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What the ******** is the T.R.S. doing back?

Good question. 0.21518987341772 21.5% [ 17 ]
Er...You got bored didn't you? 0.32911392405063 32.9% [ 26 ]
What what!? YOU DYKE, I HATE YOU. 0.12658227848101 12.7% [ 10 ]
NOW I HAVE A REASON TO LIVE, yay! 0.32911392405063 32.9% [ 26 ]
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Rose shook her head lightly, looking at Flame. Her eyes glowed softly, staring at him. She smirked softly, "No, I'm alright, luckily my parents feed me pesticide when I was a baby." She shook her head lightly, giggling at the old joke. She started to play with her piercings, looking around before her eyes rested on Flame once again.
Seth disappears.

((Lazy I know.))
The green aura would engulf his body as he stood there. He would ignore Rose and the fact that Seth had left for now. He would start to move his arms back and forth as the same green glow appeared around the door as it did around Flame. The door would give a small shift on the ground and start to lift up. He would keep on moving back and forth till the door was up.
The door started to life as Flame just kept on moving back and forth. Something of this size was talking a lot of consintration of course but not so much power to the ponit it would really bother Flame. Just a little longer and it would be fixed.
The door was now up and Flame gave a small yawn. Hard work for nothing. The little f** didn't even stay and fight. Oh well if he came back he would find a sleeping Flame. He walked off to his room falling on the bed and falling asleep.
Rose shook her head lightly, watching Flame walk off to fix the door. She smirked softly, laughing before looking around the room once again to see if he left anything in it. "Mmm, looks like someone got some new powers... Something cool, I might add." She muttered, talking about Flame, before grinning at him. She wondered who that strange little person was, then realized it wasn't worth her time. She quietly followed after Flame, though she stayed in the living quaters part of his room, after borrowing some clothes. She slept on his couch.
Rose woke up that next morning, fully refreashed and awake. She yawned softly, stretching her arms and legs, before heading to the bathroom. She made sure the door was locked, and her clothes were in there to change into. She showered then dressed back into her outfit form the day before. Once she was ready to leave, she wrote Flamie a letter. He would reconquize her long and following handwritting with his name on the letter. She wrote it in preffered tounge, but knew that Flamie should know it, or atleast most of it. She did teach him some before.

Letter Rose Wrote

Koishii Honoo,

En gozen iki tame sono ba-ru. Mune maro mi-to ware asoko?


After leaving the letter, Rose sighed softly, then left the room, closing it softly.
A flash of Black Lightning appears outside as a man steps fourth from it as he materialzed from an appearing orb. The Black Lightning would cause darkness to spread and thus dialting pupils before light rose frm the ground and redialated them as the orb exploded outwards releasing light so they would soon be able to see properly. Roy stood their and onlooker's would be able to see him well, eventually. He walked foward and enetered the building, looking for a room of his own.
[ Dyne, you should really bring this thread back ]
[ Dyne, you should really bring this thread back ]


.....Chance, what're you doing here?
[ Nothing really. You? ]
[ Nothing really. You? ]


.....As I may or may not have mentioned before, the FFA's sorta' like my childhood hangout; this is really where I started. Tonight's the first time in a while I've gotten onto Gaia, and I was just looking through the FFA in curiosity to see what's been goin' on.
[ I absolutely love the FFA. Unfortunately...It is filled with Psionisists. Which bugs the hell out of me. Whatever happened to good old swordplay? ]
[ I absolutely love the FFA. Unfortunately...It is filled with Psionisists. Which bugs the hell out of me. Whatever happened to good old swordplay? ]


.....Actually, psionics died out, thankfully, some time ago; today, there are maybe only a few-as in two or three-psionicists I can name, and only maybe one of them still frequent Gaia. However, there is a lot of power-play with magic nowadays.
.....If you ever wanna' just play with some good ol' hand-to-hand, I'd be more than happy to oblige in my own guild. XD Of course, story line isn't too bad of an idea, either.
[ I would but unfortunately. My very first character, Chance, just now met his demise ]

[ Three years old that character was....Such a loss ]

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