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There was once a time when people used to speak of those who walk in the shadows, when actually they were speaking of Assassins. There souls dark as night, only living to kill for the right price. Chinese Mafia families of Beijing city would seek them out, asking for their services. Of course with these Assassins around everyone thought it be easy to claim property, until one day the Assassins had disappeared. With mass confusion the Mafia Families had tried to make due with what they had, beginning to take matters into their own hands once more. No one had known where those True Assassins had gone, and they have no idea why they left. Some said it was the worlds lust for power and control that led them to leave, or there quest for money was finally completed. It was a mystery soon to baffle one's mind for ages..

Years later in the world of 2010, the world had changed. People were the same of course, still out for power, money and blood. No one in their right mind new how to be different. It seemed everyone had forgotten about the word of the Assassins, since people killed each other everyday. Until one night when a family had begun to watch the news, it seemed the reporter had spoken of a new clan. The Velvet Assassins is what they called themselves, and they had left notes at the scene of every murder they've done. Were these the same people from years back? Had they really come back..but with purpose of being known? Something was strange about these people, every kill they made a small piece of Velvet fabric was left behind. Something was out of place.

A year had past since these new more lively bunch of Assassins had appeared, and now it seemed that it was all a lie. They were not the 'Original' Assassins as everyone thought of them to be. How do we know? A letter had been left in the Chief inspectors office of the police department. It simply read..:
"Dear Police Officials..

We are happy to see you putting crime to a stop, it amazes us how well you do your job. I hope you don't think this letter is for flattery, cause that's not it's purpose. The reason you are reading this letter is because I have a mission for you, to put an end to the Velvet Assassins. You must be wondering why I am asking this, well frankly it's none of your concern. We have watched your men run around and watch as these poor excuses of Assassins run a muck of Beijing city. Others like myself have had enough, and can not afford to see our name go down in flames. I'm sure your starting to understand who I am now don't you..

You do not have much time, because when we come back .. And I assure you we are. Not only will we put a stop to the Velvet Assassins, but we'll take down all those who appose our name..It's going to be a war my good sir..If we ever do meet, I pray you'll see my face..Because it will be the last beautiful thing you gaze upon.

Yours truly,
Shadow Assassins."

When the letter was finished, a news cast was placed out immediately. Forcing the people of Beijing City to know that there were now two Assassin gangs out, to be careful and not trust a soul.

So now it begins.. Who's going to win..? The Imposter's known as the Velvet Assassins. The great police officials of Beijing city or Those who wrote the letter which call themselves the True Assassins.. The Shadow Assassins. Its your story..Let us know how it ends..
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-Respect Tos Rules
-I am Goddess of the RP..So you Gotta listen to me..!
-No Goddmodding!
-Romance is allowed
-Swearing is alright just keep it semi.
-Be Semi-literate to literate is possible
-Lets see creativity to your Characters..!
-PM me all Profiles
-PM your profiles with title of the RP
-Once your Accepted you may begin posting.
-If you don't post for 3 or more days you will be sent a PM stating your being deleted, unless you have a reason for not posting.
-Let us know when your leaving, when you'll be back
-Keep things PG-13, No cybering..!
-Fighting is pretty much intended. Deaths must be met at an agreement, meaning you have to let me know who your killing and it has to be alright with the person your Rping with.
-I have the right to make more rules.

Have fun..!

Profile Skeleton

[b]My name is:[/b]
[b]I was born:[/b](Your birthday)
[b]So that makes me:[/b](Your age)
[b]I work for:[/b](Shadow Assassins, Velvet Assassins, Police Department..Other)
[b]But I have a second job:[/b](What you do for a living besides killing etc..)
[b]You want to know about me?[/b](Your Bio..Make it interesting don't be boring..!)
[b]Like what you See:[/b](Your image)
[b]I specialize in:[/b](This is where your skills, weapons etc goes.)
[b]What makes me different is:[/b](Anything extra I left out.)
[b]I have only one master:[/b](Your username.)

Once your Accepted you will be placed here.

