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Omis took a seat at his desk in the small cubicle in the center of the large second floor room at police headquarters. It had been awhile since he had gotten to work again, he had just gotten back from a vacation in Austrailia. His flight had actually just landed the night before, so he hadn't had a chance to get back up on all of the events which had happened while he was gone.

When he brought up his user account on the screen, he opened his email inbox. 75 unread e-mails. Oh great. He thought to himself, and went to delete all of them until one caught his eye. 'Mayor assissanated, suspects incl...' Omis looked around him, the room was a flurry of activity, no one would notice him dipping into an old e-mail of this sort. The cursor slowly moved onto the subject line and he clicked on it. Within a moment the e-mail opened in front of him.

'Mayor assissanated, suspects include two main assassin groups.

On the 21st of May, the mayor was assassinated during one of his annual parties. A list of all guests has been obtained, and tapes reviewed. It was shown that the cause of death was a stabbing. Guests report that a confrontation occurred between two people after the stabbing.

The two groups involved are most likely the Velvet assassins or the Shadow assassins. All known members of these groups are on the most wanted list and are to be apprehended ASAP.'

Omis couldn't believe his eyes. The moves had actually been made. The war had begun. He printed off the e-mail and stood from the desk, putting the paper in his back pocket. He closed out of his computer account and walked out of the police headquarters, knowing exactly the person he had to see.

((Two questions, who do I have to see and where do I have to see them XD))
"Assassin wise Alyssa or Horzta who are at the park at the moment)
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you may go on and talk to me if you'd like.... we're both in the police force so there is an unnoticed connection)
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Angel stared at her walk away. She didn't give an information, but she gave him so much more. He still saw her walking, he saw the sniper relaxed. He pulled the magnums out. He quickly took the tapes and cameras from the bushed and put them in his back back. He took his out a few silver spheres from his backpack. He got a paper out and wrote something. He was tired as being called the lower class assassin, time to make a name for himself, and the others. He pinned the note to a tree.
He looked around, it was starting to get kind of crowed now as school was out, work was almost over and people felt like walking. He clicked a buttons on all of the spheres and threw them on the ground. He pulled the magnums out and pointed them at the sky. He started to shoot. He emptied the entire clip and started to run. The spheres opened up and started to emit smoke. He continued to run.

The Note:
Dear Japan, we killed your mayor. You have no idea what we are capable of.
-The Velvet Assassins
Darrell Craven & Virgil Markus

"Son of a b***h"Virgil said out loud as saw Angle's actions and the second that he started to fire Virgil broke in to a run after him.Virgil passed right by Alyssa but did not notice her . The cop took off his leather jacket and picked and rapped up to the silver spheres in the jacket then as he chased Angle he threw it in the park lake. Virgil being both pissed and excited had already closed the distance between Angle and him. He pulled out two throwing knifes. "No death for you well not yet aleast." he said to him self as he threw the knifes at Angle's legs.

Meanwhile Darrell had reached Alyssa's house he was sitting in his car about two houses down from Alyssa's. Dale was sitting in the passenger's seat with his legs up on the dashboard he was messing with his personal computer. Since he had some time to kill he was at the moment looking up Virgil's complete profile "this will probably tell me more then he will." He glanced back up at the house which was very impressive to him. "I wonder if Virgil is having better luck?
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Alyssa Hawk

(Ooc: Sorry I was gone. The interenet router thing was busted so we were out of the internet for the whole day yesterday and some of today. I'm sure no problesm will occur lol.. Yes cole and aiden are taken an absence for the time being sadly sad )

Alyssa had listend to Horzta's warning and nodded firmly " I don't feel like getting into too much trouble today, William is waiting so I'll take my leave. " she said with a slight grin, she was inticed by the day she was having and the danger that was lerking behind every damn corner she turned. She had seen Virgil in her sights and kept her head tilted towards the side speaking on the cell confidently and not afraid of anything. Her hair was swaying gently, as it made her look like every other citizen walking by. " I'm sure he'll just walk by..-" she stopped her words as she heard the shots from behind, her head turning quickly as she nelt to the floor acting as other normal students and kids would. She watched the officer Virgil sprint past her with out even noticing who she was. "Perfect timing" she said with a smile.

Standing up quickly she had made her way towards the limo, looking at William she smiled removing her sunglasses. " I think going back home is an order, we've been out too long. People might start noticing, especially the cop who passed us." she said to william with ease, she looked out the window to notice the smoke. Was it his intention to do such a big exciting exit or not. The thought would bother her mind for a while now, not knowing the answer. "Horzta.. still there.. Virgil is after Angel at the moment, if you hadn't seen that crazy display he just pulled off" he said into the phone still in her hand, she hadn't turned it off while the commotion was brought up.
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Life and death...


