the mourners ran back into the house as the rain started to pour. Before I knew it, I was the only one left outside.
Soaking wet I began to walk over to the tree and stood under it.
Laughing, “looks like even God is sad he took you from me.” I raised my face towards the sky, letting the rain build up and run down the side of my face. I finally let the build of tears run down my face.
“This is where we first met,” I turned back towards her coffin, “Remember, I was playing hide and go seek with my friends and I saw you picking flowers?”
I talked as if I was expecting an answer, but all I heard was the rain and the crackle of the storm.
“I followed you home that day and I would always see you from afar… Remember that? I was too nervous, so you were the one who had to come up to me…”
The rain poured harder, laughing, “ I was a real pathetic thug back then. But when I was with you, everything changed. You changed my life.”
I knelt down next to her coffin and looked at the house full of people., “You changed everyone’s life Samarra , you were an angel that was taken from us too soon. ”
I stood up and just cried, this once proud officer now hanging his head in shame. Proud for the service he provided his country. Proud of the life he provided for his family. Proud to have a beautiful wife to come home to. Now he hangs his head in shame for without his knowledge, his wife, the very essence and meaning of his life, is gone. Forever…
Suddenly the rain stops and the sunlight broke through. Looking towards the sky, I could see her smile in the rays of the sun. Just how bright and warm her smiles always were reminded me of the blessing of the sun.
Gently laying the flower on her coffin, I noticed the filled of flowers around her, how many flowers the people had left for her. The bed of flowers for her to take her eternal rest. Looking back up to the sky before the sunlight left, “Wait for me Samarra , I’ll see you soon.” And suddenly, my world was dark and gray again.

Chapter IV
“First volley,” I yelled as I sat atop my horse to the left to a line of cannons. I pulled my Military saber out of its sheath and raised it over my head.
‘Damn rebels,’ It’s been a week since Samarra ’s funeral, and General Pringer had thrust another campaign on me. The seasons were warm, the region woody, the troops relentless and blood thirsty. On both sides.
The rebel faction was hiding in the woods in front of us, the sun was behind us and we were on top of a hill, we had the advantage. Throwing down my saber to point towards the woods, I gave the command and yelled, “Fire!” Suddenly there was a thunderous crackle followed by a wall of smoke. A wall of trees fell as the cannon fire mowed down the woods in front of us.
“Second volley!” A second line of cannons emerged from behind the first one. Again I raised my saber, as the rebels started to emerge from the woods, again I yelled, “Fire!”
Hundreds of soldiers lay injured or dead at the bottom of the hill. One of my lieutenants ran up to me, “Colonel, the infantry is lined up!” Three lines of 50 soldiers stood in front of the line of cannons.
Each soldier had a standard rifle ready in front of them. Their dark blue uniforms made us very noticeable on the green hill in front of the setting sun with a purple pinkish sky. To the enemy, I can only imagine the intimidating thoughts of a wave of darkness charging at them to end their existence just for fighting for their beliefs.
Riding in front of my soldiers, I saw everyone one of their faces. The young faces who accompanied on my Northern Campaign, I have not lost one person in a battle ever in my 10 years of military service commanding this brigade of soldiers. Now their young inexperienced faces have hardened over the years of war.
“Strap your rifles!” The soldiers looked confused but did as they were told. They all looked at each other for a moment then they threw there straps over there chest and let the rifle hang behind their backs.
“Captain Erance!” A soldier from the right flank ran towards me. I dismounted my horse, “Lead the Calvary into a charge for 10 minutes.” I handed him the reins to my horse.
Mounting the horse, “Yes sir! What battle strategy do you suggest?”
“Circle of fire” The lieutenant nodded at me and raised his sword in the same fashion as I did earlier. And as soon as he turned and threw down his sword, 200 horses charged past all of us from the sides.
As my Calvary unit charged into the unaware enemy, I turned towards my men to address them. “I don’t want to be here!” Everyone one of my soldiers had a similar military saber to my side. My sword was a modified saber; it was a bigger, thicker, long, double edged sword with a modified hilt and handle to make it look like it belongs to this country. Another spoils of war I received in my northern campaign.
I ran my hand through my hair. Stopping and looking at over my shoulder at the Calvary , I noticed they rode on the outer edges of the enemy and started closing in on them. Collected and cooled I looked at my sword and then at my men. “You were all at her funeral, and she treated our every wound.”
My men were deeply affected as was I. “Are you tired of this war?” Some of them mumbled under their breaths. Then I yelled it, “I asked if you were tired of this war!?”
Together they yelled back, “Yes Colonel Torres!”
“How badly do you want to go home?” I raised my sword over my head to rally the troops. In a synonymous cheer, they too drew their swords and raised them. Turning back to the battle field, I saw my Calvary rounded up as many rebel soldiers as they could and circled the rebels. As dawn left and the moon crept from behind the trees, a flash of light appeared from the circle of horses and hundreds of men fell to the ground without a breath of life in them.
“Show me that you want to go back home!” The Calvary began riding back towards us, so soon the 10 minutes had gone and past with only a little over hundred more rebels left to fight. “Show me how what you will do to return to you families!”
I began to slowly walk down the hill griping my sword in my right hand. “Show me that you will walk through hell for your families!” I heard the unison of steps of the three squads following.
“Show me…” I began running towards the enemy, “A massacre!”

