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The gas was coming, and some had already gotten in his lungs. Fortunately he was undead, and since he was not a living organism the toxin had a greatly reduced effect.

Now he was burning on the outside as well as the inside, for the toxin had some effect in attacking his organs. He could regenerate fantastically, and could combat the pain. But it hurt so badly, so very badly.

He trudged on, nearing their position. Hopefully there wasn't someone powerful there to stop him from getting her.
Zetsubo raises his arms and watches the man. Guess he's going to be difficult, he thought to himself, then sighed. He half closed his eyes and began swaying back and forth, think of things he could do, but rejecting them all. He sighed again. "Too bad, too bad."
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Vivian took the cane and attempted to pull him roughly against the bars. If he wanted fight, she would give him fight.

"I didn't mean you," she snarled. "And, if you want to know the truth, I don't care if he comes for me or not. I'm sick of being rescued by people who don't care for me anyway."

She sounded bitter and she attempted to wretch the cane from him. "If they DO come down here, I wouldn't want to go with them anyway."

The blades of his chainswords began to glow with an ummense heat, as his own necrotic energies were channelled though the weapons, before he twirled both weapons before himself, the two blades snaking under and over each other, as the spinning teeth caught aflame, then projecting forth a field of his necrotic fire towards the strange man's feet, spreading along the ground as it attempted to catch his clothing.
Jack tugged on the cane, realizing his mistake and trying to pull back from the bars. "You've got a bit of a mental complex, it seems," he spat, his sick smile turning to a more mischievous grin. Just then, Jack felt the ship creak and groan as he heard Aaron's words. If he could guess what the first loud crack was, it was the geck gun being torn off of the ship. The subsequent cracks were probably other emplacements. The high-spirited little ******** was tearing the ship apart.

Jack lept back from the bars, sacrificing the cane and bolting to the end of the room, out of sight of Vivian's cell. "Well, you'll have to excuse me. This ship may be mine, but I am not its captain. I won't be here to go down with it. He opened the locker near the entrance to the brig and put on the emergency gas mask. "You can sit here and burn when I scuttle this thing," he said, stepping quickly into the hall and shutting the door behind him snugly so as to seal the room. He'd rather she die from being impaled on debris and set on fire.

He looked around the gas-filled hall and decided he'd best make this exit a quick one. He rushed to a window, knocked it open, and looked for a viable way to the ground. The power cables that had been placed for the golem were a small leap away from there. He decided it was worth it, climbed out of the ship, and leapt for the cables.

It was a good thing, too, because the ship was beginning to crack, blowing apart boards, dispelling the individual blast glyphs on each. The cracks allowed the gas to flow out of the ship as well, the mountain wind seeping in and clearing the hallways to a light haze. Cracks formed in several strained boards from the sturdily-mounted guns being torn away, including a small run down the back wall of Viv's cell, showering her dust and splintered wood.
Zetsubo watched the flame on the ground, "That's a neat--" And then he began back flipping away from the flames. "OI! What're you trying to do, kill me?" Landing some distance away he shook his head and sighed. "Guess only one choice now." And with that, the light dancer rushed towards him, slamming down one of the two tonfa's just before reaching. He would the flip his body over the flames reposition the tonfa and release the mechanism in a manner of second. This then cause the tonfa to release it super pressurized spring unleashing enough strength to send the light dancer hurtling towards Alexander with enough force to knock over an ox.
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Som trudged on on a scaly red tail, mauling forces with his scythe along the way. Finally, he slithered his way to his lady love, and easily phased right through the obnoxiously tough looking door.

He stood outside the cage in the garb he wore the day they met. Saying nothing as he stood outside her cage, he merely extended his hand into the cage. He felt the magic fade from his arm, relinquishing his geomancy, shadow working and necromantic abilities all at once. His vampyric abilities remained.

He offered his hand, and offered a kind smile, warm and genuine. It was time.
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It was annoying. He had no idea how annoying it was. After all of this time and after all that had happened he was trying to save her now?! She could save herself, damn it!

"Where were you?" she asked in a whisper, "Where were you when I actually needed you?"

This was a situation she could get herself out of. Or so she thought. The witch wanted to slap at his hand. Her expression became more stern as she took his hand.

"I'll go with you now but I am going to have a serious talk with you at the end of this battle. You basically abandoned me when I needed you most. Don't think one heroic act can take that hurt away."
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"Very well," he said with a smile.

He bent open the bars with his vampire strength, and gently led her out of the cage. He wrapped his hands around her, thankful the glyphs had been dispelled amidst the area due to the destruction, and they went through the ground, appearing at the end of the ship, outside, and they begun to fall toward the temple. She had a mission to do, right?
Still clutching the Righteous Intent and tearing its armament apart bit-by-bit, however, Aaron finally clutched the ship in both hands. And then with all the ceremoniousness of an angry child throwing their parents' vase to get attention...

... Aaron chucked the Righteous Intent straight for the defenses the Iron Dawn had left in front of the temple, the towers and the trenches from which they had intended to deplete the numbers of soldiers the Order had sent.

His foot slid along the ground as he widened his footing, anticipating the attack that came his way. The chainswords crossed before him has he braced his form, putting all of his own weight and strength into a block as the dancer flew towards him.

Zetsu's charge would be met with a pair of crossed flaming chainsaw blades, ready to tear away at any flesh or weaponry that connected with them.
Were Junto conscious at this moment, he'd be furious. The Righteous Intent's aft section hurtled for the front gates of the temple while the other half hung sideways in the air, bouncing around from the force of Aarons throw, but still too buoyant to make it all the way to the ground. The damage from the first half was plenty, though, scattering the last surviving ID troops and inundating the area with dust, flames, and debris.

The front entrance was now exposed and unguarded. Aside from the handfull of technicians inside the temple and Alexander, no one was now visibly guarding the ancient structure.
Zetsubo's foot slammed into the Chainsaw blades and he kicked off, but not before the damage was done. There was now a large gash in the man foot, but the damage wasn't all one way. Unless the man had some sort of super strength, the blades would have been knocked back and into his body, also the chainsaw that ran against Zetsubo's foot would be dulled now, as if it ran against a material that was harder then it. Zetsubo landed on his hands some distance away. "OWowowowowowowowowow! That smarts." He then sniffled and kept the injured part of the body above the rest of him.
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Vivian gave him a small sigh and shook her head. This battle was frustrating her beyond anything and now he was thrown into the mix.Tears of frustration, anger, and self disappointment filled in her eyes. How much more could she take?

And yet. She was thrilled when he came and took her hand. After so much, he was able to make her feel like pressing on once more.The witch was completely ready to die in that cell and now she felt so much better. He came back to her! After all that happened he came back!

She chastised herself for being so childish. Yes. What if he leaves again? That man, that Jack, had ideas for her and if the ship wasn't being destroyed, he would have tried to carried them out. That could have resulted in another child and another abandonment. She should have hated him!

"I have to be going now," she said with a wan smile. "Don't wait up for me, alright? There is still time to get things carried out but so much time has been lost already." And so the blonde began to run towards the temple once more, slipping easily into the Ethereal so she could hide from the troops.

This is what she should have done from the start.

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