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A girl, an outcast. Lost, and alone. Fighting for her life, her dying breath all she has to hold onto. Everything seems as though it is falling apart. Her life used to be full of life, and happiness, and now all hope seems lost. Her faith in the future is fading, and she is becoming weaker as each day passes.

Will things change? Will she die? What does the future hold for her?

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Her body ached, as though it had just been slammed by a nuclear bomb. It hurt to breathe, but most of all to live. Taking in another breath, caused her lungs to wheez, and her chest to clench up. The dark circles under her eyes, screamed back at her in the mirror, she hadn't slept another night. Her white hair, rough, and dull, falling out with every stroke of her brush. Her lips chapped, from de-hydration. Her cheeks pale, from lack of blood flow. Bones sticking out in all the wrong places, nothing but skin, her body not letting her gain any nuitrients or fat. Soon she would fade away, and there would be nothing left to her, but a name forgotten in the wind.

Life had not always been this way, it used to be good. She used to have a family, friends, even a boyfriend. Her hair used to flow down her back, golden in the sun. Her eyes bright, and blue as the sea. Skin pale, but soft and glowing. Lips plump, and always glossy. A smile that would stop people in their tracks, bringing kindness, and happiness to those around her. However, all that changed when she got sick. It started out with a simple cough, then to blood coming from her nose and mouth everytime she had a coughing fit. Working it's way from her blood, to her lungs, and soon to every organ in her body. Slowly dying from the inside out.

Everyone she loved, and thought cared about her, started dissapearing. Her boyfriend turning away at the sight of her, her parents not wanting to deal with the medical bills. Her friends not wanting anything to do with her, now that she looked sick, and soon she would fade from existence. All the things she held onto, worked hard for, and loved. Now were gone, and ment nothing to her. She was not only dying, but she was alone, and heartbroken. No one to help her fight through this battle. Her hope was decreasing more and more everyday. At first she wanted to prove them all wrong, to fight as hard as she could, find anyway to defeat the cancer. Then when she had no more money, no more ways to recieve medication, there was no hope of her getting better. There was no one to keep her company, or help her to be strong. The only reason she even had a place to stay, was because the landlord didn't want to have a dying girl living on the streets, on her conscience. This dying girls name is Sasha Fae, and this is her story.


So time when on, as she got sicker and sicker. The pain increasing every day, with no way to stop it. She just had to live the rest of her life in pain and agony, if that was even catagorized as a life at all. Sasha didn't attend school anymore, she had quite a few weeks ago, well stopped attending anyway. She didn't see the point of waisting her time, or there's on things she would never use, or need. Days turned to nights, of sitting in the dark, coughing uncontrolably, sleeping, and just staring at the walls of her room.

One morning she woke up to a single knock on her door, turning in her sleep she ignored it. Then came another knock, and she opened her eyes slowly, thinking she may be goin crazy. No one knocked on her door, not even the land lady. She had been unbothered since she had moved here. People were scared to come near her, that they may catch what she had, or just because it was sickening to look. When two knocks came, she knew she wasn't hearing things, and slowly got out of bed. "I'm coming" she said in a weak voice. Why would someone be at her home this early in the morning, let alone at all. Removing her covers, letting in the cold air, bringing shivers down her body. She felt her feet hit the ground, and winced, when her floor boards were even colder. Trying to find her slippers, there was a bang, whoever it was, was getting impatient. "I'm coming!" she said still weak, but this time more stern. Finally, finding her slippers, she grabbed her robe, and slid her arms in the sleeves, and tied it around her small body. Arriving at the door, she turned the knob, and opening it she found a young man, with books in his hands looking at her up and down, a bit wide eyed.
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it souds like agood story ill rp with you..all tho for some reason it sorta makes me sad in a way
this isn't an rp... it's a story that i'm writing..
A writer is a person...
Her cheeks flushed, and pale, from lack of blood flow.
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I like it but this part gives me pause. A flush is caused by increased blood flow to the area so this sentence contradicts itself. It have a flow of blood but then at the same time a lack of such a thing.

Otherwise, nicely written. Nice imagery of her pain and situation.

...that has taught their mind to misbehave.
Thank you! i didn't really notice that, i just type, and edit later lol, otherwise i never get my ideas out. So thank you so much for pointing it out for me!
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sorry...misread it..
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