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Flame shifted a little as the man that he was waiting for would soon appear on this massive thing that Dirk called a boat. Simply staring at Cayden over the edge of his sunglasses Flame just stood there. After a few seconds passed Flame's tail moved to the side a little. Flame would then go on with speaking. "Long time no see. Ready to get this thing started?" At the end of Flame's words he shifted his shoulders and the chains on his back would rattle a little as the unwrapped from what seemed to be nothing and moved down his arms like two metal snakes till them finished moving now coiled around his arms.
Cayden nodded, pulling his hands out of his pockets. Two needles could be seen in his hand, bring them to his mouth he placed the back ends of the needles into his mouth. His lips glasp around them with an ease. Pulling one of the needles out with his right hand, he held it down by his side before positioning his feet. "You ready?" Cayden said softly, his childish grin taunting Fox. Reaching up he grabbed the needle with his left han and stretched his arms out. Pointing the needle toward him, using his right hand he cocked it at his side so it too was pointing at Fox.
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To really get Flame to fall for any form of actual taunt would take a lot and a simple smile wouldn't do it for this man. With his arms resting at his side he would watch and listen to the actions of Cayden. Shifting a little his left hand would open the pack on his right leg about the time that Cay was putting the needles in his mouth and then about the time Cay spoke Flame's hand would be down in the pack. Flame just laughed a little at this point and time and kept his words short. "I'm always ready...." With that his left hand would shoot up out of the pack wielding two throwing daggers and about the time that Cay was finishing up his movements Flame would let the two daggers flew. The aiming for this simple weapons wouldn't be for any real vital point but if they hit they could end the fight now. One was aimed for Cay's left knee while the other for his left arm. Flame would stay alert while waiting to see how Cay would dodge, counter, or whatever he would do to this move.
Cayden smirked, closing his eyes. Listening as the two weapons traveled through the air. As they neared Cayden reacted, using a decent amount of speed. He brought his right hand across slowly turning his body, thus dodgeing the dagger heading for his arm. Bringing the needle across swiftly with his right hand, bending down he smacked the dagger, heading for his left leg, throwing it off track. Opening his eyes he continued to spin, using the momentum from the spin he released the needle in his left hand as soon as Fox came into sight. Aiming the needle at his right anckle. The attack was simple but if landed would surely make it easier for Cayden. Finishing his full spin, Cayden returned too his stance. This time his left hand was empty and the palm was faceing the sky. His right hand was once more at his side, the needle pointing toward Fox. Sixty percent of his body weight was resting on his right leg, while fourty percent floated on his left leg. Cayden remained calm, his young nerves slightly bothered by the adrenaline rush.

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Flame would watch all that went on since it wasn't that hard to see, however, when Cay would go into his spin Flame would use his fox ears to tell what he was going to do. Picking up the sound of the needle flying through the air Flame would nod a little. Shifting his weight to the side his entire body would shift to the left just a little bit allowing enough space to dodge the needle but not to much to keep him off centered from Cay. However, at the time that Flame would pretty much side step he would push off the ground and start to shoot forward. At first he didn't keep up super amount of speed since he would shift a little to the right after the needle passed him but after that point he would dig his feet in and really get going at break neck speeds.

Keeping his hands at his side as he ran he started to come up on one of the masts that was between him and Cay. Getting a catch of the part that stuck out over head of him he would have his plan in mind. Getting to the point where he was about to pass under it he shifted his left arm and threw his arm up in the air the chain that was resting on his arm would shoot off and wrap around the mast. Keeping the chain from growing Flame would go flying up into the air before he reached Cay. At that point he would pull out two more daggers and coming back around with the spin he would send the two daggers flying. This would cause not only his throwing speed to send the daggers going but some of his momentum from swinging would actually be put into the speed of the daggers making them even faster. The two daggers were aimed for both arms and as Flame swung back around he would stop himself on the mast and let the chain unwrap. Flame would then watch with his ears to see what would happen.
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Once more his eyes closed, smirk had appeared on his face. Fox was the biggest challenge he has had for a while, even though it was just a sparring. Cayden remained still, slowly the daggers closeing in on him. Suddenly a needle could easily be heard cutting through the air. It seemed it was aiming at the dagger that was heading for his left arm. Since his body would be readjusted assumeing he threw the needle. He would then continue his turn, falling onto his hand. Bring his left foot up, kicking his foot up he hit the end of the dagger. Misjudgeing his foot placement, the dagger began to fly toward him again. Turning so he was on his stomach, the dagger sliced his right side. Growling, he stood up grabbing his side. Cayden took off his shirt, an smiled once more. "My mistake." Cayden said softly as a few things began to surface on his body. They looked like diamonds. Two appeared on each shoulder blade, one in the middle of his abs and three down the center of his back. Closing his eyes, he placed his hand over his wound. Slowly his body began to heal, all the while he remained on gaurd. Opening his eyes, all the diamonds began to glow. "Sorry for the wait." Cayden whispered playfully.

Cayden broke out in a dead sprint, it would be extremely hard to keep up with this by sight. Reaching in his back pocket he pulled out another needle. As he closed in on the mast, he threw the needle with his right hand. The needle was aiming for the bottom part of the right side of his neck. After throwing the needle, he continued to run. He too reaching up and grabbing the mast, swinging his body upside down. Raising his legs into the air, as he rounded the mast he pushed off and aimed a kick for the back of Fox's head. The speed from him currently running and the momentum of him pushing off caused his body to travel through the air at almost blinding speed.
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Flame would sit there watching and listening to everything that was going on. He smiled a little at getting the first hit but about the time that Cay started to take off his shirt Flame would be ready to go into action. Pushing off the mast he landed back on the deck and while Cay was busy with the whole changing thing Flame would slide down on the ground and thrust his left arm forward. The chain flew at Cay's leg looking to wrap around it. If it did Flame would pull back trying to trip him. If not then flame would just sit there.
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Oh, we'll have a Christmas , a summer Christmas
We'll have one fine fun-time unwinding
In the sunshine Christmas
Oh, we'll spend yuletide, down by the poolside
This year let's have Christmas in July
A Side Project To Celebrate My Birthday
Wanna know what it's about? Check the top of the About Me Section in my Profile!

(( ~WTF!! Dyne Stole my X-mas look! D= ~ ))
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(( xD And Deshwitat is still around? I need to go poke at him a bit sometime. ))
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Cayden would of been ready for an attack like this. As the was heading toward his leg. Cayden would flip backwards, not nearly fast enough to dodge the chain. Though quick enough for it not to trip him, now it was his weight and momentum vs Fox's power. Cayden continued his flip, stopping in midstance. As he stood on his hands, he hurried and shot his foot forward. His momentum and weight along with power would be pulling on the other end of the chain wanting Fox to come along with it. If this work, Fox should fly over Cayden as Cayden hit the deck.

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