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Aekea Scarface

The Girl with the Pearl Earring

Your parted lips tore my mind
into pieces as they beckoned
my mouth to rest on the red clouds.
We connected like thunder and lightning;
my chest rumbled, and my heart flashed
with excitement -- my lips dreaming
forever on yours. My thoughts circled
endlessly when your starry eyes
threw them to the heavens.

I wanted to pierce the inside
of your head and see
if we were Gemini,
but I got stuck in the cascading
sands of your headdress
and nearly drowned in its waters.
Your body was an island, draped
in secrecy -- only your face
an empty field. My eyes frolicked
around the silver orb dangling
beneath your ear
with flowering elegance.

Half of your face is uncharted
land, shadowed by a simple turn.
Your flaws are probably buried
in that space, but I would rather float
endlessly in your perfection.
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Aekea Scarface


like falling
stars burn brightly,
an infected war-zone.
Mouths mock the guns, exploding
openly like a grenade thrown
in an empty field: a zombie cleared
away the land's humanity again.
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Aekea Scarface

Horizon's Waltz

Naked skies drift in the horizon
and dance in the arms of yellow
light -- gentle as a sprinkling rain.
Jealous winds breathe,
into the blue ears, hoping
to steal the harmony of sky and sun

Golden rain is washed away
by black clouds screaming
at the soft stepping -- always
unknown to them.

Skies, heavily clothed,
crash into the horizon,
searching endlessly for the light.
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Aekea Scarface

Midnight Snack

The moon skulked
throughout the star-spangled sea,
nearly full from devouring the clouds.
They were only cotton candy --
no substance behind each bite.
She needed something light
yet filling.

Water below reflected her blue-eyed
gleam, sending it across the earth.
The winds tried to warn the stars
as they screeched like eagles
in the night sky. The sound fell
upon dim ears.

The sun stretched out his arms,
searching tiredly for a morning snack,
finding only a bloated moon.
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Aekea Scarface

Rhyming words are always needles
in my skin -- the tips pushing their way
past the barrier; my blood crawls like beetles
swarming around a mass of decay
whenever I see the forced words of people's
poetry. The sharp endings nearly spray
a red shower inside my thumping head
as the diction slams down on the page like lead.
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Aekea Scarface

Those simple lines repeat
like echoes of the past.
While you say there is no rot to meet,
those simple lines repeat --
those footsteps on the street.
My decaying head melts as
those simple lines repeat
like echoes of the past.
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Aekea Scarface

Untitled Kyrielle* Sonnet

Rainclouds storm onto the blue
battlefield, ripping and roaring through
daylight's infiltrated domain,
and all the sunlight begins to drain.

Fierce winds screech like a witch's cackle,
cutting straight through the trees to tackle
the darkening sky; they die at the rain,
and all the sunlight begins to drain.

Watery bullets plummet to the ground;
they slam into the earth with a thunderous sound.
Beads of light are shattered as the sky goes insane,
and all the sunlight begins to drain.

Rainclouds storm onto the blue,
and all the sunlight begins to drain.

{*I broke the syllable rule, but oh well.}
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Aekea Scarface

Because I'm Bored; i.e., Artistic License: Geography; i.e., a short spurt

Waves of sand roll across
the blazing desert,
crashing point-blank upon cacti
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Aekea Scarface

The Persistence of Memory

The floorboards creaked under my feet
as I felt the moments slipping through my fingertips.
Hazy memories of your warm gaze
have been devoured by specks of the cold present.
You made life a puddle of time,
and I melted between the cracks.
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Aekea Scarface

we danced across the stars
as they dripped on our foreheads
and melted at the touch --
vapors shooting out,
joining the rhythm of our bodies.

the wind pushed through your hair
failing to acquire the grace.
the moon stole your illuminating
skin but gave you her eyes.
blinded, she twirls in the night
but loses her place in the spotlight
and disappears.
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Aekea Scarface


as i manipulate
with mere diction
and line breaks
as this rises like hot air.
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Aekea Scarface

i would paint a world
if it was a ball
with music that glided
in and around my ears
like silk
as subtle hints
of color hit
my eyes as gracefully
as the ballerina moon
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Aekea Scarface

A is for Animated

Air brushes across the dawn,
painting a waking sun as he yawns
and breathes morning light
through the heavy world below.
All traces of darkness are washed
away with a morning dew.
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Aekea Scarface

B is Battle

Bricks bang down on concrete
like drums. They break
in the rhythm -- bursting --
of war. Bleak
surroundings are music
to the fiery eyes of a warrior.
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Aekea Scarface

C is for Crazy

I flew over the cuckoo's nest
just to take a crack
at life, egging myself on
while pulling myself back
to reality: devils in white coats
with horns for hands pricking
every fold of my skin.
My body cradles into a deep rest,
while my mind soars.

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