Shadow Assassins

My name is:Alyssa Hawk
I was born:03/24/1989
So that makes me:20
I work for:Shadow Assassins
But I have a second job: CEO of a Popular Magazine in Beijing City
You want to know about me?Alyssa had been working for Shadow Assassins since birth. Her life other than that had never existed, though there had been times where they spoke of a different life they once lived. Over the years, she grew into an Intelligent girl. Making the most of her talents, the group had decided to send her off to school giving her a fake identity to live off of. Though she would proceed with a 'adverage' life once school was done she would go back to the murderous life she truely lived. It was her intentions of being the 'brains of the group' since she was very good at tactical entrances. Even though some were sneaky she loved to put on a good show, even if it ment being a little careless. Alyssa didn't mind, she knew damn well she was good at killing and had no intentions on stopping. When it came to her ears about another group pretending to be them, she was more than ready to slit open thier throats and leave the bodies for the police to clean.
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in: Bombs. Very much loves to set off explosive when she's needed to, other wise she has a fancy for her 2 guns. You could say she loves computers as much as the next tec geek, which allows her to hack into anything and everything she wishes without being caught though she does get careless as times. Alyssa also carries a katana blade, with threaded rope that's invisible to the naked eye. People thought it silly to think string to hurt, yet when wrapped around the body can slice right through.
What makes me different is: Alyssa finds it funny when others try to ask her out. She doesn't like the dating scene and sees no point for it.
I have only one master:VegaFox

My name is: Cole Janston
I was born: 12/4/1985
So that makes me: 25
I work for: The shadow assassins for now.
But I have a second job: I work as a reporter on the side.
You want to know about me? Cole grew up in bright and sunny Seattle. As a kid he was always resourceful and managed to get into trouble without getting caught. He was sliding down the steep slope of delinquency as a teenager and had upped his normally harmless pranks into a full blow crime spree. He specialized in robbery and vandalism getting caught only once. He had the promising future of a jail cell awaiting him, until an Army recruiter stopped by. Cole really bought into the propaganda and turned his life around. When he turned eighteen he enlisted into the Army. He passed his basic training without a problem and signed up to be in the special forces. He passed canadacy school for the Delta Force, the Army's SEALS, third in his class. He participated in two missions before being wounded in an ambush. He thought that his carrier was over until a representative from the Shadow Assassins gave him the option to join with them or die...
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in: Stealth is my game. I hate anything that would attract a lot of attention, and only used silenced weapons, or knives. Normally I have a pair of silenced nine millimeter pistols and a knife that I use to do...business with, but I'll also use a sniper rifle if I can.
What makes me different is: I completely change when it's "work time". Normally I like to whine, complain and be in a bad mood. When It's time to work I become focused, quieter, magically become optimistic, and crack bad jokes. Also it could be said since I was drafted into the Shadow Assassins my loyalty is lacking.
I have only one master: Squvil

My name is: Horzta Yowane
I was born: April 7 1982
So that makes me: 27
I work for: The Council, sister organization of the Shadow Assassins
But I have a second job: Currently a SWAT member
You want to know about me? An assassin from the International but secretive organization of assassins, Horzta was sent as back up for the sister organization, The Shadow Assassins of Beijing. Horzta is an assassin from Japan, working for The Council he also works for the Police force. Like wise in Japan, he will be known as a SWAT member in China. As one of the new faces in China, he will need to start over from scratch, in his life and his secret.

A man of two personalities, Dark Thunder, Horzta’s Assassin inside, is, well inside him. The two are like different people, DT being a silent and quick to do guy and Horzta, a normal person, not too talkative and not too quiet. DT’s busy attitude counters Horzta’s lazy easy going attitude and Horzta doesn’t mind being in publicity unlike DT who will never let himself be on camera.

Like what you See:
I specialize in: Short ranged combat, although I am great at other aspects, I am as good as any other Elites out there.
What makes me different is:
Clothing (That rough sketch was just the base)
Normal Street look-
-No Coat
-Swat Jacket
-No mask

Assassin Disguise-
-with Coat and Mask
- The coat has a hood

Horzta has a black [/Kawasaki Ninja® ZX-6R. that changes it’s meter and coloring when it transforms into the DT’s bike.
He may also use police cruisers and motor bikes, but in serious car chases, he uses his favorite bike. It’s handling and speed suits him very well.

