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" should i be worried?" she asked him as she followed through the lava. this is wierd. Never did i think i would walk through lava... she thought to herself as she looked around her.
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She took in a relieved exhale as they transported away. Her kitty meowed in her hoodie, as if waiting to move again. "I have to keep moving, who knows when they'lle be back." She muttered to herself as she leaped from her branch to another tree about a foot shorter than her previous one. She continued to do that for a while, getting deeper and deeper into the woods.


She stopped abruptly as she spotted someone lying on a bench. She wasn't sure how a bench could appear in natural hidden woods, but that didn't matter. She pulled out her bow from being perched on her back, and got ready to shoot at her. She went to go an inch closer, then her foot slipped, sending her plummiting to the ground. She landing with a huge thump on sharp woodchips. What happened? She hadn't made a mistake in the trees for over three years. She sat up, rubbing her head. She wanted to get up and run when she noticed the girl not too far next to her, but couldn't, because her singing was somehow keeping her from wanting to go out of hearing distance.
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[[gonna be gone for the week end BRING NEW PEOPLE AND MAKE NEW CHARACTERS PLEASE ODNT LET THIS RP DIE!!!!!!! thank you]]
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