Saffron Bunny
He took the class to the resource lab, which is just a fancy name for the computer room. Our assignment was to create a slide basically about ourselves to express our creativity. I mostly had my filled with some short stories and a little of my background. In the middle of my life story, Mr.Shawn came from behind me.
''Well Miss Matthews your work is very well done,''

I thought her last name was Simon, or did you decide to change it? It's fine if you changed it; I'm just wondering. Other than that and some grammar issues, I had no problems with this. Good job!

he said
''Thanks.'' I hope he's talking about my writingsas I'm not very confident about them.
''Its also remind me of another student's.''
''Really?Who's?'' It would be great to meet someone who shares my passion;I could make a new friend
''Oh Anthony Banks exquisite writer much like yourself. Maybe I'll speak with Mrs. Anderson; you two will make great partners,'' he said and walked off to check the other students. Worst day ever, I thought to myself I put my head down; its even worse because Mrs. Anderson's class was next.Should I ditch? I thought,no that will get me in more trouble than I've ever been this year.I promised a new start and no way is Anthony gonna ruin it.

Good work! I'm really loving this! 3nodding
cool still brainstorming whats next and yea i changed the last name matthews sounds better

It does sound better 3nodding Alright, no worries; take your time ^^