Horzta uses an anchient Katana for close combat and when he doesn’t want to waste any bullets. He is weak with fist fights and kicks will easily kill him off. But with a blade, he will do what he does best, being the dark thunder.
Aside from his favorite blade, he has his two desert eagles, The White Yin and the Black Yang.
As an assassin, he will not let others see him work. He is secretive and explosive. His bombing skills can be shunned and over shadowed by others, but he did make a whole building crumble. Only able to place and put on a bomb, he is not one you will go for a diffusal. He uses normal everyday sharp objects to his advantage and his blade only in absolute necessary. His guns are the same all through his secret and shown life. Nobody has ever seen the DT’s guns and live anyway, so why buy another gun?
All else I excluded are classified.

I have only one master: Horzta_01

My name is:
Elizabeth Rose
I was born:
So that makes me:
I work for:
Shadow Assassins
But I have a second job:
Elizabeth owns a big chain of restaurants all around the world that won her many awards and 4 stars, working in the one in Beijing
You want to know about me?
All Elizabeths life she has been surrounded by death and blood, watching her being murdered at the age of 9, and being taken in by her parents murderer, ******** up the poor girls mind. Her new caretaker tortured Elizabeth, killing many people in front of her and he even hurt her. She hated seeing the lives of many innocent people being taken away, until she slowly got use to it. She snapped into her murderous habits the day she was given a gun at the age of 17 and actually shot someone. That was the starting chapter in Elizabeths life of being an assassin.
Like what you See:
User Image
I specialize in:
Elizabeth loves to use knifes and swords, along with guns. Elizabeth is very fast and very great at lying.
What makes me different is:
I have only one master:

My name is: William Stacks
I was born: July 15, 1990
So that makes me: 19
I work for: Shadow Assassins
But I have a second job: International free runner
You want to know about me? William was born and raised in France. Taking up free running as a way to challenge him self in the old ruin city's of France. quickly fine tuning his skills until he was worlds best. By this time William was sixteen and he began to want to show the world his skills and his first stop would be China, Beijing. Once there William was roaming the streets and doing what he did best. This went on about a month when one day when William was walking to his apartment he was confronted by a shadow assassin. William asked what he wanted and was he was given the chance to become a assassin, being told that his skills in free running was a skill that they needed. Seeing no better opportunity that this William agreed and from that night forward was a shadow assassin
Like what you See: William Stacks
I specialize in: infiltration, stealth, hidden blades
What makes me different is: William is a fun guy to be around if your on his good side
I have only one master:Samurai_Yun


My name is:Virgil Markus
I was born:04/25/1990
So that makes me:20
I work for razz olice Department
But I have a second job:As a mail-runner
You want to know about me? Virgil grew up in Singapore the son of a mother who sold produce and a father that owned several child labor factories which Virgil did not know fully about. Back then he was very innocent child till his father was killed while the two of them were watching tv. Virgil saw the killer as he slit his father's throat. After learning about both his father's job and that his father's killing was by trained assassins most of his personality changed he became violent yet quiet. He joined the police when he was 18 do to his determination and skills he went through specail trainning now he is part of Interpol's anti-vigilante force. Him personally was trained to beable to track and fight assassins. He now travels to China with his tattoo he put on his back once he joined the police "Those who kill should be prepared to be killed"
Like what you See:User Image(Your image)
I specialize in: Bladed chains and weights, Knife combat, explosives(making and disarming) Hand-to-hand combat
What makes me different is:Addicted to apples(rarely seen without one
I have only one master:tonyroit

My name is biggrin arrell Craven
I was born:04/25/1991
So that makes me:
I work for: Police Department
But I have a second job: computer help desk
You want to know about me? OK... Darrell or Dale is the son of a American father and Chinese mother in the city of hong kong. His mother was one of Hong kong's top detective while his father was a traveling business man. this left Dale a proud yet somewhat neglected kid due to his parents being away most of the time. Due to that Dale became self dependent quickly but he was not a loner in fact he went out of his way to try and be friends with anyone he met though he has a knack for knowing right away if he and the other person will get along. Both of his parents retired early for their age if fact their retirement party was the day of Dale's High school Graduation. A year later Dale has finished the police academy with top scores just like his mom hoping to put a stop to this rise in crime and these people who in his eyes are nothing more then serial killers.
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in:extensive training with dual swords(though just uses stun batons) expert hacker.
What makes me different is:able to learn close to anything with little effort. hate to use unnecessary force if it can be avoid Dale also believes everyone can change for the better but thinks they must first account for their actions
I have only one master:Tonyroit

