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Now with what's left of my poems after a mental break down and destroying over 100+ Poems I finally found some that were left unharmed these were three of my four favorite poems that I wrote.

The first one.

The Fear of Love.

I fear because of these that I shall list.
I fear that once we seen each other it'll take forever to get together,
Now that we are together, I fear to hold you in my arms,
because I never held something this important to me before.
Now that I have held you I fear to kiss you as it may be the last kiss
we have together.
I fear to say goodbye to you as it could be the last time I say
Now that I've fallen for you, I'm afraid of loosing you,
because if I've lost you it'll be the end of my world.

Second one.

Wrap me.

Wrap me in a bolt of lightning
Wrap me in a bolt of fear
Wrap me in a bolt of guilt
Wrap me in what ever you wish,
I'll hold it all.
Wrap me in a ring of fire
Wrap me in a ring of depression
Wrap me in a ring of loneliness
Wrap me in what ever hurts you,
I'll hold it all.
Wrap me in your love for me
Wrap me in a your hate for others
Wrap me in your tears of joy.
I'll swear I'll hold them all.

Third one.

Kiss Me, Save The World

My heart has opened
now all hell is breaking
Kiss me and my heart
will heal.

You don't want to kiss,
Please kiss me
else the world will

My heart is still opened
and hell is still pouring
Kiss me,
save the world.

My heart is closing
as your lips touch mine
sealing the crack in my heart
as you place a kiss
on my lips.

Now, Kiss me, Save The World was written back in 2008 and was about one of my first poems that I really liked as well as when I first started to get into writing.
About a year later I wrote Wrap Me, in 2009 and I had taken a break from writing seance I had writer's blockage; or what ever it's called; so might of been blah. But was the second one I liked.
About three/four days later I wrote The Fear of Love, so that one might of not been that good as well so was probably a bit blah too but was my third favorite.
Now about Last year in 2011, I wrote one, and sadly I can't remember the Title of it, but was truly one that I loved, I really hope I can find it again and I hope it didn't get destroyed.
A couple months ago I had a Mental Break down and one thing lead to another and I had managed to grasp my poetry and my mind had grasped at how "bad" I wrote them and I began ripping them apart, years of writing over 100+ Poems to be torn apart in just minutes, after I had realized what I did my break down slipped farther, after about two hours of a Mental Break down I had finally recovered and had passed out to only awake to finding what the damage was. I managed to find around 20-40 pages left and those three listed were/are my current best/favorite pieces left.
Your welcome to critique it and give me a few pointers to try and get back to writing, because after that Mental Break down I haven't touched a single pencil or paper since; well to write poetry as well as my stories I'm working on;
I really liked that, especially the "sealing the crack in my heart" part :]

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