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War Of the Gods

In Mount Olympus, Home of the great and mighty Olympians, a simple disagreement between the brother-gods Poseidon, Zeus, and Hades has escalated until it verges on out-right war! With the gods and goddesses choosing sides, and chaotic Eris spreading strife among them, The situation looks like the beginning of a war unlike any before.

Just as it seems that open hostilities will break out, the wise Athena presents them with an alternative. Part entertainment, and part contest, She proposes that the immortals choose mortals and empower them with a portion of their abilities and to the gods and goddesses of the victorious, goes a prize unlike any other. A seat on Olympus!

Now the gods and goddesses go forth to choose their chosen, all seeking the singular prize.

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Profile Skeletion:

Age: (in human years)
I am allianced with: (Greek God Name)
The gift given to me: (two items given to you by the gods that has given you your powers. Be creative I can't stress this enough.)
Goals: (What is your goal or goals that you want to acheive when you have these abilities.)
Vitals: (meaning your characters height, blood type, etc.)
Accepted Profiles:

1. Be Creative in selecting your powers. I cant stress this enough. If your power is too basic I will not accept you!
2.Don't kill someones character without promission, a pm must be sent to the person.
3. Fighting will be done by dice. 1-10. We can talk about special exceptions by pm. 3, 5, and 8 are a miss the rest is a hit.
4. Talking out of character will be done with these: () Learn them and use them well. Semi-lit is what we are
5. No Godmod its annoying and kills roleplays.
6. No cybering, romance is permitted and encouraged......just not that far. Same for violence, everyone loves a good fight. Gore is acceptable
7. Post as often as you can. I don't want this RP to die.
8. Don't crack on someone who can't roleplay. Help them be a teacher. It will make the person feel better on the long run.
9. Send a pm saying "War of the Gods"
10. Try to include everyone, no one likes to be left out.
11. Profanity is completely welcomed, but there is no need for excessive use.
White List:
Get on this List

Black List:
Burn in the pits of Hades if you arrive on this list!!!
The Greek Gods

Zeus wants the human race to be in his image. If possible he will mate with all women on Earth to make them in his likeness. He also wants humans to worship him, Zeus alone.

"The humans have seem to forgotten about us. Us the ones who have created them, they shall pay! Pay, with me as their one and only God!!! This is how it should have been from the very beginning."

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Hera wants the world to be a heavenly like place. No pain, no suffering, no guilt. She will rid of the pain that women endure in childbirth.

"Sin?, Sin will be nonexistant! Finally humans will no longer suffer, they shall live as Kings and Queens in Olympus with me as their God!"

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Apollo knows not of what he wants. Sometimes he loves the human race and what they are capable of. Other times he sends plagues to thin out there numbers because they are bothersome and seem to get in his way.

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Hermes(Deceased) was the one of the first casualties of the war. Hermes tried to keep the peace between the three titanic brothers: Zeus, Hades, and Poseidon but was killed in the crossfire.

"We must stay together as Gods. Why must we always fight?! We have to show those lesser of us a good example! Zeus, you of all people should know of this!"

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Hades After a long time of planning and waiting finally Hades can unleash the horrors of the underworld on the humanrace. If his mortal wins he shall move the Underworld to Earth. Two hells for the price of one.

"Judgement has come to humankind earlier then expected. With this War on and my pawn out and about. I shall have two hells to judge upon. The sun...hahaha...it would be but just a distant memory."

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plan for the world is love between all nations. That means no war, no racism, but there will be fornification. Hey its peace, a sex fueled peace but peace all in the same.

"Humans have been fighting for ages over religion, territory, and most of all for power. They always wanted peace but never knew how to get it. With me in charge love will be spread throughout the ages. Nations will bond together, no longer seperated by borders. We will all be together in body and in soul!"

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Poseidon plan must come to no shock by anyone. He wants the seas to cover all land and submerge everyone under water.

"Adapt the humans must for they will no longer breath air but taste the saltness of Poseidon's oceans!"

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Ares perfect world would have all nations fighting against one another. Peace would never be admitted and death is viewed as an honor. Everyone would have to always look behind themselves as every corner could be holding a new threat to be conquered.

"Humans are pathetic creatures and inferior in nature. I know not how we let there lives continue, all they are good for is for entertainment. Its in human nature to argue, to threaten, to fight. They are but animals and we foolish enough have let them free. With me in charge the fools will be fighting against one other but at a larger scale! Peace....they know of no peace!!! That is just out of comprehension and I will remind them War....War never changes."

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Artemis wants the earth to return to its normal state. That being populated with forests and a wide varity of animals. When she becomes the leading God she will revive all extinct animals, giving all animals another chance on life.

"You humans have poisoned the Earth long enough! Animals and plants are struggling hard enough to survive but you make it even worse. I will have no more remorse for you humans as you have had for the Earth!"

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Athena plan for the world is to have the strongest and smartest humans to inherit the world. These humans must be pure-hearted and there virtues must be of no evil intentions. Eventually the elite of human kind shall be trained by Athena herself.

"Humankind was made in our likeness, weren't they? I see hidden potential in humans maybe if we gave them some support or act like we care about them, they will start to worship us again. I for one want to take the wisest and strongest of the humans and train them to be heroes of their own societies."

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Hephaestus perfect world would be almost exactly like how it is now. He wants the world to be constructive in which building, production, development, and creation is constant. But he wants it in a way that will not hurt the world such a way as green energy to power machines instead of oil

"Humans have already built my perfect world, but I must show them a smarter way in creation. A way that we can be in harmony with the world without harming it. There not perfect creatures but we must be teachers and show them the right way to care for the world."

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