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As he stayed in places Trace cell phone rang, and shook in his pocket. "...?" Pulling his phone out he disappears by evaporating.
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Nero looked over as thw two before him went away, one leaving, and one dying. How odd. Nero just raised his cigarette to his lips, and took another long drag, before turning on his heel and walking away.

[******** this, it's boring me."
Just one one moment ago, the sand was scared, firghtened, and ready to retreat. Now it's opponents had left and it was PISSED. Within sand exploded out of fissure in massive amounts, the fissure closed up, and the entire desert itself became a huge deadly torrent of raging sand. Visiblity was severly low and the imps were torn apart just for being there. Apperently, the spirit of the sand was having a temper tantrum.
The sand eventually just quietted down. It all then turned white and sank into the earth, only to resurface in another far away land across the ocean. It would be back. Oh would it ever be back.
A mass of sand burst back out of the fissure in the ground, and began to cover a five mile radius around it. The large fissure remained and replaced the castle.

Some of the sand again begins to seep it's way out of the desert, creating another black sandstorm. The sand was rather busy lately.
Again the sands began to shake and quiver. As they continually wrought havoc the desert grew larger. As did the desert in Saamdi. The sands had a new target once again. They collected into a massive sphere leaving about 50 percent of the desert intact and began to hover towards Barton Town.

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