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This is a Jack the Ripper story I wrote a while back. It is supposed to be this short! =w=


On the streets of London, a clock nearby struck midnight. Carefully, a girl whose name had long been forgotten, strode swiftly down the streets. The killer had not yet been caught. At every sound she heard she froze and listened to find it was a cat in an alley or other residents quickly going into their homes.

As the last bell rang on the clock the girl froze again. There it was, a faint sound of footsteps. From where, she could not tell. She moved faster, fear clearly shown in her brown eyes. Everyone in London knew it was not safe for a woman to be out at night. Especially one with this girl's profession.

It seemed as if the footsteps stopped. The girl slowed to a casual walk. Then as she passed an alley something made her freeze. In the shadow of the lamplight she could just make out somebody. She held her breath and watched as he took a step forward. This was it, she thought. She was going to be slaughtered the same way those other poor girls were. Then the man held out a dirty hand to show it was only a beggar. The girl sighed with relief, handed him a penny, and carried on her way.

The clock struck one as she came to the doorstep of her home. Fumbling for her keys, she had the strange feeling of being watched. When she turned around she saw no one was there. Insider her home she lit the candle on the table near the door and set down her keys. A huge yawn formed on her lips as she stepped towards the stairs. Although, instead of feeling safe in her own home, she still felt as if she were being watched. She disregarded it as best she could and placed a foot on the first step. She continued up the stairs and looked down the hall towards her room. Everything seemed clear so she went forward.

After she washed and dressed for bed she lay for a few minutes and looked up at the ceiling. The worry would not leave her mind and it still felt like someone was there. She began to doze off when a creak came from the wardrobe across the room. She looked towards it and saw nothing. Scared, she turned away from it and hid her head under her covers. There it was again, a creak, only this one lasted longer. Footsteps moved across the room. The girl was too frozen in fear to move, and then it was too late.