Like a Statue

Like a statue I stand,
Content with this view.
Like a statue I look,
Look right through you.

The Focus

Staring at the point where things end, where nothings begin.
Gently parting the fabrics of this place, the little rips in space.

Something happens somewhere far away, but not the right way.
Living in this rift is strangely like me, it's where I'm meant to be.

Everyone can notice things that are wrong, but that things belong?

Dead Body View

Through the eyes of another;
Through the eyes of me.
Grow increasingly bored with this scenery.
Eyes stare blankly;
The body hangs from a tree.
Do I even feel sorry for what I've done to me?

The space outside of what is inside of me.
Grows empty and lonely so increasingly.
Where have you gone?
Where have you left me?