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“WOW!!! How did you do that??” The children watching old man they called grandpa Flo. He was and old yet agile man that enjoyed making children laugh. He had short white hair and bushy white eyebrows that seemed to covered his blue eyes. He has a long mustache and wears loose fitted clothes. Today he wore a blue shirt with a yellow vest and semi-baggy pants that had one leg blue and one that was yellow. He wore thin black shoes that aloud him to move around easily and let him feel the ground he was moving on.

“An old master never tells his secrets does he? HEHEHE!” He smiled as he laughed and his face lit up.

“AAHHH!OHHHH! Why not grandpa Flo?” The kids that had gathered around him groaned.

“Well....How about this!?”And with that the old man sprung forward and did a flip and stuck the landing.”TaDa!!!!” When the kids looked at him they say his hands were behind his back .

“Hey grandpa Flo! Watcha got behind your back???” One little boy stepped forward asking admiringly and with his face full of wonder Flo did a back flip and landed on one knee with his head down. He ever-so-slightly raised his arms and the little boys eyes widened. It was a small wooden sword, one that he had seen given to kids before but never to him. Grandpa Flo Was giving him a wooden sword of the samurai style that he made himself. “ Is...i-is that f-for me?” The boy studdered.

Flo smiled, “Aye, it is boy. Made it myself hehehehehe!” He smiled as the boy took the wooden sword and stood up, taking the cracks out of his old back. As he looked over across the street he saw a man watching them. This man looked unnaturallythin and some-what tall. He wore a black buisness suit and a black English bowler with I white strip at the base. Flo told the kids that he had to go but he’d be right back.

As he walked over to the man his face went cold. “What are you doing here, Shylo? I am no longer in your debt.”

Shylo just looked at him and his lips formed a sinister smile. He just turned and started to walk into the ally behind him. Flo Quickly followed behind him looking for answers. They came to a place where it intersected with another alley. Then for thugs came out, one from each direction and Shylo spoke, “It’s a pity you didn’t stay to rule the world with me, well, I guess you’ll a east go out fighting.” he snikered a moment then spoke again, “ It saves me the trouble of getting my hands dirty.” With that Shylo walked off, leaving the 4 thugs to finish off Flo.

Flo fought the thugs with everything he had but it was such a small concealed area that it was hard to maneuver around the 6'4, 222 lbs. brutes. The little boy who he gave the sword to went to see what he was doing and witnessed this. He hid behind a garbage can and watched as the 4 thugs pummeled his favourite person in their town. They finishedf there job and left to report the good news, leaving Flo for dead. The little boy walked up to him and cringed at what Flo had become. He had blood trickling from his mouth, his his nose looked like it was moved to his cheek and he had chunks of flesh torn from the sides of his eyes. The rest of his body was bruised broken and bloody. The little boy knew he had to help him so he covered him up with garbage bags and ran home to tell his parents. He ran as fast as he could and barged in his front door panting, with his head down and his hand against the door frame to hold himself up. He wore a simple white shirt with a black cross in the middle, his shorts were mid length and his black shoes were converse. His name was Siege and he was 9.

“Mom, dad!! Come quick, grandpa Flo is hurt, I managed to hide him but he needs help fast!!” Siege yelled through the house.

Quickly him and his mom went, following siege’s directions, and picked up Flo and headed home. Siege’s mom was a nurse and together, with some help from his dad who was usually gone on buisness trips, they nursed the old man back to health. He didn’t wake up for 6 months and wasn’t able to walk for two months after that. He stayed with them and soon was able to train again.

Siege looked out his bedroom window to his backyard, it was 1:30 am but he awoke to a whistle-sort-of-sound. His eyes finally adjusted and he saw Flo training. Quickly he threw a sirt on and ran outside. “Hey, grandpa Flo. What ya doing?” He asked, knowing the answe but asking anyway.

“Nothing, just training.” He replied as he whirled around and punched, kicked and jumped.

“Could you teach me?” He finally got out.

Flo stopped turned to Siege and spoke, “Are you sure? It will be very intensive, painfull, and you will have to be very, very, devoted.”

“ Yes Flo, I know. But..... Could you teach me to use weapons too?” He asked hopefully.

“I think if you master your body, then I could teach you to fight with weapons. We start right now!”

And so they trained. For three years Siege trained, he endured pain, he fainted from lack of sleep and nutrition, and he missed many things important to him. But he never gave up. Siege was twelve when Flo decided to start teaching him to use weapons. Since he had a good base in using his body, the weapons came more natural to him and he could beat Flo at 13.