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OOC: Gotta go! Hold up the fort Blackbeard!!!

~Dirk watches as the ball takes off. The deck had already begun to clean itself, and with that Dirk nods. He walks down into the captains chambers, and begins to study the ships route - Once a crew was aboard that is~
((Yea yea.))

Blackbeard would continue to walk on that of the deck of the Beowulf. He would travel along this deck as he was growing slightly bored. His seemingly black eyes would view the area with, what seemed, intense curiousity. His clothes would flow with him as he calmly strode over the deck area around the gangway.
~Dirk awakes with a slight discomfort, his neck was killing him. Sitting up, he soon realized the reason for his discomfort - He had fallen asleep at his desk. Scratching the top of his head, Dirk walks over to the curtain and opens the window, letting the mid-day breeze flow thoughout his being~
~Getting dressed, Dirk finishes clothing himself by tieing his fox-mink around his neck. Walking towards the door, Dirk yawns softly~
~Standing outside, Dirk crosses his arms as the chill ocean breeze ruffles his hair. Looking out into the horizon, Dirk sighs....he had no clue where the philosophers scope was, and he had to find it, he just had to.~
Dyne's "brain" was currently fully rested. The shell would head out of the crew quarters and out onto Deck. The X9 still holstered, other then that, he wore no other weapons. Well, which were visible. A deep breath would be taken as the crimson optics of the Lunaris would glare at the horizon.


Of course...nothing was perfect, it was a word he felt like uttering in such a serene momment.
Blackbeard would stir slightly from his perch in the crows nest of the ship. His black eyes would peer forth from under his hat. His black swashbuckler's jacket would be contorted about his body, the maroon sash that held it would have come undone, showing his body. Definitely in shape by anyone's standards, all from years out at sea. He'd slowly stand up in the nest and redo his swash and tie the sash back. With that, he'd slowly pick up his weapon the Dwarven Urgrosh from where it was laying. With that, he'd slowly start climbing down the mast from the nest. His weapon still in hand as he did it with only the skill of a pirate could do.

Silence which was ruined, by the serene noise of the ocean splashing itself against the right side of the boat. The humidity, of the air would be noticed, due to the added visible liquad of the nearbye ocean. Water vapors from the air, would manifest themselves in the shape of a being
the invisible air particles would sink towards the ground. The droplets would run across the dock..towards a shadow..
Dyne's would pull the X9 out in a heart beat, his eyes catching the inhuman form move. He wouldn't take chanced with this new ship. The Caster Gun, a red shell already between the space of his jaws, the loader open as the Lunaris began to align the X9 with the new target, at which the Shell would drop from his teeth and slide right into the X9.


The red round would exit the barrier in a nanosecond. Moving at an insane speed of 2000 feet persecond.
Irony, definitly dubbed aS the Word for today. For despite the quick draw of the man known a Dyne, the manís presence would be known. AS a matter of fact, what he fired at was a Water clone. One he had taken the time to form using the very chakra, within his body. His real position would be the descended air particles. Indeed, once they made connection with a shadow, which formed on the ground, laughter could be heard. From the Shadow, that ironically was 3ft away from Dyne, behind him. There were four bright flashes of light, coming from the Shadow, before it would Suddenly Stop.

At first there was nothing, untill...


Two Spiraling tendrils, Shot from the Shadows, resembling that of a giant drill. Swiftly it moved coming from portal Shadow. It closed the distance between Dyne in a matter of a moment.


The laughter was a dead give away he had missed his mark, his left hand already concealing another red shell, it would drop into the loader of the X9 as Dyne turned on his heal, at halfway the Caster Gun would already be leveled to hit it's mark, only inches from what looked like feet.


Once more a round would be released at over 2000 feet per second, breaking sound in less then nano seconds. A pume of smoke wizzing out of the barrel, if the being only a few feet away had been concentrating/planning on whipping the tendrils out, it would be halted the milisecond Dyne's eyes contacted the probable spot the being would be at.
OOC: I'm in school right now, so I can't help you dyne...KICK HIS a**!!!
Or would it? Manifestation, of the the beings very existence would not be known. However, the shot from Dyne's Caster gun, would force the shadow-like tendrills, back into the depths of the shadows. From the shadows, a man's form rose. As the sunlight gazed upon his features, the man's brown hair ble in the breeze, a few bangs lingered over his eyes.

His hands in the pockets of his black jeans, he would stare at the man, his piercing blue gaze returning a stare towards this Lunaris,"Forgive my assault. I merely mistook, that man for some one else,"He said gesturing with his left hand towards the one known a Dirk. He slowly, turned around and walked away,"Seeya,"He muttered, his hands in his pockets. His body slowly faded from the face of existence
OOC: Ugh....

Dyne had wasted two shells. [********] The General would have to return to the Ship at a later date, the Malachite was under attack. In a matter of minutes he would clear the guild perimiter.
~With a light stretch, Dirk studies the various papers on his desk. Reading up on information about the Philosophers Scope, Dirk's face turns from puzzled to confused~

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