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re-cap from chapter 1 : Ashlee told Carmen about the new Insufficient R&B C.D. that she heard was going to be sold at a store downtown and Carmen is going to take the bus there .

As she slowed her pace and headed towards the bus stop, she could see from

the corner of her eye Dominic, the boy from across the street, playing basketball in his drive way.

She sped up her pace again in the hope that he wouldn't notice her, but in a matter of seconds she

heard him call out to her,

"Yo, Carmen!"

Carmen stopped in her place and waited as Dominic ran across the street. Still holding his

basketball, he looked happy to see her.

"Where you goin' in such a hurry, baby girl?", Dominic asked curiously.

"I'm headed downtown. Ashlee told me bout' Insufficient coming out with their new album, and

I've got to get it.", explained Carmen.

"Downtown? Nuh uh. Baby girl, it's gonna get late in a few hours. Maybe I should come with you

so you're not all by yourself.", Dominic said, winking as he motioned closer to her.

"I'm a big girl, I can handle myself. And I don't got time for this, Dom, the bus is gonna be here

any second and I can't miss it." She shoved past him and ran to the bus stop where the bus

immediately showed up. Climbing in, she chose a seat and the bus took off.

Carmen was excited to see dozens of shelves with hundreds of C.D.s lined up inside of them.

As she scanned around, she finally found the shelf marked F-J. The lyrics of her favorite song

by a different R&B group came into her mind and she hummed it silently to herself as she went

over and filed through the C.D.s marked with I's. After several minutes of looking through them,

over and over, she noticed that there weren't any C.D.s for Insufficient. In fact, it had come to

her attention that every single one of the C.D.s were Rock/punk music. Confused, she found a

clerk that was lurking around the store to ask what this was about.

He was young and wore old Converse with tight, ripped jeans and a white T-shirt. His hair was

black with red dyed at the tips and was spiked into a foe-hawk.

"What's the deal?", Carmen said. "My friend heard on the radio that Insufficient was gonna have

their new album sold in this store -- but I don't see no R&B music anywhere in this place." As

she pointed around the store, the clerk couldn't help but laugh to himself. "R&B? We don't sell

that. Besides, Insufficient did come out with a new album, and we do have it here. Insufficient is

a rock band." He walked back to where the F-J C.D.s were, and pulled one out without even


"Here, Insufficient's new album titled "Corrupt System". I personally like track #4 the best, titled

"Down in The Ground." I think you should try it out." He handed her the C.D. and she stared at

the cover with one eyebrow raised.

"You're kidding. You think I should spend my money on this?", Carmen asked.

"Sure, why not? You might actually like it and rock is just as soulful as R&B.", the clerk

answered, sounding like he knew what he was talking about.

There was a pause of silence as Carmen continued to look at the cover.

"Alright", she finally said letting out a sigh. She knew he had her convinced. "I guess I don't

wanna waste my effort coming here by not getting anything. I'll buy it."

"Great.", the clerk said smoothly, "I'll ring you up at the counter over here."

When they walked to the counter, Carmen couldn't help but watch the clerk as he went around to

the other side of the register.

She had to admit, from the back, he was kind of cute.

~Chapter 4 coming soon~ (: