I'm in my darkened room
I'm sorry
There's no light for you
Standing in my mess
Thanks for saying
It's ok
I know it means everything 

It can't get better than this.
I've got all that I wish
And you.

You know me
Yeah no pickiness
I won't force
You To change
I don't want to,,force:
You away

yes well  life doesn't get better than this.
I've got all  I wish
You and I 
it's the best. Dream.

It knows what's right
It pleasures me
It avoids all pain
It knows what's there
It understands
It knows the dark
I deal with it
I know myself
I need to let it take control
I separate
I separate
And separate
 What is real to me
Lose tolerance 
Lower my defense
Start using what I know
What's made sense to me
We deny ourselves 
We displace our sense
No more fantasies
Being the undoing,,
Of our dreams themselves
To the external world
I know myself
a-Parent to me
These social norms
The social norms
And normalities
Are impersonal to me.

You can travel in my shadow
Just depends on how much 
Your really wantin to.
You could work it everyday
I don't really care
There's nothing you could
Honestly impress me with.
Take away your silliness
When you put on your little dress
I know what your trying to do.
Does it really bring you joy
To be in the dark not knowing
How close you are to heart
Are you willing to travel anymore?
How far would you go?
And when you finally stopped
And quit I'll tell you how far you were.
So what could you lose?
Learning that I'd never 
Actually call
I have an ego a mountain tall
And it's so boring while your around
I smile at your frown
And my instincts always cheat
At every girl that I see. 
Well so is it me you'd still wish to meet?
when you hear your inner voice
Does it really give you a choice?
Or have you coming back 
Crawling in defeat cause your powerless
To me and you love
How I'm so mean 
yet so bad 
There's nothing there
Just a perfect life
Full of happiness because of bliss
And a body warm and tender easy
To hug and kiss. Well that's alright with me 
Cause I won't do any of this
I'll always be there
If you stay I'll always love and care.
That's just me.

Each day 
I'm lost and lonely
Quiet as can be
No ones home
But me and her daddy
Locked and loaded
I'm ready to go now
Someplace happy
Somewhere better
Out of the bed room
Can't wait too long
I'll be dead soon
In a few years
Too much drinking
Lots of smoking
Abundance of good food
I'm nice and wealthy
Her and I we are very healthy
I can feel it 
Coming closer
Then no more acting
I'll be good forever
Great house
Protected from all weather
I am deserving I am worthy 
I believe it can be
So it shall happen
So it shall happen
So it shall happen
No more working!

Everyone was dumb
Now too smart
For there own good
Too well protected too
Everyone is fooled

Chew on your coffee
Inhalant my high
Brain dead brain cells
Keep me laughing
No needs or worries
The earth will watch me
Always happy
No needs or worries
What's it like To starve
And be unhealthy?
Ah when it comes
Too much pain and suffering
Should I end it all?
No more shopping...
No stomach
No need for money...
Bright light is the stress hold
Lungs still pumping air in
So why waste our lives?
Why use them up?
Work all day
For what we settle for.

Your the one
Who breaks the ice
And then drowns
Screams out loud
When it can't 
Make a sound
Who wants to go up
But is stuck
Right to the ground

Just a few I spaced them with gaps lol uhm hope u enjoy reading them but I have and think imma delete them all and when I start making guitar riffs start new ones. But lemme know what umthink if too much to read that's ok too lol