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Hold back the angry tears,
the angry cries of the damned my dear.
Hold back the angry growls,
the snarls of your demons my dear.

You are angry dear,
and that is quite normal.
Angry for what has been done to you,
angry for what has been done to me.

Hold back the raging core,
for it will merely destroy you my dear.
Hold yourself high,
for nobody else will my dear.

Become stronger like the bear,
become smart like the owl.
Be like the lone wolf who still holds her tail high.
For my dear, nobody will really understand your pain.

Hold back your secrets,
for one they are released they will bring you harm my dear.
Hold back your jealousy,
for it brings nothing but pain my dear.

Hold your inner child,
for it weeps silently my dear.
Hold your heart,
and hide it away my dear.

Hold yourself together,
because nobody else will help you pull yourself up,
once you have fallen apart.

My dear.
This was pretty interesting. I liked reading it. heart
Let go of the spiteful tears,
before they cool into icicles, my love.
Let go of the desperate growls, and listen;
they are whimpers of a wounded animal.

You are angry, love,
and that is quite natural.
But anger will not untangle the knots
we spin ourselves into; Love.

Release the nuclear furnace,
for it will only incinerate you.
Let yourself fall,
or nobody can catch you, my love.

You are no stronger than the bear,
nor wiser than the owl.
Can you hear the lonesome howls of the solitary wolf,
who can find no home to rest her tail?
Crying alone, nobody has heard her tale.

Release your secrets,
for no closet is big enough to hold them.
Let go of your jealousy,
for the eggs may be stolen, but you still have your hens.

Is that an inner child you’re cradling,
or a dead twin you're mourning?
If you hold back your heart,
you can't feel it fluttering against your ribcage.

So tear yourself asunder,
and piece your heart back together again,
for love is a puzzle, and you are not a vase,

my love.

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