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The Ones Denied of Fate

I'm outta here guys, gonna miss you all!!!

Well everyone, the day we have dreaded is finally here...I'm leaving gaia. Sorry all, but real life beckons. You see, I've been in the DEP program for the Air Force for about 2 years now, and I'm shipping out on July 10th. So this is gonna be my last post for a long time. Just wanna say I'm gonna miss you all, couldn't of been prouder to say that I have RPed with people such as yourselves. Well I'm outta here to serve this ******** awesome country, so from me to all of you, I hope you all have a ******** great time, keep RPing, and NEVER GOD MOD!!! ^_^.

~Dirk Graves, the Demon Hunter Master

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Sailing the Edric Sea!!!
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~Philosophers Scope~

Okay, so you don't know how to dress like a pirate? Let me tell you something....It's NOT expensive. If your a member of my guild, I expect you to be dressed like a pirate (come on people, theres no room for a space-age looking person, or a preppy boy on the ship, we're PIRATES). Besides, dressing like a pirate makes the guild look more orgainzed and bad-a**. Don't know how to dress like a pirate? I have some examples here for you. You dont have to dress EXACTLY like them, but try to be close or something.

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~Standing on the docks, Dirk looks up to the Beowulf, the magical vessel would prove to be a vital part of his journey. Crossing his arms as the winter breeze streaks throughout his hair and attire, Dirk smiles lightly....This would be fun~
It had taken forever to find the massive ship belonging to Dirk Graves, the famed Demon Hunter Master. The X9 was holstered within his back holster. He wore a black studded belt with ripped gray slacks, already a bit wet with the spray of mist the massive ship gave off. His footwear consisted of flat red and black shoes, a blood red skin tight top decorated his torso, his arms were snuggled in fingerless arm warmers, the scarf about his neck whipped back against the wind.

The Lunaris was currently "walking on air" with the help of gravitons about and his Gravitokinesis. This was easy transportation. His twelve inch horns upon his temples would seem to receed back to six inchs as he now came closer towards the deck of the ship. Crimson hair already wet with ocean spray, infact most of his clothing was wet. That sucks...
~As the ocean spray softly feel atop his dirty gray strands of hair, Dirk's emerald green eye dances over to the direction from which Dyne was comming from. Leader of the "Giga's", the elite combat squadron of the Beowulf, Dirk smiles. Dirk stands with his arms crossed before his chest, the massive ship, the Beowulf, silently sat at its dock~
Dyne would land. The Lunaris' crimson inhuman eyes would dart about, he was taking in the surronding scenery. His arms crossing over his chest as he made his way slowly towards Dirk, his right hand leaving it's position to perform a saluting manner upon reaching five feet before the male.

"Tazon, Dyne. At your service."
~The Demon Hunter Master simply nods as Dyne salutes him. Jerking his thumb towards the massive ship behind him, Dirk has a smirk on his face~

"So wheres the rest of my crew?"

Dyne would bring his left palm behind his head. A smirk appearing as his right pulled the crimson cloth downwards to reveal it. The Heremes of the Darkstar was a bit...well....clueless.

"Well since we're here...perhaps we should head out and recruit now?"
~Dirk nods his head at Dyne's words, but doesn't take them. Walking over to his chair, Dirk takes a seat and leans back~

"Let them come here....After all, its going to be US giving THEM riches and adventure beyond their wildest imagination"

Dyne would nod. He had a point, but then again, as soon as word got out that Dirk Graves had crafted the soon to be mightiest ship of the seas of the gaian realm. All sorts of sailors/fighters/tech heads/ psionicists/etc, would come and flock here.

"Your right, Dirk. What will you have me do?"

Dyne was still General of the Malachite, and would of course have to head back and check up on things once in awhile, a balance he was positive he can do. Not only that, the Malachite wasn't to far from the coast, or the river which lead to the swamp not to far from the fortress.
~Dirk cups his chin with his right hand, obviously lost in thought. Although there was only one member at the time, Dyne was indeed a VERY powerful member. Dirk stands up and glances back to the Beowulf, then to Dyne~

"I got a brilliant idea....Considering I'm freezing my ******** balls off out here, lets go inside that ********!"

~Dirk turns around and begins to walk towards the Beowulf....Dirk was short-tempered, ill-mannered, and above all else - He swore ALL the time. Just something you had to get used to I guess~
Dyne would suppress a laugh. Dyne couldn't help but notice the change in Dirk, he had become more..."loose." Infact the ship seemed to reflect his personality, a fitting role for Captain of the Beowulf.

"Sure thing Capt'."

Dyne would enter, along with Dirk.

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