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Junto pivoted around in the middle of the room, looking frantically from doorway to doorway. A number of frightened scientists and mages in the temple's "control" room rushed over to him, drawing their weapons and readying spells.

"Everyone, get a hand on me, we're going for a ride!" He was shouting more out of urgency than panic, but as the witch emerged from his altar room and Aaron continued lobbing attacks at Alexander his urgent tone grew in intensity.
Alexander was running by now, and so when the bolt descended upon him he dived forwards, rolling towards Junto to place a hand upon him, but not before the bolt scorched down his back, though luckily he was not in contact with the ground, and so prevented major nervous system problems armound his heart.
Jun looked at Zetsubo and slid his legs over the side of the altar. "I'll see if I can manage. You can go ahead if you need to." He stretched his arms and legs, his limbs stiff and uncooperative.

He heard Junto yelling in the next room. When he mentioned "going for a ride" he knew that Junto had stolen his most-coveted ability from him and he sighed in defeat, the gravity of the situation... of his failure and foolishness, settling in on him.
He WANTED, so badly, to take care of that b*****d, but he reminded himself it was his mission to take care of Jun, first. He turned towards the main chamber, as the remaining fifty-nine soldiers of the Order were beginning to assemble in the main chamber, diamond soldiers moving in on Zetsu and Jun in order to protect them from any incoming harm.

Aaron rushed towards the center, sword at hand. "GET HIM OUT OF HERE!" He shouted.
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Vivian was unsure what to do. There was nothing for her TO do but watch. Everyone was busy with something and she knew that with her injuries she was not going to be much of a use.

She stood back, waiting to see what this thing Junto was doing. Perhaps others would be reckless and attack but she wanted to know what she was facing.

So she worked on healing her wounds, expelling most of her magic in the process.
Surrounded, with enemies closing in from every side, Junto focused on his re-discovered ability, opening another tear in space-time. It spread slowly at first, then sped up and consumed the gathered remnants of the Iron Dawn forces in the temple's main room.

"Don't count this as a victory! We'll be back to bite your heel soon enough," Junto shouted before the rift closed and the Iron Dawn vanished from the temple for good.
Son of a...

His hackles rose.

But... The mission was over, regardless. They'd won, and Jun was back in their care. He flopped onto his butt right in the middle of the main room and pressed his hand to his own face, growling under his breath... And then he withdrew one final teleporter stake from his back pocket and disappeared from the place, headed home for debriefing.

The soldiers could take care of the rest without him.
Zetsubo watched silently as the man named Junto disappeared. He sighed. He probably could have done something to stop him, but refused to do so. In truth, Zetsubo didn't want to see anyone injured, ever. And so he let Jun to himself, and walked slowly over to where Junto was just moments before. "Hm... I suppose it's for the best." He watched as Aaron disappeared and sighed again, sitting in the spot where Junto was. "I wonder if next time they meet, I'll be there..." He shook his head. No good could come of it. All this fighting would only cause more fighting. It made him sad to think about it. And so, he would sit there until everyone else had gone, and leave through the stake that Aaron had place.
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Vivian smiled. Finally! She blew out a puff of air, pushing a piece hair behind her ear. That was something she did not need to be doing. Sinking into the ground, she left everyone else to clean up.

The witch had done her part.
He staggered slowly out of the altar room, looking around at the temple's main room. He wobbled over to Zetsubo and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Thank you for coming... This shouldn't have happened."

He looked at the blood-stained, battle-worn entrance to the temple, then to the other doorways. "I'm... going to try and find my clothes..." he said, still obviously dazed from the ordeal.

Inside one of the studies lay his rucksack, staff, mask, and robes, tossed carelessly in the corner. Inside the rucksack were the tattered remains of his battle dress, the simple tank-top and pants torn to ribbons. He sighed and changed into his usual dress, tying the mask on his face.

As he walked back in to the temple hall he looked at Zetsubo. "I'm Jun... the Planeswalker. What can I call you? I have to know the name of the people I'm indebted to."
"Well hello Jun, I'm Zetsubo. And technically, the order saved you more then I did." Zetsubo sighed. "I just happened to be the first to find you." He shook his head and looked at the floor. "I wasn't really much of a help at all. But anyways!~ No need to be glum about it, right!~" And Zetsubo hopped to his feet in one deft move. "I told them I was no good at fighting! So, thus I couldn't help as much as everyone else, but I helped regardless!" Zetsubo stretched. "But anyways... It's about time we headed to the order, and got talked to by the superiors. Although I'm not a member so I don't have to!~"
"You were the one who shook me awake. That's important to me, regardless of how much fighting you did." Jun smiled weakly behind his mask. "Would you mind coming with me to the Order Fortress? I know you don't have to, but you could help me thank everyone who did come to help..."

Jun focused. His head hurt, but he numbed it by sheer willpower and focused again. The air beside him tore, just a little. He inhaled deeply through his nose, then out through his mouth and the portal opened fully. He gestured to it. "I'll hold it open for you, Zetsubo."
"Un..." Zetsubo watch as the portal opened, and smiled. "Alright!~ Lets go then, say hi to all the people who saved you!~" And thus Zetsubo stepped into the portal.
Jun stepped in behind him. He'd have to come back later, clean up the temple, pay his respects to the fallen, and see what his foolishness had wrought, but there would be plenty of time after he'd rested and thanked everyone.

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