Kon had been idly swinging back and forth on the tree limb, watching two.... interesting people converse, though he couldn't hear what they were saying. He had watched as it started to turn louder and what he hoped was closer to violence -hopefully he would get some business- but when the explosion came it startled him enough to lose his rhythm with his swing and he fell from the tree, grabbing at air for a few seconds before landing on his back, coughing from the air leaving him, before tilting his head back to watch everything going on. "It's still not too late for some interesting things to happen.. I suppose." Kon said, he would try not to get involved yet, he wanted to seem like an actual doctor. He felt the small medical kit at his side that was hooked onto his belt next to his katana.

...They're both the same to me, they pay the bills.
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Angel ran and felt something slash at his legs. It missed, but he still fell forward. He looked and saw a cop, so now Angel figured why he should have actually been running his best. He tried getting up but fell. He had a gun, he knew the guy had a bullet proof vest. He needed to injure, not kill. He let the cop get closer.
He took out his canister gun and shot the cop in the chest. The canister hit the floor and more smoke. He got up and wabbled and started to jog. He pulled out another magnum. "This wasn't the plan. Not at all." He knew he was doing Alyssa a favor by making a distraction. Now, what was he going to do. He took a sharp turn and was planning on making it the his gun hook up.
Darrell Craven & Virgil Markus

"Man that was a cheap shot but can't expect anything more of a snake." Virgil thought to himself as he recoiled from the shot. He picked up the canister which was issuing out smoke he took a sniff. "This is weaker then the stuff I trained with" He held his breath as he rigged the canister to stop he put it in his pocket he looked around there was still a few people left in the park and had breathed in the fumes. "s**t better call it in" He said as he pulled out his phone and called for medics. " He got away, situations like this was the reason I went along with this partner thing... partner was he talking to that girl? he was staring as she walked away from him what did she look like whatever." Virgil tried again to leave the park as he did he ripped off the note on the tree read it and put it in a pocket he continued to Alyssa's job

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Angel ran until he was met with the familiar scent of booze, hookers, and drugs. He jogged up an apartment complex's stairs and opened the door. He was met with three or four guns and someone screaming in Mexican. "Chill the ******** down, I brought ice cream."
Angel and his friends sat down. There were on the sofa with a table in front of them. A few feet to their left was a dining table with more Mexicans who were playing poker, all fully armed. They stared at Angel and then returned to their game muttering things. "Aye, amigo, what you want now? We got new supply just for you." Enrique said as he started getting guns from under a secret compartment in the sofa. "We got the ak, uzi, m16, military weapons for my Rambo friend. Aye, maybe you wanna go commando, eh Rambo? Get the terrorista guns up in here, no?"he said showcasing more guns.
"No, and stop calling me Rambo. I needed a to get away from these dumbass cops. I swear they are everywhere." Angel stated. He saw a few people playing poker stand up and locked every window, door, and craney to the apartment. They got their guns and continued playing. Everyone knew if the cops came, they would all be gone for a very long time.
Angel noticed the large amount of drugs on the table and smiled. "New load my friend?" Angel asked as he picked up some angel dust. "My favorite."
A few minutes later, Enrique was saying something, but all Angel heard was a slur of sounds and bliss. He loved getting high sometimes. "So who wanted ice cream."
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Horzta had stood up quickly his eyes on the scene as the cloud of smoke had appeared, he was done with his food at the moment quickly picking up his coat and dropping his garbage in the trashcan. With a moment to spare he dropped a few quarters and dimes on the table as tip, thinking it be proper to leave some sort of gratitude for the food.

"Well atleast you won't have to worry about yourself now, I think it's time for you to get back to your home. I'll deal with Virgil and see what I can do to help." he said into his transmitter as he opened the door, he could see Virgil in the opening. It was clear that he had almost forgotten Alyssa's appearance at the park which made things a bit clear. "I'm going to find out what happened. Get home." he ordered in a clear and well toned manner. Running across the street briskly, as he could follow the steps of Virgil who was going else where.

~Horzta Yowane

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It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

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Alyssa Hawk

((Horzta is having internet connection issues like me. So I'll cover his charrie till he comes back for awhile. Sorry i haven't been on either, my internet really sucks and it's driving me bonkers. ))

Alyssa had nodded surely "Don't get into trouble Horzta." she said quietly then shut her cell phone as looked out the window, wondering where Virgil had been walking too. For second her thought left her mind when she realized that he was heading towards her office, there was only 1 reason people walked that way and it was because Alyssa's building was one of the most beautiful buildings built.

"What did you want.." Alyssa said quietly to herself as she looked to William. "Lets go back to my home William..We can't be out here too much longer." she said with a steady calm voice, as she thought about the cop and Angel's curiousness. All of the information was piling but with out any sense being made out of it.
(( New Member here mind catching me up on where everyone is and the likes? ))
(well there is straight chaos since there is no active leader of the Velvet's but I think I have an idea to spark this a little)
((Yeah the velvet assassins have no real leader right now, and they murdered the mayor of the city. Angel got in contact with alyssa one of the shadow assassin leaders, and met with her for information. horzta and cole were on the scene watching for alyssa's protection. she gave angel nothing but a clue that she was dangerous. the cops were after angel and now horzta is following virgil and virgils partner is waiting for alyssa back at her home. pretty uh yea lol. ))

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