My name is: Omis Chan
I was born: February 20, 1982
So that makes me: 24
I work for: Shadow Assassins
But I have a second job: I am also a police officer
You want to know about me? Born in the city, Omis was picked up by the Shadow Assassins when he was just 12 years old. He left home at 14 and began intense training with the Shadow Assassins. When he was 18, the leader of the Shadow Assassins himself asked Omis to take a position with the Police Department so that they could keep a close eye on operations which the Police would be holding in the next couple of years when the Shadow Assassins would come back into the light. He obediently accepted the opportunity, and has been in the police force now for three years, and is now the rank of Sergeant. One of the most well trusted members of the force, noone has any idea that he is actually one of the assassins.
Like what you See: User Image
I specialize in: Shooting, stealth, knowing his way around the city. Omis can be anywhere in the city within a matter of five minutes with his quick footwork, and knowledge of the streets and rooftops. He always has a special forces pocket knife and a Glock .10 mm pistol with a silencer.
What makes me different is: My ability to talk anyone into anything.
I have only one master: wersem

Velvet Assassins

My name is: Victor -Legally emancipated from family, no known surname-
I was born: February 14, 1992
So that makes me: (Your age) 17, 18 soon
I work for: The Velvet Assassins
But I have a second job: Professional Thief
You want to know about me? Born into wealth, heir to wealth, crib made of gold. My parents earned their wealth the same way I would have. But my grandparents, they were the great ones. Father's parents owned the largest shipping company in Beijing, even though they seemed to make substantial quantities of money, there always seemed to be more from a secret source. That, is where my talents come from. Not from my lazy father, not from my unloving mother who merely married into riches, but from my grandparents: The best assassins in Beijing.

Always resenting the unearned wealth as a child, I simply, left. When I was 11, I used money I had "Found" in the pockets of the passersby, I hired a lawyer to have myself removed from my family name, utterly disgusted with them.

After leaving them, I discovered that I had a gift, being able to walk as a shadow, there yet unseen. I was a natural thief. It sent chills up my spine every time I took something that wasnt mine, and no one even knew it was me! Oh it was one great big game, that turned into a career.

So I set off on my own, making a career in high-end thievery. No one would suspect the little boy who was casually walking by them to have swiped their valuable possessions. Why, I was just too cute! The very first time some one saw my face and remembered it, was the very first time I was caught, and also, the very first time I killed.
I had seen a widowed woman grieving at her husbands funeral while I was scouting for valuable personal items left in the graveyard for the dead to have. She was grieving, and spreading a pinch of ashes over a grave. But it wasnt the ashes I noticed, it was the plain vase. Why would this woman store someone so dear in no more than a pot. And yet, I had to have it. I had to know why she thought it so valuable. When she left the grave yard, I followed her -and the pot- home. Late into the night, I got into her house. She was using a primitive locking device on her door, he had figured out how to dismantle those from the other side a long while ago. Upon entering the house, he had little time. How long before she would wake up? He had to find the urn. I searched around the home, where would she keep it? I would ask myself. It suddenly became clear to me though, she would keep it in a place where she would always be reminded of it. I quickly found her kitchen, and opened up her cupboard to find the urn. In my haste, I knocked down a shelf of canned food, sending a loud echoing noise through the home. I grabbed the urn, set it down and opened it up.
Inside I found plain old boring ashes. I quickly dumped them and simply stared at the pot.
"Why..." I heard the croak behind me. I turned to see the woman standing in the door frame, tears of rage on her face. I stared at her blank for a moment, stunned. She recovered quicker. She bent down and retrieved a large carving knife that you would use to butcher large game. Once she had it she charged me. She was on top of me when I left my stupor. In an instinctive action, my hand was on her wrist without the movement taking it there to be seen, and my body plunged into her torso, as I tugged her wrist towards me, flipping her over me and smashing into the cupboard. Without thinking, and small knife was in my hand, then it was in the back of her neck. She stopped moving. I stood there stunned for a minute, staring at her body. I smiled, it was fun. That is the first time I killed, and I liked it. I found people would pay me for it, so that is what I would do. I would earn my wealth.
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in:Stealth, hand to hand combat, one-handed blades, thievery, lock-picking, and silenced handguns.
What makes me different is: I dont kill simply because I like to kill. I kill because it is fun, and I can earn my wealth, doing what I love.
I have only one master:Master Shib

