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Darrell Craven & Virgil Markus

After several wrong turns and finally asking a stranger for directions Virgil finnally made it to Alyssa's job."Here we go she better come nicely too I'm kind of ticked off right now I do not feel like chasing anyone." Virgil thought to himself as he went through the main entrance. he looked around it was your basic reception area the company's and logo was plastered nearly every wall people going in and out of the elevators. And sitting at the desk were two guards who looked less then thrilled about the work. But when they saw Virgil they sprang up out of there chairs and nervously pulled out their clubs. "don't come closer leave or I'm going to call the cops." The fatter of the two said as the came from behind their desk but not any closer to Virgil. The cop look completely puzzled till he checked hisself and realizing that he left his coat at the park and his bladed chain around his arm as well as his M9 on his hip were completely visible. "oh s**t no wonder that guy who told me how to get here was in such a hurry. Look here's my badge I'm a cop Ok I'm sorry for scaring the hell out of the top-flight security. anyway i'm here to see Ms. Hawk

Meanwhile Darrell still in watching Alyssa's house from the house three doors down. at that moment he was playing with the radio looking for a good station till he found a rock station.After finding it he sat back in the fully reclined chair. "Boring they never said this detective work was like this man I gotta talk to somebody hey I wonder what Omis is doing?" he thought as he pulled out his phone and scanned through the numbers
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Angel woke up from his haze. His head hurt. He heard Enrique talking and laughing. He got up and saw a few Advil and water. He quickly gulped them down and stood up. He had to go, he was late for his plan. "I need loud guns." Was all he needed to say and Enrique gave him two FALS. He walked by the door and took keys. "I am ganna barrow the car." and he shut the door. He heard Enrique say something not scratching the paint.
He needed to kill someone, most likely, the big tycoon man Ling Woh. He owned many businesses, but he did not pay any royalties to any of the mafia members. He was asked and paid a heavy sum to take out his son. To teach him a lesson. He quickly drove to the rich area. He parked again a few blocks away from the location and walked into a building. He took an elevator and called his friend Jackie. She was the one known to help him out in the technology department. "I need to get access on the roof and the cameras off." He heard small mumbling and cursing. Then the phone call ended. He smiled, he was in.
He stepped in the cool air. It was almost dark. He had to hurry. He waited, he knew from his sources there was going to be a big VIP party at the club across the street. Ling Woh's son was known as a heavy party boy who was reckless. He remembered something funny as well. Alyssa's department was maybe less then a block away. Knowing her, she was on the very tippy top, maybe able to see him, he took his chances. He rested his sniper barrel a few inches off the roof top.
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((Anyone here_))
(( *waves* ))
(I think there dead.... so anyone know of another rp)

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