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i try and try again,
but it seems that i never win,
when i tell you,
that i love you,
you should believe,
believe me,

if you give me your heart,
and i give you mine,
i wont break it or loose it,
i promise,
its mine,
im fine without you,
but im incomplete,
your head is bowed down,
staring at your feet,

step up to the plate,
dont just sit there,
except your fate,
this is a disaster,
i think im loosing blood,
cutting wrists so painfuly,
im having so much fun,

it hurts so bad im crying,
but its worth all this pain,
fighting all this laughter,
i think im insane,
trying to get to you,
wondering what to do,
my mixed emotions,
are going to my head,
i think i finally hit that vein,
hopefully im dead,

in the hospital i cry,
"why did you just save me,
i just wanna die!?!?!?"
on the bed im bleeding,
begging, crying, pleading,

..... its not done. any suggestions to make this part better????
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how can i make a suggestion when i think it's awesome?
xp awe thank you smile
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preetyy gud i relly like it
thanks lol whee
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That was horrible. Just horrible.
The mistakes, the whiny tone, the grammar, all of it was vomit inducing.
Really bad. I'd give it a solid 0/10.
Seriously, don't do this kind of s**t ever again.
typical angsty cut-wrist teenage "poetry"
seriously, can any of you make a damn poem that's NOT emo?
scream Okay so all you haters out there, SHUT UP! If you don't understand the emotional state of an emo then back off. There are two types of emos---- ones that think that by cutting all their problems go away with the loss of blood and those that cut for a distraction because physical pain heals faster than emotional. Not all teenagers cut and teenagers are not the only age group that do so GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT! This poem was awesome heart

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