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A flickering candle lies before me,
Awoken by words of homage,
A link in the unbroken chain
Burning through all the ages.

And in the flame-light I can see
My ancestors in the Craft
Power and wisdom in all abundance,
Handed down from a time before memory.

The flame wavers. I can see
The Old Ones of this Earth,
The horned God, half-man, half-beast,
And His consort of the moon.

In wild and strange times He moves,
And His is the forested land
His the wildness of autumn night
His the Hunt between the worlds.

The Lady of the Moon dances before me,
In aspects numbering three,
Maiden, mother and crone from all time,
She is of woman and of the night.

Ancient Gods and ancient customs,
This is the wildness of the Witch,
In song, in dance and in magick we see
The past and the future as one.

This candle is the Doorway
Into a time out of time
A connection to the Old Ones,
And to my companions in the Craft.
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~Merry Meet!~

It's pretty good. I feel that you have a deep connection with the goddess and god, but I still feel a bit of disconnection. I feel that if you got a little bit deeper into your own feelings as the candel is burning, the poem would be perfect. Keep it up, and let magick be within you always.

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