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Aekea Scarface

DCB's Collective: Over 7 Years in the Making



  1. Construction
  2. Ampersands
  3. Welcome to Hell; we don't Take Visa
  4. 3.14159
  5. i felt so tiny
  6. The Pie Maker
  7. Under The Oak Tree
  8. The Buzz isn't
  9. Cookie Makers
  10. Bubblegum Bridges
  11. Frightful R.E.M. Sleep
  12. Rain
  13. Brown Finch
  14. Painting: The Highlands
  15. We Won't Remember Tomorrow
  16. Kinky Vines Of Brown Hair Groove Along With The Rhythm of Bodies
  17. Flea and Dog
  18. Perfection Gets Allergies, Too
  19. Sewing Silk in a Thunderstorm
  20. Grow
  21. Broken
  22. Party
  23. Ice[cicles]
  24. Red
  25. Marsh
  26. January Sun
  27. "Beam Me Up, Scotty!"
  28. Merging Potato Eyes
  29. Jack-o-Lantern Dreams
  30. Earth Scum
  31. A Bed
  32. Power To Me
  33. Birthday On The Beach
  34. Pilf
  35. Advent Of Winter
  36. A Frog Conversed With A Grasshopper.
  37. Fairy Tales: The Other Story
  38. The (notso) Epic Tale of Lied's Foot
  39. Utensils
  40. mockingbird at 3:45 A.M.
  41. Imagery
  42. Repetition
  43. This Place is Dead
  44. A Child's Room
  45. Bird Tales
  46. Old 'n' Dusty
  47. The Wall Animal War
  48. Thirsty Light
  49. Corners
  50. Tired
  51. Bump
  53. Super Long Poem
  54. White Wood
  55. How To Take Over The World
  56. Vodka and Tonic
  57. To Hell with Purple Water
  58. A Humidified Christmas
  59. Senryu
  60. Fated Destiny
  61. Ode to a Mechanical Pencil
  62. Summer
  63. Fear
  64. Bury
  65. Sunny Storm
  66. Earth
  67. The (notso) Epic Tale of Lied's Hand
  68. Celestial
  69. Sunrise
  70. Sunrise/set Clouds
  71. A Typical Night
  72. Diamante
  73. Nosebleed
  74. I have a can, so I CAN
  75. Bluff
  76. Sunny Fall
  77. Storm
  78. Imps at a Car Wash
  79. Farming the Sky
  80. Escape
  81. sliding on wood
  82. Stuff
  83. voices
  84. Sacrifice
  85. The pleasant
  86. Punch You(r) Eight Shins
  87. Reign Is Autumn-ing
  88. Eye Sea
  89. Sick
  90. Corrosion
  91. Into The Wick
  92. A Green Blanket on a Brown Chair
  93. A Dictionary by a Piece of Art
  94. Listening to Music
  95. Thoughts [not]/my Mind
  96. Squeeze
  97. Pink Straw
  98. Inspiration
  99. Kick A Screw
  100. Power
  101. The Stars Have Strength
  102. I Make My World Taste Better
  103. Desert Island
  104. Nice Catch
  105. The Ocean is Calling
  106. 52
  107. Untitled Masterpiece #160
  108. Intertwining
  109. Traffic Jam on the Writer's Block
  110. Fragment
  111. Pink Elephant
  112. Stellar Love
  113. Shark Attack in Space!
  114. Stupid Cereal Box
  115. The bees are rushing
  116. Writing at Midnight
  117. "Sparkle sparkle...sssparkle!": I'm Edward Cullen
  118. "...": I'm Isabella (Bella) Swan
  119. Exploring a Jungle
  120. In the crystal sea
  121. Bugged
  122. Storm Winds
  123. My Last Duchess: Version 2.0
  124. Shadow are Scary
  125. The Girl with the Pearl Earring
  126. Halo
  127. Horizon's Waltz
  128. Midnight Snack
  129. Rhyming
  130. Repeating
  131. Untitled "Kyrielle Sonnet"
  132. Artistic License: Geography
  133. The Persistence of Memory
  134. we danced across the stars
  135. bump
  136. i would paint a world
  137. A is for Animated
  138. B is for Battle
  139. C is for Crazy
  140. D is for Domination
  141. Calm
  142. Radiance
  143. river dances her
  144. Squirrel
  145. nightfall races
  146. before you go
  147. Star Gazing
  148. Sun Sonnet
  149. Streaming
  150. Winter
  151. Perfection
  152. Swamp
  153. I can see the stars
  154. Trails
  155. Marching
  156. Green
  157. or something

Collab. Poems

  1. Sanded Search
  2. Untitled.2
  3. War: Fun for the Whole Family!
  4. PeasanT&DCB collab
  5. nuclear [pig] war
  6. Untitled
  7. Lovely Parental Shock
  8. Lied&DCB collab
  9. I Knew a Woman Who Liked to Paint Lighthouses
  10. Akashiya Inoue&DCB collab
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Aekea Scarface


Waiting is like watching tiny shoots of grass grow. Thumping and refreshing rains dance throughout the fields--transmuting the excitement into a tree more vast than a redwood. As the canopy of leaves tickles the clouds, the sun banishes them away--causing everything to shrink down.

