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The Back Story to a Character (her name is Ziya) I am thinking up for a book I plan on writing... Seeing as said character has been LITERALLY haunting my every dream lately.

Clouds above a small town home seemed to close in, swirling like the infenaint cosmos above. The low rumblings of thunder rolled across the sky as electric sparks jumped from cloud to cloud. From within the swirling clouds of mass electricity was the ball of light that was causing the power surge. The ball slowly lowered down onto the rooftops of the town homes. With one last rumble, the thunder stopped. As the light faded away the ball slowly turned into a figure. The unconscious silhouette of a young woman emerged from it. With a gasp, the woman jerked up sharply, casting her wide red brown eyes around ever where.

“No... No, no, no, no! Please... Let this have been a dream!”

Rushing to her feet, the woman ran down the fire escape, climbing back into the window she may have come out of earlyer. With a scream of sheer horror, the woman collapsed to her knees, finding it hard to choke back waves of sobs.

“What... Have... I... Done...”

Asking this to no one but herself, she turned away from the gruesome site that was now before here. Electrocuted remains of whomever had been in the room. Blood spatter on whatever was around the headless remains of another. The whole room smelling of burned flesh and hair. What had happened would remain a mystery to anyone who would entered soon after this. For the young woman who had caused it, was now gone. Leaving behind only one thing. A small bloodstained note that read:

I killed them, and I regret it... But keeping him and her alive... would have drove me mad with grief.
I ask forgiveness for what I have done...
Hey! Dont stop! Keep writing xD!!!

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