Chapter V
Slowly I fall into darkness unknown to me. Never have I felt this way before. A rebel soldier runs at me from my side, quickly I positioned my sword to my side and faced him. As the poor soul charged for me, the quick thrust of my sword through is neck stopped him dead in his tracks.
As the clouds cleared a way for the light of the moon, my appearance started the rebels as well as my soldiers. My glared stared at them all while everyone looked at awe towards me. Swinging my sword, the head of the soldier tore of his body as it fell lifeless. Blood dripped slowly from the tip of my sword.
Looking up towards the moon, it briefly turned crimson as blood dripped into my eyes. Quickly glancing around me, six bodies laid sprawled in horrible positions with bullet holes and stab marks all over them.
A group of rebels stood to my left, I could here the rattle of their rifles as they were shaking. “What are you?”
Reaching to my side, I felt my side arm. The simple fire arm was an old revolver style gun with a five bullet chamber. I took my handgun out and positioned it towards them, “Pissed off…” As the tried to run, I quickly positioned my shots.
“One,” I fired a bullet fired from my barrel and shot a soldier in the back of his neck. Dropping his weapon, few grasped his neck as he fell to his knees. Falling over he began convulsing.
“Two,” again I fired another bullet. Striking the target in the back of his left knee, he stumbled over screaming in pain. The shot tore apart his leg at the knee and remain immobilized. I began to slowly walk in their direction to hunt them down.
“Three,” The intended target tripped over a body as he tried to escape.
“Four,” As he turned to look back, the bullet entered his side under his arm and exited clean through. He spun as he fell to the ground. He made one initial scream letting out a strong wheeze at the end. The bullet shot clean through his lungs making them collapse.
Taking a few more steps, I made it to the soldier how’s knee I blew out. His pain escaped through his eyes as he held his leg tight. I was impressed, the time it took me to get to him, wasn’t very long, but he already managed to wrap a tunicate around his leg to stop the bleeding.
“Wait Torres,” the soldier screamed at me just before I fired. My finger twitched while wondering how the rebel knew my name. The soldier still stared at the barrel of my gun, but I permitted him to speak. “I know what poisoned your wife!”
My piercing eyes changed, they widened to curiosity, “You better provide me some valuable information…” I pressed the barrel to his forehead.
“ Samarra was poisoned by a plant from her country. It’s extinct now, I was ordered to concoct the brew.” Suddenly, my face turned to a look of a madman’s
Before I could react, one of my soldiers ran up to me, “Captain, All the rebels are dead except for him. Is he a prisoner?”
The man looked at me with hope in his eye. Hoping I could spare some mercy. “No…” And with the pull of my finger, the last shred of humanity left me and shot through the man’s head.

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