No one appreciates a measly twig. Utilize the tools you were given; truckloads of dirt won't do a damn good thing. Construction is like a plant: it will perish unless someone waters it daily. Branching lies is a favorite pastime of yours, it seems. Work on focusing on work. Fib like a child in trouble (at home). My simple fantasies are, currently, bigger than the roads, bridges, or houses you should be building!
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Aekea Scarface


Ampersands swirl, curve
& twirl with verve. Twisting
-----a sn
-------------------it starts------li
---------------------------- to-s

Labyrinths whirl with ease & tease
the people that are bemused & confused
in the walls; an hourglass woman
sings to the people calling for help.
She vocalizes a piantistic melody that echoes
throughout the maze; the music soothes
the helpless,

& it curves with verve.
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Aekea Scarface

Welcome to Hell; we don't Take Visa

Pull out your Mastercard, and give
it to Whitney; drive over to Oliver's,
and hand him the money. Become a
rain cloud that thirsts to drench the
world in water.

Airport! Hurry, like a zebra crossing
past the Nile crocodiles, barely escaping.
Slug over to the counter -- panting worse
than a hunted antelope -- and get your boarding
pass. Go to Starbucks, only to find they accept
cash only; you are Hamm, just carrying bits
of loose change.

Your card will t
deep in the depths of your
black-white wallet.
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Aekea Scarface


The kids in the park hula-hooped
and shook with laughter. They went on
forever around the slender waists.
It was like a rainy day that never ends.

The math teacher at school always
brought pie to class in March. 1/5
of the pie for the people who answered
the pi quiz correctly: that was the reward,
and it came back, like lime-juice's
after-taste, to haunt us. It was
always the same five people
who got it right.

They were the fresh, cut lawn everyone
wanted to be on -- the same children
who always played in the park. They
knew it was always storming in the world.

Like the people on the planet
and the sky itself, the number
is never-ending.
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Aekea Scarface

i felt so tiny

a full flea pranced
delicately past my eyes;
it was as big as an ocean!

i went to my house,
slipping in (like that curious
my surroundings seemed
to be changed. the rugs
that rippled throughout the house
went on for miles.
i was a fly--trapped in a spider's web.

now, a simple period
looked like a giant wheel.
an ampersand was the
most complex river i ever
saw. anything i looked
at seemed as if it
could swallow a lake
in one sip.

i can't imagine the size
of the world. it was like trying
swim through the Mississippi
with no help.
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Aekea Scarface

The Pie Maker

Sticky dough combining
between the smooth palms
of her inventing hands

flattens atop the old
pie pan she baked
from every Thanksgiving.

Into the steaming oven,
the food goes. The woman
awakes from the corners
of her mind.

From her golden canopy
bed, she rises with a sigh;
it was, again, the same

dream haunting her
for seven years. The
kitchen is a mystery.

In her gazing morning
gown, the woman glides
towards her fears. "Is

this my true passion?
As always in her nighttime
haunts, she bakes the same

thing she did for the past
seven years. The
woman awakes from
her sleep.

"Am I really awake?"
She's on the green-carpet
floor -- tossing and turning,

bundled in a jacket.
Doctors appear in
the room. The woman
breezes away into
her dreams.
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Aekea Scarface

Under The Oak Tree

Laziness decided to snuggle
and become cozy in my body;
I heard the park's call.
It wanted me to go hang out
under the oak tree that
made me as calm and peaceful
as a meditator.

Frisbees flying freely over
my face, I sat there, like
a person waiting for a bus.
What should I do? The
list could grab the heavens!
Reflect, jog, nap: I could do it all!

It took a ride out of me, laziness,
but I stayed under the oak tree.
Something bad gave me something
good; it was like poor, freezing people
when their house gets set on fire.

The breeze blew across the serene
landscape; it was a portrait that was
framed in my mind.
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Aekea Scarface

The Buzz isn't

all about the bees.
The singing computers
play a single
note all through
the honey-filled night.

The suburban waste-
land swims with hoary,
forgotten trailers
that start a buzzing fire
of engines. No rain
is there to drum it out.
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Aekea Scarface

{This is a collab done by Scary Write-Bot 1500 and myself. The parts she wrote in italics.}

Sanded Search

They say that the world is round;
God sanding off the edges
with his sandpaper hand. No wonder
love was so rough. There was a kiss hidden
in the trees, and it was smoothed
away like pencil shavings
on test papers.

Some people cheated and kissed
the parts that were already smooth.
They were sharpened pencils, writing
around the earth--destroying it. Lustrousness
as bright as the stars would be lost forever.

And, I wondered why,
pressing stars to my paper like ink.
They dripped onto my lap
and I could tell God had no paper towels
to clean the spill.
There were two cities
I wanted to see, to venture into with the stars
surrounding me. But, Hell
swallowed them up, and I could tell the Devil
would be pleased.