My name is: Alice Lynn Vicious, Alice is simple enough
I was born:A dreary day in February ; 02-25-93
So that makes me:The ripe age of seventeen
I work for:An assasin with class, Velvet of course
But I have a second job: I work at a department store as a sales clerk
You want to know about me? Where to begin, A while back, rather when I was a much younger girl. I was born to a quaint, young family in a local hospital. I was no diffrent from the other hundred children who were born in that building on that same day. My father, a very reserved and silent type, tended to be working more than he was truely living. My mother was a very thin and delicate woman, quite like a doll, she coddled me and babied me untill father put an end to it. His work had leaked into his home life, and my mother and began to see his true colors. A very calculating and persise man, we pinned his career to be somewhere within the assasins society.

Things went on like this for an extended amount of time. He would come home with his laptop and work, while making calls and meeting with people. Curious as ever, I would listen to his chats with the people he invited over on occassion. I developed an undying fascination with my father and his work. Fearing the worst, my mother divorced my father, believing that he was warping my mind and getting me involved.

In that time, I developed a very timid, and cold exterior. As I grew, my frail mother grew even more worried as I excommunicated myself from social interaction. It wasn't that I was extremely shy, I merely had nothing to say. This behavior was benifical to my goal. I was always hungry for knowledge, and would sink into large crowds or attend parties just to listen. Its almost like im a fly on the wall, or invisible- pardon me though, I have a rather active imagination that is the result of my healthy lack of human comunication.

By the time I turned fifteen, my mother became termanally ill with a disease of some sort. Only after her death did my father make contact with me. He offered me a chance to be worth somthing in this life, I took that oppurtunity with a strong grip...this is how I became who, and what I am today..
Like what you See:User Image
I have a very unusual hair color, and this tends to be one of my distingusihed features. Taking after my mother, I have a very petiete and condensed frame, but never underestimate me. My platinum hair falls midway down my back, and tends to cover my dark brown eyes. I have had an unhealthy lack of sun, and have a very fair complex
I specialize in:I'm a brilliant conartist. I may dress myself up and influence men around me to get to my target. I have a very strong drive, and seldom give up a good chase. I lack the streghth to weild a bulky item, however I am trianed in several variations of martial arts and can weild a knife like no other
What makes me different is: I have a soft spoken voice, and an anti-social complex. I prefer to work alone, and my face flushes upon any form of physical contact.
I have only one master:A l i c e V i c i o u s

My name is: Angel Robbins
I was born: January 11, 1990
So that makes me: 20
I work for:Velvet Assassin
But I have a second job: Ice cream parlor worker
You want to know about me? Angel was born, raised, and lived on the streets. The only closest person to him, was a drug dealer. They became good friends, but one day he was killed. He saw the assassin, which he talked too. He was going to kill him, but Angel said flatly, how much was he paid. Angel saw the amount of money, and he figured he would be helping the world get rid of evil. By then he was old enough to brave the streets to find info. He had to track the gang, but by the time he did, they were already impressed by his skill of tracking, his flare, and his cruel sense of humor. He is young and reckless, so some of the members mentor him, even undermine him if the wish.
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in: Tracking and gaining info, Angel is still trying to figure the whole killing concept though. Angel carries two .347 magnums with a M16 rifle. Depending on the mission though, he needs to swap artillery.
What makes me different is: Angel's real reason to join is to try to kill the assassin's, as he is angry and spiteful for his father figure's killing. Also, he is very romantic, and can get sensitive over a kill, which he goes under fire for from his fellow assassins. Lastly, he likes music.
I have only one master: LuckyxAngel127

