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-wolf howls-
((tsk tsk tsk.....I was hoping to be able to duel the Great Hunter once more before I killed him but it looks like he lowered himself to piracy. Just as I was begining to want to kill more humans, looks like there will be no one to save them now that Dirk has decided to buy a parrot and wear a patch))
((Sigh, looks like I gotta put some people in their places. Xion, quite the cricket chirping s**t, I was gone for like three months so of course my guild wasn't gonna be BOOMING with buisness, ya tardbag. And as for Xenos.....The hell? II'm still a hunter, just with a new quest in mind)) mrgreen
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Romantic Genius

OOC: XD Awwww Dirky. No love for teh Xion? Cmon Dirk ^^ Put me in mah place. >> Xenos. Care to fight me before Dirk? ^^
((Now now now, I never said that I didn't have any love for you! Just to shut yer mouth ^_^))
((*Appears and points at Xenos and just to starts laughing his a** off at the "big" talk Xenos was trying to pull.*))

A figure could be seen walking forward towards the top deck. His movements were well calculated and he moved as if he was in the military. Equally placed steps and no emotions masked his face as the light from the sky above ran across his pale skin. His shoulders were built and resembled that of a soldier, his stance was perfect and his attitude was non existent.

His eyes had no color, and his skin was not far behind. He was clad in a black long coat and from hands to feet no skin was visible but his mid neck and face. He made no sound when he moved.

He would stand to the side and away from the light, his eyes casting out into the distance as he awaited orders.

+As the man stood idely by, silently awaiting his orders, Dirk's emerald green eyes light up softly. Turning to face his crew member, Dirk snaps his fingers, a gray book appears in his right hand and he proceeds to flip throughout the pages, placing his index finger on what looks to be illegable writing of some sort. After a brief pause, Dirk glances up to the man+


His motions would be fluid and to the point as he nodded softly. His arms crossed at his chest and his eyes masked from the setting sun by a pair of very thin jet black sunglasses. They fit his eyes to perfection, holding the same complex emotionless look to his face. He wanted to destroy opposition and he would await it.

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Romantic Genius

OOC: Cmon Dirky, Make me ^^. Vexic attacking from a closed guild? I guess he never does finish one thing before going to another.
(( ninja ))
((I'm sorry to say but im starting to miss DHM. It was the only guild worth fighting. remember the good ole' days before the GGN. It was fun))
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Lord Xenos Reinhart
((I'm sorry to say but im starting to miss DHM. It was the only guild worth fighting. remember the good ole' days before the GGN. It was fun))

OOC: Times changed...
((big time))
+The midnight moons were held high and bright in the sky, illuminating the dark waters below the Beowulf. Dirk was standing on one of the masts, his dirty gray hair swaying softly in the midnight breeze. His emerald green eye's glowed softly in the dark, he was obviously lost in thought..+

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