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I'm just going to warn you now, I've decided to experiment some and the incoherent lines are meant to be that way. This poem was heavily influenced by some ideas that I've taken away from some of my Epistemology course so far. Essentially, one, that all realities are subjective experiences, that the objective is an asymptote that one can come incredibly close to but never reach, and that three, one of the things inhibiting it is a gap of varying length between the signifier (experience or what is perceived as well as according to modern science's knowledge the constantly shifting moving atoms and chemicals doing so without our detection) and the signified (the meaning assigned to it that abstracts said signifier, thus producing the gap). The third reason is where the lines that are quite incoherent come in. Though I know what I intended to write, one may only be able to guess what those lines mean in "English." Oh, it was also done impromptu, in about 20 minutes. Do comment, please!

tl;dr: If the lines are confusing the crap out of you, I meant it, for I'm experimenting with how I write my poems. Stuff I learned from a theory of knowledge class has to do with it. Please comment!

Paradigm Shift
What is reality?
Why, it can’t be objectivity,
Forever tangential subjectivity,
The limits of erratic electricity,

Error, error, err—
Not really sure if “I” really care,
Do “I” really dare
To call myself “I” when “I” could err?

All “I” am is changing,
Without stop self-rearranging,
I am truly everything,
Yet at the same time nothing,

Oh, where’s your
Not make
Does this sense?

“_” be
Sans sub

Do be afraid
Is only breakdown
Of your whole foun

Weak Computer
From truth ___ run

If sound electronic am
Synthesize I will
My own net of param
-eters ‘round this ever changing squiggle

The sweetest sound I’ll be,
Rhythmic, pulsating candy
Imprisoned in a land free
Of truth, of reality
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I actually really enjoyed this! I can tell you had fun playing with the structure of the poem, and Overall it is actually rather coherent.

Because you explained and warned before hand about the nature of the poem, the nonsense made sense and I found it quite enjoyable. The poem reminds me of a computer desperately trying to reboot.

As your nonsense is purposeful, and indeed done rather well, I have no real suggestions for changes smile . Well done.
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A doff of my cap, and a sincere, "We're not worthy!" blaugh
@FrostedMidnight: It's actually quite interesting that you mention the idea of a computer trying to reboot. I definitely had that in mind as I tried to show with the structure breaking down and then sort of putting itself back together with some quirks in it. I'm not sure if others associate the computer the same way I do, but I often think of a broken or dysfunctional computer as an analogy for our minds.

@WideEyed: Thank you for the comment. xD

I kind of wonder what would've happened had I not explained. Oh well~

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