A Soldiers Dove

as I lay on my back.
I look up into the night sky.
after repelling off the last attack.
I can feel you. I ask why.

I see your face in a distant star.
beaten, broken, and thrashed.
because my dove. you're so far.

wish I could hold your heart.
wish I was home and not here.
each new day I slowly fall apart.
because I'm so far away from my dear.

wanting, needing your love
I think about the past
I think about the night I first met my dove.
our hearts racing so fast.
how we couldn't help but talk for hours.
until we both fell asleep.

what brought us together?
we will probably never know.
it's you dove that holds me together.
even on this battle field you won't let go.

with my face in your hands.
please don't weep when I die.
promise me when you hear the bands.
you won't give up and cry.

this land was my enemy and my dove my sword.
without you they would have won along time ago.
last thoughts in my head my heart you adored.
the enemy and I went toe to toe.

now he stands over top me and blocks the light.
I scream, Run dove! all I can see is darkness.
as I call upon all my last might.
grabbing my last mag out of my harness.

he reaches for his gun.
points and pulls back the hammer.
and says now I have won.
squeezes out his last round.

he missed I'm not hit!
I fire my last shot.
the darkness fades.
so long we had fought.
I apply first aids.

then set up and look around.
he's laying in a pool of blood.
I hear weeping from my back on the ground.
its my dove!
he took the bullet. he's dying.
why my love!?
I just break down and start crying.

I take all my bandages off and put them on hem!
but its just not good enough.
as he says "this isn't goodbye lover".

I'm thousands of miles away sleeping in my bed.
this is all in your dreams.
all of this is in your head.
when you wake up you will know what it all means.

I snap awake!
its 3:30 a.m.
there's a call I need to make.

suddenly I hear bells.
my phones ringing
I pick up my cell.
its my dove!
I answer and say............. "I love you"
~ Michelle Diana