Other Organizations

My name is: Kon Gavrilo
I was born:04/13/1986
So that makes me:23
I work for:Anyone that pays - freelancer
But I have a second job: I'm a doctor
You want to know about me? Kon had been trained to be an assassin starting at the age of 9, when his father decided he could hold a katana. For 10 years, Kon worked as a freelance assassin before he decided he needed an extra challenge, a second job. Although he decided on a contradiction for a job, for years he had been taking lives, and finally he took the oath to "save" lives, although it was just a day job, but sometimes his doctor self takes over and he treats the occasional person while on his assassin job -his real job-.
Like what you See:User Image
I specialize in:Medicine, and most types of swords, staves, etc,.
What makes me different is: Although I may be an assassin it doesn't mean I'm a horrible person, I'm usually kind.. but when it comes to killing I don't hesitate. I don't work for a particular side, but that DOESN'T mean I won't change my allegiance, although it may take some persuasion.
I have only one master:tybug0413

My name is: Kazuhiro "The Twilight Assassin" Midori
I was born: September 5, 1992
So that makes me: 17
I work for: Other / Merc for Hire
But I have a second job: Nothing
You want to know about me?
Kazuhiro Midori was born into an unknown family of Mercenary assassins. The Midori Family was always an assassin family for hire but they never shared secrets about themselves and as such they were unknown. Once missions were complete they disappeared until the next time they were called upon. The Current Head of the Family Ryozu Midori was proud that he finally had a son after 3 girls. (It was law that only a son could succeed the Head of Family.

At the age of 5 Kazuhiro began training as an Assassin. His family roots reached back all the way to Edo Japan and as such he was taught how to fight with Katana. Kazuhiro was very skilled and practiced day and night always training with the more experienced fighters in the family. Soon by the age of 10 Kazuhiro was able to defeat his own father and that made the family proud. Kazuhiro was special because he was the first to fight with two Katana at once. It came naturally to him and he mastered it.

Seeing how modernized the world was Kazuhiro soon implemented a Dagger and a Pistol into his fighting style. However they were secondary reasons and only used them if it became necessary. Kazuhiro began missions at the age of 13 and soon earned the title of The Twilight Assassin because prey wouldn't see him coming until it was too late. To this day Kazuhiro has never lost a battle or mission. He plans to keep it that was so he can one day succeed his father.

Like what you See:
User Image
I specialize in: Dual Sword combat, He is a master in Swordmanship and one of that uses Dual Katana. Stealth & Speed, He is very quick and very quiet Kazuhiro is 99% of the time unnoticeable and his speed is very dangerous.
What makes me different is: None
I have only one master: Kazuhiro Midori

User Image


For those who honestly need one, everyone begins a new day, the assassin clans have thier own organization building that's top secret only they know of. Cops of course sleep in thier homes, and so do orginal people. Once you wake up you start the day, Shadows must find the Velvet Assassins and finish them or vice versa got it.. The city its taking place in is Beijing city, so run wild with imagination.

Also everyone is aloud to have a double life, meaning they can be an assassin while owning a company, working a cafe etc..

Shadow assassins live in the upscale part of Beijing City, with the money they saved from over time they could afford a lavish home with what ever it is they wanted.
Velvet Assassins place resides down in the central area, a typical home set for the adverage group. Though with the side money they've been able to place an underground workshop for thier risk buisness they've created.
User Image


Anything new that happens will be posted here. if you have any news let me know it will be placed here aswell.

** The Shadow Assassins now have 2 leaders.. Which are Alyssa Hawk and Horzta Yowane.

** The Velvet Assassins follow under the orders of Mariel Furzsina.

**An uknown company has tried to Kill Alyssa Hawk yet was unsuccessful.

**Alyssa is now after the leader of the Velvet Assassins but has yet to make her move.

**Alyssa revealed to Horzta her home is also a door to the SAHQ.

**Now those in Assassin field work are attending the Mayors party tonight. Possibly something might happen tonight unexpected.

** So updating once again..! - Mayor has been killed, the cops and beijing city are aware of Assassins coming back into china. It's midnight in the City, and also Velvet Assassins had a run in with Horzta and Cole at the Mayor's party. And Horzta and the cop let him get away. So now we'll see what happens the next day.

