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Aekea Scarface

I have to write like...20 poems. Hopefully once the semester winds down....
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Aekea Scarface

{from 2006, but I like it enough to put it in this collective}


Green fields flourish with decaying lines
of Spanish Oak. The umbras
shade the landscape, night and day.
The grass is a mere house fly --
free ... only to be squashed.

Like the dinosaurs,
every living being was devoured
by the flaring sun. Human towns
evolved into the home
of rotting roots.

The setting sky will eclipse the grass
into a sandy brown, until
all of the life in the painting
will be scraped away like rough scabs.
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Aekea Scarface


We marched over dirt like fire ants,
wanting to pierce raw flesh and
delight in the wailing roars
of our victims.
We wound up winded
from fighting a fierce battle
with the sun -- its rays beating
down like spears, making the ground
hell to walk on. But walk on
we did and gave a bright laugh
as the sun slipped further behind
the horizon.
Now bloodshed stained the heavens,
and we were glad to paint the earth.
Our swords were brushes,
and we were artists with a burning passion.
War was seared in our minds,
controlling every thought,
every breath...fueling us,
driving us forward into greatness.
We saw the vultures circling on high
and the lowly vermin creeping about.
Our prey's breath was weak like still air.
We charged over dirt like fire
and delighted in the screams.
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Aekea Scarface

Hai. I remember reading your material recently from Pi's Poetry Challenge =D

Oh! Awesome! :}
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Sparkly Conquest

Hai. I remember reading your material recently from Pi's Poetry Challenge =D
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Aekea Scarface

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Aekea Scarface

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Aekea Scarface


Cool cool coal colored col
strewn across a mountain
floor like broken chains
as horns sound from
trucks and rubber and
metal and dirt colored
cool cool col
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Aekea Scarface

I can see the stars

i can see the
stars piercing
darkness beaming
in every direction
; resting like floaters
behind my eyelids

that refuse to
taken by some bright
or cunning perhaps
an awakening lifting
off the cloak of night;
and the stars glide

down like leaves
detached by a nail
biting wind as
naked branches speak
with a ringing
silence: winter.
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Aekea Scarface


Unity between
earth and water --
all crude imperfections
and wondrous marvels
mixing together...
Majestic birds seem to invite
our world into their world
as they stretch out their wings
like a warm embrace.
With them we are free
to soar into the sunlit branches
of the cypress or dive
deeper into Spanish moss,
perfectly encapsulating
all the ripples of air.

As softly as an afternoon rain,
the moss brings us down
and introduces our toes
to the slimy ground.
The mud slithers in and out
and cushions our feet --
our inhibitions sinking
further and further.
Soon, we are swimming
in a sea of tarnished emeralds.

The water mimics the sky.
We glide around cypress
knees as alligators snake
past us, creating ripples
that echo the moss.
The grass envelopes
and swims alongside us,
easing a path back
to the majestic bird --
perched on a wooden throne
with wings wide open.

Our worries were emptied
into the swamp, and we swam
like kings through them all.
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Aekea Scarface


If I could no longer pen down
words befitting of your beauty,
my nights would be filled
with peaceful silence.
You've heard every silly
utterance of mine: bitter
phrases painted with childish
skill you so kindly accepted
with teeth so perfect,
I could swear they were the gates of Heaven.
Your smile, as I've mentioned a thousand
times before, is the only sunlight
I need. It reaches into my eyes,
which are putrid vats of bile
that I'm sure contaminate the oceans
your eyes are. I could sink a thousand
times in your gaze and never tire.
The waves glide down your hair,
which is like golden silk woven
purely by angels.
I would sleep in my grave
before thinking all the words
in the world perfectly captured
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Aekea Scarface


Monochromatic nightmares
in suits waddle in weather
that gives frostbite to the air.
Nature's breathing tuxedos,
living in their frozen hellscape,
crown themselves as rulers
measuring up to mountains.

They fly on ice on stomachs
as smooth as blubber.
Freezing waters filled with predators
are the perfect place for a summer swim.
Death comes with leopard spots
and clapping fins, hoping to taste
the rich treasures inside the eggs.
The seals are a dream,
bringing down the reign of the emperors.

{major rewrite of an old poem}
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Aekea Scarface


For months the trees withered away --
bare and shivering from the sharp bites
of Winter. Like moths to a concrete
flame, the leaves fluttered down to their grave.

The wind played the naked branches
like a creaky violin -- out of sync
with the melancholic song
of drifting snow. Soon, it plummeted
down: violent fists of hail singing
the same tune as the wind.

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