I'll post one or two poems that I've recently written. The first one has the first and third stanzas written in iambic pentameter. It is titled "Dead Of Night, Life Of Day

We all know this is how the story goes.

The days are bright and full of warming smiles.

At night the demons laugh wherever you roam.

They tease and taunt but only for awhile.


I greet the morn with blooming eyes,

Re-newed and reborn, awaiting life’s surprise.

For without hell there would be no heaven.

A life without drought makes the harvest somber.


This battle rages on in all our hearts.

We see through different eyes, but all the same.

The darkest nights give us the brightest days.

We all know this is how the story goes.

I'll trouble you all with just one more. This one is titled "Ship-Wrecked Dreamer"

Stranded on deserted shores

watching merchant ships pass by.

They gaze with contempt and turn their oars,

Relegating me to the solemn sand.


I’ve made my shelter, it serves me well -

Protecting me from winds and waves.

But sticks and stones won’t save me from

This island prison; I’ve lost track of the days.


The chill of night creeps into my bones,

I ignore the frost to watch the stars.

It’s amazing to wonder how lost I can be,

Waiting for the ship that will finally save me.


I’ve written poems, I’ve written songs

About sea-farers and muddy watch dogs.

I’ll sing my tune to seas beyond,

hoping one day you set sail to join me.
Comments? Compliments? Critiques? A writer needs opinions and feedback so I'll be grateful if you humor me.