** Brand new day every one. ^-^

** Stay tuned for more news..!**
Officially open..!!
User Image
Alyssa Hawk

Standing over countless of dead bodies, blood dripping from her hands, blade and body. Her breath calm as the quiet sound the wind can make, while she took three steps towards a man on the floor. She stood over his body while she felt his cold dieing hands touch her leather boots, but all she did was grin a sick and devilish grin. "Poor soul...Let me send you off to a worse world than this.." she began to laugh, as she plunged her blade into the center of this throat. The malice in her distruction was unknown by any other, all you could see was the spray of blood hitting her face quickly. There she stood smiling, laughing in the radiance of his death. Yet the laughter began to sound more painful, more upsetting the louder it got. "Soon I will die aswell..by hands I'm sure I will not like..I will..Die..!" she yelled, while the laughing began to turn to torture..Pure and utter torture..

Sitting up quickly in her bed chamber, sweat dripping down her soft cheeks as she pressed her fingers against her forhead. 'A dream..' she thought to herself, or was it more of a nightmare? She had been through the same dream constantly, repeating the same scenes over and over for weeks yet what did it mean to her. Removing herself from bed she allowed the maid to start the bath, it was time for to get to work atleast for now. "Hi..Yes this is Alyssa..I'll be running a bit late for work today..Yes thank you..See you soon.." she had spoken her name on the phone, speaking to her employee. Though she lived a dangerous life she made sure it was kept secret, whats wrong with having two lives if you can handle the pressure..?
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O.G. Regular

"Hello Mr. Janston my assosiates were very impressed with your work back in Chile. I was sent here to give you a job..."

Cole Janston shuffled along the streets of Beijing alone. He walked with slumped shoulders and a slouch giving him the look of just another bum. Calling him a bum wasn't too far from the truth in his eyes, since he was a reporter in China of all places he might as well have been jobless. The strict censorship of the Chinese government meant that he was just a tool of the government and he just saw him self as a bum. Being a tool of the government wasn't anything new to him, but he used to kill terrorists not lie to over a billion people. To anyone with a trained eye it was clear that Cole walked with a slight limp on his left side. The result of his days fighting terrorists. He had saved millions of people from the kinds of people that get their jollies watching little kids blow each other up and it ended with him in the hospital bed with an honorable discharge. Oh how the mighty have fallen. He thought bitterly thinking about it. With a sigh he produced a cigarette and a lighter from his pockets, light it and placed the cigarette loseley in his mouth. He was currently on his way to his latest assignment, which was interviewing the cops about the latest killings. Quite honestly he was skeptical that the cops could do anything, and it would fall to some...associates of his to solve the problem. But he kept these thoughts to himself, a government servant should not talk about such things.

"...If you refuse I will be forced to kill you."
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Alyssa Hawk

The voice of the maids had began to pester her, as she rubbed her skin gently with the sponge in the tub. It was amazing how the day hadn't even begun, yet already there was a rush for her to be out of the mansion. Of course those who worked for the shadow assassins knew what they did, how they really made there money. Though they work for them because in some way they have been saved by the assassins, even though there were some times when Alyssa had thought of removing them from this world.

Looking at the time, she removed herself from the tub. Drying herself off with a bit of a quickness, while she combed out her hair. "What to wear.." she had said to herself with a grin, opening her closet. She had placed on her clothes of the day, and with a the shut of the door she had left her home. Of course she never really left with out going in style, as the garage door had opened slowly. A yellow Two-thousand nine porche sat amongst other vehicles belonging to her friends. As she laughed while starting the engine, she had left for work knowing she would be back before the others wake up.

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·.¸¸.·´¯`·.¸¸. Azumi
"My chest hurts when I breath tonight...
Its killing me inside...Killing you inside.
Killing me inside..."

Crisp and well pressed in her uniform, Azumi stood outside of her station, holding a document reading up on local crime updates. In her opposite hand was a book she was reading, 'Sherlock Holmes A Studeny in Scarlet' was what the title transmitted. "Hmmmm..." She said as she turned on her heels and began slowly began a walk to the parking lot of the station. She shut the file tucking it in her offhand along with her book, and closed her hand in a fist softly as she walked. She peered down at a little boy as she walked, that stared deeply at her uniform which was vibrant and flashy.