Heaven was too far away for
me. Satan quaked the land around
my body, trying to take me down
into Hell. I wouldn't go; the moon's
radiance would be my sun in darkness
and guide me to the ladder of Light.

And along this ladder, I saw
men in the fields, their faces stained
with tea. Men in top hats had
coffee in some run-down shack.
I traveled with Harriet, sang with Sinatra;
I found the fourth dimension.

Time was like the oceans
the top-hat men would speak about--
rippling in and out...in and out.
I would swim with the waves
and travel back before the world
became forever rough.

And softly, the waves began to part,
like Moses and his Red Sea. I lay on
top of the coral, watching
it melt away in powder.
"Crush it," my hand sighed,
resting. I hope the military
doesn't see the damage.

I obeyed my hand, clenching
my fists against the coral.
The damage I create is like
a seagull eating fish, I thought.
Would the world now have no bad fish?

Bad fish, good fish;
I wasn't in a childhood book.
I crept away, before the waves
kissed me in a scandal.
Traveling along the breathless trail,
I saw a fish fighting the
atoms before him with a sword.
I wondered how he'd taste with lemon
on the side.

I became a seagull, scooping
the fighting fish into my mouth.
I would have to breathe through
my nostrils from now on...at least
until I reached the lemon tree.

In out in out; sang my nose
as I felt like Hercules
trying to find the golden apples.
My arms held the fish,
coming out of my bird reverie, as
ocean met with air.

The fresh citrus aroma was
near; I could smell it. I became
the Wicked Witch and "lost" my
eye. I could see over the ocean;
I could see the ripe, yellow fruit.
My eye found me, however, and
the glorious sight vanished.

"Follow your nose!" I heard from the
trees beside me. I ran from the trees,
hoping to burn them to some
husky ashes. But, as the sun began to
soak into the grass, I saw a tree
brighter than the deity I heard
from in church.

The trip from textbook to tree was so relieving.
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Aekea Scarface

Cookie Makers

Delicate hands reach for recipes
in the cook book; like playful children,
they are greedy to dive into the dough.

Ready to work, they flip the bowl
of sweet scents over. They roll the
dough as flat as their palms--massaging
it with deep care.

In the pantry, they search through
seas of stuff, finally pulling out cookie
cutters. Like they did with the flavor
of the snacks, the hands wonder: What
shapes will we make?

Round, square, triangular...
the possibilities were almost
as spacious as a kid's imagination.

After the cookies were formed,
they took a trip into the furnace-
like oven. Eager as ever, the hands
venture into protective gloves.
They open the scorching hot oven,
and pull out perfection. Grabbing
an aroma-pleasing piece, they
demand (like a child does when
they want something) that the mouth
meet the cookie.
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Aekea Scarface

(Look! Another collab. whee This one is by rion x and me. Her stanza's are the one in the smaller font. Love it! wink )


It all depended upon
those hands, gloved in
pessimistic. That touched me.

In the construction of myself
while in blueblack, casing I
was made to adulate you.

You were like the sun-set--
so beautiful and rich with life.
My craving for your love was like
a child wanting cake.

Iced in truth serum
it was strawberry, and as
you suspected the tiny-seeding
got stuck in your teeth.

I pulled out the fresh leaves
and sucked the seeds out of you.
Your mouth was like a garden of
fruits, waiting to be tasted. Apple
blossoms bloomed inside me, as
I let go.
0-DCB's avatar

Aekea Scarface

Bubblegum Bridges

Our love for each other stretched
out like bubblegum gripped between
teeth, pulled by delicate fingers.
The two sticky substances were bridges
we had to walk across.

Once, confusion seeped inside you
like rushing water below a rickety link.
Your bubblegum bridge broke, but don't beg
for another piece, seize
the spare gum you saved.

Chew. Smack. Chew.

Form another Valentine-colored bridge
for a girl of tremendous balance. I'll be the
harness, guiding the girl on my path.
If you fall, I'll pull you back up,

or fall into the rushing waters with you.
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Aekea Scarface

Frightful R.E.M. Sleep

Rest your head, as the sun does on the clouds.
Rapidly search the wave of darkness
inside your eyelids as
if they are a battlefield.

Clash your morning star
upon the soldiers' armor--
almost rippling the effect
of a sword to sword combat;
defeat them with your skills of battle.
See Hell rise up and wanting
to be the disposer of your dead

Scream, like a stranded
traveler in an ocean of fear.
You are the wind, running
from the world it can't escape--
hiding behind trees, whose lifeless
leaves of winter have been blown away
like the memories of the bloodshed.

Sigh with relief, for you have escaped
the terror.
Explore this fantasy world. The grass is a lush field
of soft silk sewn by the moths; it sways,
like the sea of warriors as they ran
into the skirmish.

Wake up and think like an amateur philosopher:
It was all fake, like those believable
desert mirages.
Find yourself on a bed that feels
like the the silky grass (with sheets
askew) of your dream.

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