I would love it if you guys could tell me what you think and if there's anything that needs fixing.
Just so you know, I wrote this down with no planning on what was going to come out.
It was very spirit of the moment to get some stuff off my chest.

I’m no ******** tranny
I’m not a shim
I don’t give a ******** what you think
This is my skin I’m in

So what if I don’t have something hanging below
A flat chest
Broad shoulders
I’m still a man you know

Go spout you beliefs to your “normal” friends
Like I care what you think
******** you and your ideals
I don’t give a s**t

Screw your dirty looks
Whispered words
Don’t forget the insults
You think it’s ok to point out all my faults?

******** you
I make a hell of a man
At least I can treat a women
You only think you can

So this makes me a lesbian?
b***h I know I’m straight
My genitals don’t count for nothing
Got that mate?

But alas
It doesn’t matter what I say
Cause I’m wrong
And your right
It’s always been that way

So I’ll sit back in the corner
Barely a friend to my name
But that doesn’t matter
At least I’m true to myself
It’s my mental gain

So I thought I’d let you know
Get this s**t off my chest
That I don’t give a ********
And I’ll give life my best