She made her way into the lot and amongst the black and whites she found hers, stepping towards her Squad Car She pulled a set of keys from her pocket and unlocked the door stepping inside. She sat firmly in the chair, beginning to place all the documents in the seat next to her, her leg firmly on the ground outside the car. She leaned back shutting the door and placeing the keys in the ignition twisting firmly for half a second before the car roared to life. She placed both hands on the wheel and shifted to Drive, moveing a few feet before reaching into her uniform to scan her ID for the gate to open. As the gate open she waved to the officer on duty as she drove out. She stopped in the slope leading to the street and unbuttoned her formal jacket and shifted the car into park as she did it. She once it was off, revealed a radio leading to her pants and a badge written with chinese letters and a star in the middle as the symbol of the country. She slowly shifted the car back into gear and slowly went down to the street.

The radio in the car began blurting out chinese language every so and so while. Simply reporting in, or requesting help near their position. The usual things. After her ceremony and the pressure of being promoted to Superintendent 2nd Class, she needed a tylenol and a drink to start her morning. She peered to the side putting a bit of pressure on the brakes reading Cafe. She shifted the car in reverse and backed infront of the cafe and slid it back into park. She turned the key deactivateing the car and stepped out of it. She reached on the top of her head and set the hat down in the passenger seat ontop of her jacket aswell. She shut the door hard as she began walking to the door, stepping in. It seemed to be bustleing with people today, as she lowered the volume on her radio so it wouldn't blurt out and scare the crowd. They patiently waited in line as she slowly walked up and stood in place.

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Superintendent 2nd Class reporting...

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O.G. Regular

"Hello Mr. Janston my assosiates were very impressed with your work back in Chile. I was sent here to give you a job..."

Almost the second Cole arrived at the police station he got a call from his boss at the news company he worked for. The conversation on his end was a mixture of inappropriate gestures and curse words in both Chinese and English. When it was all done he was left at the front of a police station except now he was minus a job. His boss called to let him know that they got some one else to do the interview, so he would have to wait until a new interview or story popped up. So now he was minus a pay check and needed a way to pay for food. Walking away from the police station he desperately wanted a drink and knew just where to get one. s**t, I guess I'll have to call up the boss lady. He thought grimly. He didn't enjoy calling the boss lady since what ever work he'd get would definitely be frowned upon in most civilized places. Just thinking about it made him want a drink even more. Shufflinging into what appeared a dirty run down bar on the outside, which was the same on the inside he orderd a drink of anything with alchohol and sent a text message to his boss Ms. Alyssa Hawk. It said: I need a job, I don't care what it is.

"...If you refuse I will be forced to kill you."
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Alyssa Hawk

The streets had been busy it seemed, even though there was no rush for her to be at work. Was it even mentioned what she did? Oh right Alyssa was a CEO of a magazine company, the hottess magazine in Beijing city. Of course she hadn't gotten there with much difficulty, reguardless of what the others say just because she was only twenty years of age they thought she couldn't run a buisness and look at it now.

Alyssa was a fine tuned killer with much brains behind her to back it up, which drove her to start messing with the police seeing if they could catch onto the clues she would leave behind. A few of the members thought it she was wrong to do such a thing, though she felt confident in herself it was all fun and games. The pure joyment of watching the polices finest search of clues with no lead's at all pointing to the Shadows made her day.

Her own parking spot awaited her, how nice. Pulling into the parking garage or a two story building, she had waved to security as they waved her in. She had clicked off the radio, sick of hearing about Assassins at crime scenes. She knew who the 'real' assassins were, and didn't have to listen to such bull. As she pulled in, pressing the E break up her phone had made a jingle. She had taken her time to look at it, as she removed her sun-glasses from her face. Exiting her beautiful porche with her outfit still in tact. "What could this be.." she had asked herself checking her phone. Not to her surprise, she saw it was her fellow member of the group. Of course not her favorite, for when she promised the Shadow leader to help him she did not expect to help for this long.

Alyssa had began to walk towards the tunnel which connected to a rather large building. Nearly five stories tall, was made the third most tallest building in the city. She was damn well proud of it. 'Meet me at my office Cole..I'll let them know your coming, wait in my office..' she had replied back to him. For certain reasons unknown, she couldn't understand his basic logic. How with so much money under there power, how he couldn't hold a single base job. Others would begin to question, and Alyssa refused to be talked down upon. "Itching to kill..." she said aloud, as others looked at her strangely. She simply smiled and began to laugh it off, seeing she never cared who was around when she spoke sedistic to herself.

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