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Welcome To Hell.

These Children were born and then taken to orphanages. Why no one knows but these 18,19,20,21, And 22 year old's have been taken by the government and... Modified if you say. Metal pieces have been out into there bodies and have been given a mutated gene that rabidly heals them. There memory's were wiped and then they were left in an old chapel. Now there is war. They must decide. Join the bad guys and help them kill those who look down on them... Or gain the side of good and earn their trust and help save them or... Run?


Welcome! This is a Roleplay I created for fun. It is (If you stupid enough to guess by now) Inspired bye Wolverine.


1: Follow Gaia ToS.
2: Keep it PG 17. (Lets throw some fun shall we?)
3: Do not Bash Other RPers.
4: Grammar Nazis are WELCOME!!!
5: If Sex WERE to Happen Time jump. Do Not Force it. Nakedness is OK. I have no problem with that... If you do grow up.
7: If you send a PM from ME. I may be good or bad. I can and will choose to kill of YOUR Character when ever I feel. (You can make a new person under the BYSTANDER category)
8: Don't ******** up. ONE mistake in OOC (Putdowns and such) You will be banned.
9: Sen ME PM's With one word starting with W and it's a Fiction character and an animal. (If you can not get that your brain dead)
10: Have fun.

Appearance: (Anime Pics can be used)
Where Are there metal implants located? And how are they used?:
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Angelic Victory

The Orphans.

5 slots open.

Username: My Lonely Little Angel
Age: 22
Name: Vic
Gender: F
Sexuality: Bi
Appearance: XxX
Where Are there metal implants located? And how are they used?: Her metal implants are located in her back rat above her spine. Behind her dress is two long chains that are medium in size. The can pull the rod out and swing it around. (Like Kronos In a way from God of War) She uses the rod like a spear.
Personality: She is kind and understanding. She is the oldest of the 5 orphans and has become like a den mother. Fierce and protective.
Bio: The 1st child she was taken away at 18. Soon after she forgot what happened there and the experiments done to them. She was the 1st to wake up.
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Angelic Victory


(up til 15 people)
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Angelic Victory


Weather is 30* C humid.

Death count.

Government: 1,578 Revolutionist: 2,174 non-allied/Civilians: 5,003.


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Angelic Victory

Vic woke up early. As always she was the 1st to wake up. She got the fire going again. Chosen from the box she got out raw bannock dough and the roasting rack to make breakfast. She looked up as she heard distant gun fire. She had hoped that the fighting would stop for a bit. They needed fresh fruit and she had some coins and paper money to buy it with. Standing up she walked to the others and gently poked them one by one so that they would be ready to eat as soon as they woke up.

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